Seringale Statistics

Creator: Rodyn
Available Guildhalls: all
Rooms: 240
Creatures: 174 (guards duplicated)
Objects: 106
Mobprogs: 244
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Seringale Description

The oldest town in Serin, Seringale has stood for as long as there has been a Serin, raised by the god Rodyn to provide a sanctuary for all. Many comforts are known to this place, with lively auctions and constant yelling being part of the attraction to residing within its boundaries. Indeed Seringale is the most populated of all the towns for its position in the very centre of the explored world. It has guilds for each class and its many shops sell most of the items an adventurer would wish for, though of course with its popularity comes the typical band of rogues and thieves that hang around a spot looking for opportunities to slay and loot.

Seringale welcomes all visitors within its strong walls and is often guarded by the members of the Justice cabal, who safeguard the town from violence and crime. There are no restrictions on choosing Seringale as a hometown.

Seringale Highlights

  • Protected by the Law Enforcers of cabal Justice
  • Proximity to useful levelling areas for all alignments
  • Most widely chosen town due to its central location
  • The Trading Post facilitates player trading
  • Lots of shops offering tasks and useful items
  • Most taverns have a unique gambling game, like roulette, cards, or wheel of death
  • Guildhalls provide practice services and refuge from people of different classes.
  • A Nexus at the east end of South Road facilitates travel to any location with a portal.
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