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Sethronu created on 21st of July 2006, and is dead and gone (50 years old, 500 hours)

Title: the Frozen Hearted Warrior
Gender: Male
Level: 52
Class: slith warrior

Background history:


A three headed reptilian warrior impedes your way. He is definitely one of the larger sliths and must have grown and molted a number of times. His body looks agile and yet powerful enough to support three arching necks and three spade shaped heads. Two heads are still and their eyes are closed. One head has two characteristic snake eyes that refocus on you between inner eyelid blinks. His head locks on to a nearby buzzing insect and falls dead still again. Over his heavy protective chest plate dangles a cord threaded with a number of small skulls, one on top of the other. The warrior's tail is unarmored so you can see that his skin is covered in handsome black and yellow leopard print.

PK stats:

Kills: 0, Deaths: 0 (Ratio: 0:0, Efficiency: 0%)
Pinnacle Kills: 0, Pinnacle Deaths: 0 (Ratio: 0:0, Efficiency: 0%)

Kills by class:

Killed by class:

Mystiques mentioning Sethronu:


  1. _Clifton_ [reply]
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    1. gomer [reply]
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      So, are you gone Louis? I kinda hope not but I am sure you have your reasons if you are. Good luck with whatever path you choose.
        [reply to gomer]
      1. Baer [reply]
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        Sad to see you go, but good luck where life leads you.
          [reply to Baer]
        1. Anonymous [reply]
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          Sorry to see Seth go. Always respected your pk'ing ability. :x
            [reply to Anonymous]
          1. E-ant [reply]
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            He'll be crawling back like the rest of us. You can't just quit AR like you can stop doing crack. AR owns you!

              [reply to E-ant]
            1. Davairus [reply]
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              I gave Ronus permission six months ago to make the Legion group policy whatever the hell he wants, so I can't understand why he didnt like it so much.

              edit: Looked back over the battlefield cabals thread, looks like I implied cabal leaders could only set policy for vs caballed. I didn't intend that, oh well.
                [reply to Davairus]
              1. jaran [reply]
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                Sorry to see you go Seth
                  [reply to jaran]
                1. Davor [reply]
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                  [quote:8565b5904c="Davairus"]I gave Ronus permission six months ago to make the Legion group policy whatever the hell he wants, so I can't understand why he didnt like it so much.

                  some background to this would actually be helpful...

                  would love to know why Seth left...

                  Good luck man!
                    [reply to Davor]
                  1. Davairus [reply]
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                    Its there in his farewell thingy "tired of a lot of things, and most especially the politics" ..which I think is the Legion grouping stuff. I may post some more about it later but I dont want to hijack the thread. So just do farewells..etc.
                    1. Merlandox
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                      Where is his farewell thing at.
                    [reply to Davairus]
                  2. Esivole [reply]
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                    Luck with whatever you do.
                      [reply to Esivole]
                    1. Nakachi [reply]
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                      wtf... bye man
                        [reply to Nakachi]
                      1. Erlwith [reply]
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                        quite abrupt. Ouch
                          [reply to Erlwith]
                        1. Matthais [reply]
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                          Though I wasnt thrilled with his immortality at first, Sethronu was definitly the best out of the 4 or 5 warlord imms I played under.
                            [reply to Matthais]
                          1. trance_monkey [reply]
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                            Louis totally kicked my ass a few times, but it was an honor to have my ass kicked :)

                            Never got to interact much with him in game other than that, but I do respect the guy. Very down to earth and cool, from what I could gather from irc.

                            Hope you can come back someday and have fun again. Peace out.
                              [reply to trance_monkey]
                            1. Groq [reply]
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                              Peace out my nigga, sad to see you go.. we've had a couple different fights with a couple of different chars i'm sure. Perhaps we'll see you back some day or another.
                                [reply to Groq]
                              1. Amdorin [reply]
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                                Dammit Groq....*dismay*....ANYWAY, didn't see that coming Louis. Good luck to you man, and if you come back, i'm sure you'll be welcome. Have fun with whatever you do.
                                  [reply to Amdorin]
                                1. Vhrael [reply]
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                                  I'm sure he could sum it up better if asked about it directly, but Seth's been frustrated with a lot of stuff (in the dark, dirty imm background that players don't get to see) for a little while now. He and I had a few "misunderstandings" over the last year or so, mostly due to not fully understanding each other's personalities, but we came to realize that we had a lot of the same views on things and what we wanted to help create and build within the AR environment.

                                  Unfortunately, I'm surprised that it took Louis this long to reach this conclusion, since he was on the brink off and on for quite a bit of time. I'm sad to see him go, since I definitely thought he brought a lot of perspective and experience to the mud, especially in PK and combat discussions. His characters always had quite a bit of depth and were for the most part thought out and planned very well, and I usually looked forward to the "next Louis char".

                                  Sad to see you go, Louis, but life's gotta be what you want it to be. Hopefully you'll at least pop in once in awhile to test the waters with new changes and whatnot, but if not, I wish you the best in your future endeavors. Thanks for contributing your time, effort and creativity to AR.

                                  Take care.
                                    [reply to Vhrael]
                                  1. Vertas [reply]
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                                    Holy shit, this is as unexpected as meriando deleting...I gotta say dude you had some pretty awesome chars, I haven't even met you and I gotta say I respect you, you seem like a pretty cool guy from what i've seen so keep it real.
                                      [reply to Vertas]
                                    1. Kalist19 [reply]
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                                      Don't leave us Louis!

                                      You will be missed and always remembered. It is always sad to see a skilled pker and (especially in this case) an amazing rp'er leave. As someone said earlier, it was always a treat looking forward to the next "Louis Chararcter".

                                      Legion killing you was nothing personal (didn't even know you played Jalkut), just a reprocussion of two evil roleplays clashing.

                                      I hope you will come back some day, but regardless of whether you do or not, it would still be good to talk to you in chat.

                                      Take care, I hope you succeed in all of your ventures.
                                        [reply to Kalist19]
                                      1. Hrimoyan [reply]
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                                        For obvious reasons, RP and PK dominance.
                                          [reply to Hrimoyan]
                                        1. Davairus [reply]
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                                          Ten years passed, and I'm still bummed about this. We never made amends. This is a necro but whatever, hopefully someday he'll read and know I actually cared. I'd hate louis to think I still hate or mad at him or something. I don't hate anybody. Que sera sera. Hope you got along well in life buddy
                                            [reply to Davairus]

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