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1.Thirath Vs Garilax 6Thirath
2.Coelex vs Kikikale stream cream 2hamsandwich
3.Ungar vs Thirath 0
4.Ungar vs Coelex 0
5.Ungar's (lack of) defense 14Dogran
6.Thirath Vs Auhla 5lionSpyre
7.Why are we talking about Jotun? Thirath VS Ungar 2Kryton
8.Forsaken Kryton vs Executor Aerysen (Stream Pull) 24Dogran
9.Ungar vs Aerysen (Stream Pull) 0
10.Thirath Vs Ungar 2 4Juilarna
11.Thirath Vs Ungar, then Ungar and Cadeilin 14Ozaru
12.Rodos vs Coelex 13Kikikale
13.Knighty night 29Ashlyn
14.Thirath Vs Kryton (The oh crap where's my boat edition) 4Thirath
15.Xhao bleeds for the Blood God 12Scrynor
16.Thirath Vs Ungar 8Aerysen
17.The Perfect Save: Three Paladins and a Red Dragon 1Miremas
18.Rodos (50) vs Thirath (50) 5Davairus
19.I think I shit myself here. Rodos (50) vs Aerysen (50) 4Davairus
20.Krey (50) vs Rodos (50) NO DEATH. 1BlackWidow
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