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Chul vs Ilromie

posted on 2021-02-21 21:19:48
<827/827hp 619/859m 618/619mv no opponent no opponent calm> [----------] 6am (day) inside (indoors) murder $$

You step out of the shadows.
You notice Ilromie's glance.
(UNPROTECTED) Ilromie yells 'Help! I am being attacked by Chul!'
Ilromie's fire shield injures you.
You fade into existence.
Your shadow pierce DISMEMBERS Ilromie!
Ilromie's fire shield DISEMBOWELS you!
Ilromie looks pretty hurt.

<767/827hp 604/859m 618/619mv blade defensive bloody:40> [----------] 6am (day) inside (indoors) side

Ilromie's pierce hits you.
Your shadow pierce DISEMBOWELS Ilromie!
Your shadow pierce misses Ilromie.
Ilromie's fire shield decimates you!
Ilromie looks pretty hurt.

<727/827hp 577/859m 618/619mv blade defensive bloody:40> [----------] 6am (day) inside (indoors)
You sidestep completely around Ilromie to stab her from behind.
Your sidestep *** DEVASTATES *** Ilromie!
As Ilromie reels in pain, you duck in low to trip her.
You trip Ilromie and she goes down!
Ilromie is DEAD!!
Ilromie's hand is ripped from her arm.

<727/827hp 597/859m 593/619mv no opponent no opponent bloody:40> [-------- ] 6am (day) inside (indoors) l in corpse

The corpse of Ilromie holds:
(Glowing) (Humming) a summoning stone of Vanity
(Glowing) (Humming) a bloodstained cuirass
a Big Ol'Pack Sack (open)
an elemental bracelet
(Glowing) robes of the archmagi
(Glowing) (Humming) an earthen mithril-white claddagh of the mountains
(Glowing) (Humming) a mystical ring of apparition
(Invis) an exquisite bracer
(Humming) a blue-tinged dragonscale barbute
(Invis) (Glowing) a phasing stone
(Glowing) boots of protection
a necklace of magnificent grandeur
(Glowing) the shield of Tiamat
(Glowing) (Humming) a baton of purification
gossamer lace sleeves
velveteen leggings
a pair of dragonwing spidersilk gloves
an old, dusty druid's robe
(Glowing) a belt of intertwined vines
(Glowing) an amber amulet
(Glowing) the butterfly
a bottle of fine elvish wine
(Humming) a silver chalice ornamented with pearls
24242 gold coins


  1. So this guy whined like a baby about an hgod but he kills people every day? Maybe it was a one-off. Maybe he’ll take the next one like a man.
    1. (removed)
      1 , 0 , 1 .
    2. Oh did you kill a knight too? I just saw the scholar that was writing notes.
    [reply to Mythalien]
  2. I can't believe you didn't even show that this was in my own private library. (While writing obituaries ironically.)
    1. For the record I thought this was a very cool drow shadow move. You got my cheer.
    [reply to Ilromie]
  3. Loving all these logs. Keep up the bloodshed!
      [reply to Stephen2Aus]
    1. I don't know what's going on.... I'm still stuck on the fact he hasn't deleted already.
      1. Chul
        0 , 0 , 1 .
        Who are you referring to? Me or Ilromie?
      [reply to Xenyar]
    2. Thats one of the pks where you read and think "i wish i did that"
        [reply to Davairus]
      1. Keep it up Chul. You have the rest of it? Just blasting her in the face with a sidestep and her falling over is kinda anti-climatic.
        1. I imagine that's all of it. She had probably been spamming mystic trendrils and that's why her hp was low. I mean Ilromie can correct me, but she said it was a cool drow shadow move. So I imagine he surprised her and caught her on low hp for the easy kill.
        2. 100% right ham. I don't know how long he watched me, but he waited for the right time.
        [reply to Ashlyn]
      2. No that's all of it, I didn't start the logger right away unfortunately.
          [reply to Chul]

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