"Immortals" refers to players who have reached the highest attainable levels in the game. Here at the Abandoned Realms, anyone of level 51 or higher is an Immortal. Immortals are here to preserve game mechanics, facilitate game flow and oversee game progression, generally by answering questions from mortals or enforcing the rules of the realm. Since Immortals can wreak havoc with game balance, we here at the Abandoned Realms choose our Immortals very carefully. An absolute rule of Immortal behavior is that no Immortal can aid or assist any player without explicit permission from the higher ranks; in other words, please don't ask an Immortal to help you kill a mob, gather equipment, etc, or you'll likely be either politely or rudely refused.

Implementors [60] Davairus the Implementor of Blood
Stryth the Overlord of Thera
Immortals [53-59] Olyn the Lord of Salt and Sea and His Magnificent Ten-Foot Beard
Vanisse the Myth Weaver
Vevier the Collector of Secrets and Really Big Hats
Nycticora the Princess of Chaos
Groq the President of Eternal Agony, Inc.
Hrimoyan the Ghost Who Walks, Lord of the Jungle
Ceridwel the Light of Valour
Angels [51-52] Amub the Druidic Avatar
Eloret the Chancellor of Infinite Gnome Justice
Jaran the Vivacious Cicerone
Meriando the Cleric of Divine Order
Esivole the Wanderer of the Celestial Steppes