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Balan created on 28th of July 2013, and is dead and gone (35 years old, 369 hours, 1 year lifetime)

Title: the Hand of Olyn, Executor of Valour
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: storm giant warrior

Background history:

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Balan was born in a village of storm giants. His father was the priest of the village, so he knew it would be his calling, too. Growing up among these gentle giants left Balan completely sheltered from evil and darkness. As a result, his faith was nearly absolute. Everything he had been taught, everything he did, was based on faith and pacifism. His free time was nearly always spent in communion and prayer. He was thirteen when he first saw one of the other races. It was the most surprising thing, for a group of elves came to their village. This initial group of elves were explorers and out looking for new lands to settle in. With them, his village learned of trade and soon the visits became a regular occurance. Naturally, he tried to share his faith with them, but they were not really interested, some of them even carried weapons! The years rolled by, and in Balan's sixteenth, the elves returned in a large host. They came with many wounded, seeking aid, and his people, caring as they were, gave it. The elves kept to themselves in the village, and refused to talk about what happened, even as more of their people died from grievous wounds. They stayed sheltered, leaving the village only to hunt and forage for food. The next year, when the elves had lived in the village for nearly six moons, things came to a head. His people, you see, had never needed sentries or any kind of protection from those around them. Who would harm giants? So, with no warning whatsoever, a horde descended upon them. The horde consisted of many different races... Humans, Slith, Minotaur, even Fire Giants. His people had all been taught peace and knew very little of fighting, and the elves were caught off-guard as well. This haven had been so far from anything they had known, how could they have found them? Balan watched in horror as his people and the elves were slaughtered before him. Without the slightest notion of fighting back, he wrung his hands, and begged the attackers to stop, to find a peaceful answer. His pleading was met with blows to his body. As he held his hands up to shield himself from the blows he recieved, he began to pray aloud for help. He prayed for peace, and he begged for an answer. He pleaded for the suffering of his people to end. On his knees, barely able to stand, he had his answer. Crying out to Olyn as his own life was about to be ended, the world around him slowed to a stop. A voice intoned inside his head, vibrating through his entire body. "Stand up! Fight! Protect your people! Look to me and I will show you how!" Light tinged with blue surrounded him, and he found himself on his; feet yelling, "OLYN!!!!!" He struck down the giant who had been about to remove his head. He took up the fire giant's massive sword and fought on, the thrumming sound of Olyn's voice shaking through his very being, allowing it to guide him. Even when he did not understand everything he heard, his body moved. The elves began to fighting back and, along with Balan's aid, his people were able to flee. The power that suffused him and enabled him to battle was amazing. After what seemed like ages, it was over. They had driven back the enemy, killing most of them. When the battle was done, the power he had felt fled from him, and he fell into a deep sleep, his body spent. After several days, he finally awoke, still feeling the thrumming voice that had vibrated his very soul. "Go out. Do my work." Resolved to obey, he prepared to leave. He did not know what work he had to do, but he would find out...


Towering up and up, the bluish figure before you is impossible to miss. He is so large that he cannot fit through many doorways without crouching. Large, sea-green eyes peer down at you from a face that seems almost square in shape, and is accented by a large, grayish scar covering one cheek. His hair, if it can be called that, looks like coral from the sea as it rests atop his head, refusing to be ruffled by even the strongest wind. His massive frame is bulging with muscles earned from a period of hard training.

PK stats:

Kills: 53, Deaths: 15 (Ratio: 3.5, Efficiency: 77%)
Pinnacle Kills: 48, Pinnacle Deaths: 15 (Ratio: 3.2, Efficiency: 76%)

Kills by class:
shadow: 5, necromancer: 9, shaman: 6, healer: 1, thief: 7, invoker: 3, dark-knight: 1, ranger: 3, warrior: 9, illusionist: 1, paladin: 4, bard: 3, berserker: 1,
Killed by class:
vampire: 1, dark-knight: 1, shaman: 2, healer: 1, warrior: 1, ranger: 1, shadow: 1, illusionist: 2, paladin: 1, thief: 1, warrior: 1, bard: 1, berserker: 1,


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  1. 69 and 16 My best yet. after penalties and all the pre-36 kills I have over 100 kills. I had an awesome run, and a great time with everyone. I am really pleased to know that MOST of my deaths were ganks as 6 of my deaths were 1 vs 1.
    Balan was by far the most fun I have had to date on AR. Playing a dumb race, and all the rp I had to maintain because of how I designed him really kept me going. I am going to give a few shout outs now, and sorry if I miss anyone, but I am only going to talk about the people who stood out the most to me as Balan.

    Ophalina, you were amazing. Rping with you was hands down the most fun I had on Balan. Dumb giant who can't talk right or write, talking to the mute girl. It was awesome.

    Tuston you were awesome, I was really dissappointed that you deleted as soon as you did. I had some really fun plans as your General, that I wanted to rp out, and we never got the chance to.

    Morgolta was great. I don't care what anyone says, at least she was consistent. You knew what to expect when talking to her and being around her. She was ALWAYS there when numbers were stacking up against me, and was a great Knight. Keep up what you are doing, but try to tone down the drama a tad bit and you will go far.

    Crisbin, you were great, but I hate keepers. I was kind of upset with you for making me multikill you right before you deleted though haha.

    Huge thanks to Olyn for going along with my rp, and the background I put together for Balan. It really helped Characterize what I wanted Balan to be, so thanks.

