The Timeline records plots that run over several months that generally accompany and usher in large-scale changes behind the scenes. The driving force behind this is the Mystic cabal. Mystics have a knack of getting even the higher level Immortals involved.

5,300 AP
Centuries had passed since Zaikkra was banished from the realm. The toll of the war was felt in a great many places. In the years that followed, many wished for a calmer life. But a strange entity came to Serin in secret: a creature from the void known as Voraxen the Void Reaper. His whereabouts unknown, the Void Reaper brought with him a powerful psionic object called The Oblivion Stone. Whether on purpose or by accident, the power of the stone began to seep into Serin. Throughout Serin, portals to other planes began opening and demons came pouring through.
The Broken Arch
4,750 AP
The relentless battles began by the Mystics of Arcana. All sides are drawn into battle against the armies of chaos, united in one struggle against a common lord of darkness.
The Invasion
4,700 AP
A fateful plan set in motion by the prideful Mystics of Arcana, jealous of the strength of other cabals and the lack of respect from Serin for its name. How their pacts with the demon underworld came to be, and how they came to enslave all of Serin, before the breaking.
The Return
4,500 AP
As abruptly as they had left, two of Serin's missing immortals, Stryth and Burzuk, finally returned to the the realm. Confusion was abound, for much had changed in their absence, and a great unease was felt. Stryth finally deliberated that his blessing would be given to Burzuk to control the fate of the realms, for he did not like all he saw, especially in the heavens. This period also marks the time of an ancient enemy of Serin being awoken by its immortals.
New Horizon
4,000 AP
Odoacer leaves the realms behind to begin a search for Stryth in the Ether. To preserve the realms, he leaves them in the hands of Avindus, an ancient elf elder with wisdom to rival his own. Dubbed the New Horizon, the new immortal shakes the heavens, granting Lydana life everlasting, while Lodur in response grants immortality to the assassin Davairus.
New Thalos Falls
3,000 AP
Strange events transpire as a mystery immortal begins to play pranks upon Serin. Mortals find themselves attacking themselves, immortals bemused by events they themselves cannot control. The chaos is tracked down to a simple runed dagger, which somehow controls all. Finally found, the beast within destroys New Thalos and hides in the ruins. It is eventually killed, the loss of Redalion the price. The mystery immortal then reveals himself to be Lodur, a deity of chaos.
Taekir War
1,200 AP
The rise of Darkhan. Mirrored by the inactivity of its mighty immortals, the realms fall under the cloak of darkness as a scourge rains upon Serin. In the turmoil that follows, Azonere, Carain, Khade, Myria and Vamana are all dramatically killed. Their loss allows Aberdour's rise to the heavens, by the hand of Odoacer. The war is finally ended by Zandar, banishing his accidental creation, at the cost of his own life. His loss spurs Odoacer to find new immortals, Resatimm of Unlife and Redalion, Ancient of War.
Dark Ages
1,000 AP
Crippled by unresolvable differences, the mightiest immortals of the realms, Denadlyr, Rodyn, Zafrin and even Stryth, leave for other planes. With Myria's advancement into the heavens, followed soon by Carain to oversee the new Herald cabal, Khade to administer the cabal of assassin, and Vamana for Knight. Ultimately, the realms are left in the care of Zandar and Odoacer, Stryth's right-hand man, and recipient of all his power. Even so, without Stryth around, things begin to dwindle, and though the lands are shaped well, his loss is felt by all.
Second Age
1 AP
Second Age - the Great Purge. Stryth returns to a land torn apart by chaos, and decides to wipe it clean. From its ashes he and Zafrin introduce the illithids, sliths, minotaurs and werebeast, while bards and monk guilds are formed. In this great destruction, clerics are burdened with the blame for religion's failure to keep peace, and their guild is banished forever. The Assassin cabal opens.
The Great War
5000 BP
The Battle for Greginsham. Post-war, giants are split into fire, stone and storm, while elves find themselves divided into elf and drow. Dwarves too find themselves with an evil counterpart. Warrior and mage guilds fracture into three parts, leaving warriors, berserkers, rangers, and illusionists, necromancers, and invokers. Clerics also fracture into three guilds: clerics, healers, shamans. To help restore peace, halflings are created by Stryth, and the peaceful gnome Zandar finds immortality.
10,000 BP
The Alliances. Cabals are formed, built upon the powers of strange items of power. Allegiances are forged and fought over. Intrigued by the cabals, Stryth grants immortality to their leaders, Azonere, Diocletian, and Odoacer, and to Zafrin, the eternally chaotic thorn in their side. Paladins and dark-knight guilds form, while the rogue guild splits into thieves and shadows over differences in their clan behaviours.
Dragon Wars
12,000 BP
Serin's first global war. The majestic dragons teach the immortals the folly of putting too much power in the hands of the living. In the resultant destruction, only four major towns survive: Valour, Seringale, New Thalos and Darkhaven. The destruction of Rakhashe's graceful draconian race grants the undead opportunity to improve, and vampires are soon rumoured. Sarich is immortalised for his influence in the war.
Chaos Reign
15,000 BP
Serin is challenged for the first time by the forces of undead. Bastions of Light are destroyed, landscape is upheaved, and heroes become great villians. Its a tale of murder, betrayal, and human sacrifice. Unmissable.
20,000 BP
The immortals Stryth, Virgil and Rakhashe add humans, elves, dwarves and giants, and populate the world with less intelligent creatures. To give them purpose they also form the warrior, mage, cleric and rogue guilds. Kallomar, eternally seeking to rile and stink the lands for his own selfish reasons, introduces undead. Denadlyr responds by creating the most feeble but wise race that will ever grace Serin - the gnome.