Lunisenia the Lady Gladiator
Lunisenia created on 10th of October 2018, and is currently 17 years old (16 hours played).

Title: the Lady Gladiator
Gender: Female
Level: 25
Class: half-elf warrior

Background history:

Description (commended):

At first glance, this beautiful creature seems to have a glow about her. Standing well over six feet in height, with rather lengthy legs that seem to travel forever, she conducts her body and motion with a certain intensity and purpose. She has slightly pointed ears and lightly-tanned skin. Her bright-white hair flows perfectly straight down to the mid of her back, and the bangs of her hair held to the left side of her head with an intricately-designed metallic clip. She appears to have quite an athletic physique, as her entire body appears very well-toned. With a rather fierce gaze, her bright-emerald eyes observe the surrounding area occasionally, perhaps maintaining a certain level of awareness. Her thin and long white eyebrows narrow downward atop her eyes. When she does make motion, it is with a high degree of fluidity and focus.