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1.Kryton vs Quinace 1Thorgoth
2.Master of War vs the Master of the Blades 0
3.Zatoke(50) VS Bomgrom(50) 1Bomgrom
4.Clash of the Titan 1- Stream Pull 2lionSpyre
5.Clash of the Titan 2-Stream pull 7Xerties
6.Bomgrom v Dwiggans: Round 2 0
7.Thandus vs Quinace 3Ashlyn
8.Hardulf vs Bomgrom - Ogre faces the wolf 1Xerties
9.Militha vs Bomgrom - Can't lose them all 25Scrynor
10.Hardulf vs Gzarza - You can't outrun the wolf 0
11.Militha vs Quinace- Can't win them all 2Nuqx
12.Savanti vs Bomgrom 6Militha
13.Overhead Smash vs Crane Kick- 7Militha
14.A shrieking harpy quickly silenced 4Nuqx
15.Nighty Night Knights- Pulled from Stream 2Nuqx
16.Bomgrom v Dwiggans 2Dwiggans
17.The Initiation of Bomgrom 0
18.We didn't light the fire- Savanti vs Quinace 2Davairus
19.Yaewin some, Yae lose some- Stream Pull 8Dogran
20.Hardulf vs Paeix - Stream Cream 17Vevier
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