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1.JJingo vs Asara - 30 minute battle 3Afales
2.Aethon vs Acaelgron the first fight STREAMING 0
3.Aethon vs Acaelgron, Lasdranoth then Acaelgron - STREAMING 3Afales
4.Kryton and Thelrin VS Ragnvald and Roamas 2Roamas
5.Thelrin VS Ragnvald 17Scrynor
6.Lazagg v Roamas 0
7.Lazagg v Arkn- Stream Pull 0
8.The end of Trilane 26Trilane
9.Kryton v Trilane- Stream pull 12Scrynor
10.Trilane vs Inkomo Round 2 18Ceridwel
11.Trilane Vs Inkomo 9Tasar
12.Trilane and Ragnvald vs Kryton and Caetrenn 41BlackWidow
13.Trilane VS Zyron 18turningpoint
14.Trilane VS Gracred 9Davairus
15.Friday Night 2v1 Fight Night : Afales vs Daof and Lysis 0
16.A Tournament of Valour: A Jovial Joust of Jests 7Dothemman
17.A Tournament of Valour: A Most Magnificent Melee 0
18.A Tournament of Valour: Pregame at the Palace 0
19.A little fun in the tavern 4Davairus
20.Thirath Vs Garilax 6Thirath
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