Militha the Unholy Lady
Militha created on 17th of December 2020, and is currently 46 years old (362 hours played).

Title: the Unholy Lady
Gender: Female
Level: 50
Class: drow dark-knight

Background history:

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Lady of Darkness
Militha is the only child of the Crescendum family. As she turned out to be a female, she was given training both in the physical and the arcane arts. The Crescendum family valued strength, and so she was pushed to her limits every day. Not once did she end the day without feeling tired, and often she was sore as well from her weapons training and time spent mastering her concentration necessary to use the arcane arts. It was not a short time before her family deemed her ready to go to the surface world from Unlit City. In fact, it was not until she had spent two years studying and learning how to use weapons that they let her go. By that point, she had mastered enough of the ways of her kin to feel comfortable on her own. She was now truly a lady of darkness, and the dark-knight guild welcomed her.


A female humanoid is here. She has skin like sleek obsidian, glossed almost as though a thin layer of glass was put on top of it. This thin layer is undoubtedly her sweat, based on the scent which comes from her direction. There would appear to be something wrong with her eyes, based on her gaze. But this gaze is simply an open, predatory stare, almost as though she is challenging you to cross her. This is supplemented with an ever present smirk, giving her the air of arrogance and self-confidence.

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