    Libera it was awesome rping with you and helping you come to the light side. I hope you enjoyed your cookies. :-P

    | \
    | Balan the Hand of Olyn, Executor of Valour |
    | Rank Executor of [KNIGHT], 35 years old (368 hours). |
    | |
    | Race: Storm Hometown: Valour Health: 943/943 |
    | Sex: Male Alignment: Good Mana: 396/396 |
    | Class: Warrior Ethos: Chaotic Move: 399/399 |
    \ -------------------------------------------/
    | |
    | Streng: 24 (24+0) Rating: Superb Weight: 354/575 |
    | Intell: 17 (17+0) Level: 50 Pracs: 3 |
    | Wisdom: 17 (17+0) Exp tnl: 26972 Trains: 0 |
    | Dexter: 16 (16+0) Relics: 1129 Items: 21/31 |
    | Consti: 21 (21+0) Gold: 3963 Wimpy: 0 hp |
    | Luck: Changing Hunger: [****-] Thirst: [****-] |
    | |
    | Condition: A few cuts and bruises |
    ------------------------------------------ \
    / |
    | Hitroll: 26 Armor Vs Pierce: 106 Saving Throws |
    | Off-H: 24 Vs Bash: 105 Afflictive: 59 |
    | Damroll: 41 Vs Slash: 102 Maledictive: 69 |
    | Off-H: 35 Vs Magic: 60 Mental: 47 |

    You show your mastered skills to Balan.
    concentration axe dagger flail
    mace polearm bow shield block
    spear sword whip barrage
    bash dirt kicking dodge enhanced damage
    hand to hand hobble kick parry
    rescue trip second attack third attack
    fast healing meditation recall sideswipe
    ************ dual wield blind fighting fourth attack
    counter point blank dual parry riposte
    staff double grip overhead crush **************

    You are 35 years old.
    You are a citizen of Valour.
    You are ranked Executor of [KNIGHT].
    You are Chaotic Good.
    You are an experienced explorer.

    You have...
    - Been initiated with your guild.
    - Helped Melenn explore the Necrotic Boneyard.
    - Helped stop the goblin invasion.
    - Completed tasks for the trader.
    - Taken the trainer's tests.
    - Talked with the trees.
    - Discovered druidic powers.
    - Seen a dazzling display of colors.
    - Pardoned the Innocent.
    - Quelled the overpopulation of rabbits.
    - Slain the five mighty dragons.
    - Found enlightenment with Echuir.
    - Completed the Mercenary Missions.
    - Rescued the apprentices.
    - Retrieved Seringale's stolen goods.
    - Rescued adventurers from the sewers.
    - Protected the purple potions.
    - Completed Tir's assignments.
    - Finished Hamp's pub crawl.
    - Ventured into inns and banks.
    - Freed a gnome prisoner.
    - Participated in a bar room brawl.
    - Gambled armors from Aanam.
    - Found a strange old man.
    - Retrieved a Nexus stone.
    - Traded with the gleeman of Seringale.
    - Traded with the musician of Timaran.
    - Traded with Teanna the Court-Bard.
    - Traded with the lighthouse keeper.
    - Banished the White Bishop's Curse.
    - Completed the Knight trials.
    - Learned about Theran cities.
    - Thawed out a frozen tiger.
    - Made a farmer's day.
    - Ruined the Mastermind's plans.
    - Saved a farm from devastation.
    - Became a master fisherman.
    - Retrieved a ring for Undulav.
    - Put a monk to rest.
    - Learned of the Five Elements.
    - Found the pirate's treasure.
    - Forged bars into weapons.
    - Been dropped on your head.
    - Captured the Circus Clown.
    - Recited the Rules of Thera.
    - Completed the Cartographer's Contract.
    - Completed the Barkeep's Bounty.
    - Purged the Prime Evils.
    - Learned about Winter's Chronicles.
    - Felled the mighty oaken trees.
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    1. Olyn [reply]
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      1. Ozaru [reply]
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        I only fought you twice, the first time I was shocked how much damage you did and how ill equipped I was. Curious of the 69 kills who were the notable kills?
          [reply to Ozaru]
        1. Ceridwel [reply]
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          Fantastic job dude.
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          1. Andrael [reply]
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            Cheers dude, you're gonna be missed, you were a kind of odd staple... but I guess if whoever Euriah is comes back and stays back he might be executor... I remember cause Tuston was made Executor due to the war and Euriah's lack of being about, then after Tuston, it was Balan... and Balan did a great job filling into the role of Executor. I think that he really 'grew' into it. I had fun with my one or two attempts at being a Knight, Balan was always giving me some sort of helpful advice. It was nice.
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            1. beia [reply]
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              Good run man. I killed you a few times but you killed me more.. Why abandon the Knights when the Legion is gaining members..
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              1. Faelon [reply]
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                As Tuston -

                You were awesome, just awesome. Great addition to the game and as Tuston I loved getting on with you and watching the entire game empty of all level 50 evils.

                Great run.
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                1. Faelon [reply]
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                  Oh fucking yeah, before I forget. Exalted. No questions.
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                  1. Mummy [reply]
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                    And I just deleted Adaus. Damn.

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                    1. Andrael [reply]
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                      exalted + name added to Knight's memorial in Valour
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                      1. Ceridwel [reply]
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                        Just chiseled it in myself.
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                        1. Arunore [reply]
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                          I remember trying to straight up gank you with Vaena, and you beat our asses and sent both us running. You were pretty conservative, especially in your later days. It got to where I rarely seen you, and when I did I had brushed away the ties... excuse me, when I did I brushed away tha feud we had matey, but don't think fer a second I couldn't drink ye unner tha table.

                          Nnnnnn exalted. Cheers mate!
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                          1. Hrimoyan [reply]
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                            Really enjoyed this guy. Great job.
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