Notes on a Trial
Authored by: Valindra Serra

For Mama,
Who knows why.

1) The Root (see Root1, Root2)
2) Letters I (see Valindra1, Vevier, Valindra2, Valindra3, Davairus, Valindra4, Valindra5, Ilromie1)
3) Letters II (see Serra1, Solmundi1, Serra2, Solmundi2, Gnarble, Resatimm, Ilromie2, Solmundi3)
4) Letters III (see Ilromie3, Vanisse, Solmundi4)
5) In Summary (see Summary1, Summary2)

These pages contain an epistolary account of the events preceding the
trial of that Rebuked Chimera, Kali Windbreeze, as well as a faithful
summary of the trial from the Paradigm of Water herself.

What's in a name? Probably more vowels than necessary.

1) The Root


This is the story of the punishment of Kali Windbreeze, which was judged
and eventually overturned during his trial. Below, an account of the events
leading to his outcasting from his own lips.


Kali: So Serra you must be wondering what befell...

Serra: I do... I heard a small rumor from Ilromie but she did not manage to
share the whole story yet. Solmundi said another story, but nothing he says
is straightforward it seems.

K: Ilromie and Wylsin and I had slain the five dragons. We were in Timaran
and had just forged some armor, using their heads. We were identifying the
gear and suddenly Solmundi walked in and sacrificed everything.

S: That is quite rude of him.

K: We all had words and Ilromie wound up duelling him in the Arena. The
terms were to battle to stun - not death. Solmundi was victorious but
Ilromie's firestorm hit his stallion. He stood idly by and watched his
stallion kick Ilromie repeatedly, killing her while she was helpless. He
did not bat an eye. He did not apologize. He did not display even an ounce
of remorse. He almost seemed to take pleasure in her death. She has died
so many times at his hands... Well you know me, Serra.

S: I do.

K: I could not stand idly by. I was overcome with grief and anger. I knew
it was impossible for me to kill him but I had to show him that what he did
was not to be forgiven. Solmundi cried to the Gods. When he attacked
Ilromie and I when neither of us were criminals, we chose to send a scroll
to the Knights and Justices - to inform Rhoa, Lumubella, Alkas, and the
Justices of his actions. We did not raise our heads and cry to the Gods for
intervention. Though he surely did, and he was heard by Davairus. Who
promptly cast me out from the light. The very moment I was outcast, I took
my vow to continue to live in the light, help lightwalkers, and forsake
wicked creatures and tainted gear. My power was extremely diminished as a
result. So I have essentially become a pacifist. And I have walked this
road a very, very long time.

S: It is not right. Solmundi is... Fallen.

K: Together with Ilromie and Wylsin, we recovered the stones of virtue and
forged the circlet. It did little good, I fear.

S: Are there more steps needed to be taken?

K: I have sought help from Lord Ceridwel in my plight, though he has not the
power to assist me.

S: But he is the Sun God!

K: Nay, there is only one path that has been conveyed to me. Admit my Sins
to Davairus - the Great Tormentor.

S: What does he claim are your sins?

K: Yes, Solmundi's true nature was revealed to all very shortly after I was
cast out from the light. He [Davairus] charged me with the Sins of betrayal
and vengeance, and asserted that I believed I could do anything I wanted.
Ilromie provided a very well written argument in my defence.

S: Whom does he think you betrayed?

K: Davairus asserted that I did anything I wanted, with no consequences. He
asserted that I betrayed all of my friends by putting my needs before

S: I have not seen you do such a thing with me.

K: He also asserted that I sought vengeance with malice in my heart to try
to spread pain and suffering. And yet confessing to all of these charges is
the only path to redemption that exists.

Anja (our young companion): That does not seem right.

K: And so I have continued to live my life in the light - upholding my vow,
adventuring with my friends, and helping countless lightwalkers gain within
their guilds. All the while seeking redemption, yet being denied. I am
truly at a loss, my friend.

S: It seems that many who hear your story support you. You are not alone,
my friend.

K: I had a moment of hope, once. After telling Cunnadd, the paladin, my
story, he offered his support. I informed the Immortals and said that I
would seek the support of other lightwalkers. Davairus made it perfectly
clear that no amount of mortal support would help me. Time and time again
he makes it clear that my fate lays delicately within his hand. And at any
moment, he can crush it on a whim.

S: No. He has stolen Solmundi from my Lord. I will not let him destroy you

[Continued in part 2]


K: What can we do Serra? We mere mortals, in the face of the Great

S: I believe... If you would seek it... And beseech my Lord's support...
I can offer you the path of Water.

K: Oh Serra. I would embrace that path with my whole heart.

S: The path is very different from the one you walked before. The way of
Water is not force, but flow. Vengeance is the domain of Fire. Our way is
that of forgiveness.

K: I have learned much in my time as an outcast. I learned many lessons
seeking the stones of virtue. I will always be me.... But I feel more
mature... Perhaps a bit less..... Reckless... Although I cannot promise
to never act rashly... My Grandfather says that it is in my nature. Just
like my father, he says. I can give you an example. Tearea recently killed
Ilromie. Rather than become overwhelmed with anger and seek vengeance, I
showed restraint and consideration.

S: How did that feel?

K: I had mixed feelings. To be honest, I heard the news at the same time I
received a scroll from my grandfather. He knew that I would not take the
news well. And he knew too that if I would lash out at Tearea I would fail
in my self-imposed impotence. He feared that such failure would lead me
toward a dark path. A path seeking the power to defeat my foes.

S: He is wise. The Dark always waits, tempting.

K: He cautioned that seeking the power to defeat my foes would only lead me
into the darkness. He said that by gaining the power to avenge Ilromie I
may lose her forever. So in response to your question... First I heard of
her death at Tearea's hands. I felt angry. I felt very, very angry. I
love Ilromie. Hearing of another killing her drives me into sudden grief
and anger - every time. Were Tearea standing before me, I likely would have
struck her. But then I received my grandfather's scroll. And anger was
replaced with consideration. I realize that he is right. I have always
appreciated his counsel, but these were the most important words he has ever
shared with me.

S: You are fortunate to have him watching over you.

K: I fear that attacking Tearea would have set in motion a tragic spiral.

S: Indeed... I, too, have felt such grief and anger.

K: Oh Serra. I have been talking so much about myself.

S: My loss occurred when I was not here to bear it. But I spoke with
Solmundi, who taunted me for it.

K: I am so, so very sorry about Lumubella. That monster.

S: He spit in the face of my Lord, and laughed at my love. I nearly stood
to strike him, as I have never struck anyone in my life. But the next words
from his mouth were a complete lie, and so obvious I had no need to act any

K: He is a vile creature and has ever had a wicked heart.

S: From this I learned to cherish patience. The initial instinct may not be

K: I have heard that patience is a virtue.

S: He uses words as weapons, but is not as deft with them as his sword. And
he is hollow.

K: He cannot appreciate what it is to love.

S: I do not believe he was always like this. Perhaps, as he lost his way,
something emptied within him.

K: Few know love like we do, and have known love, my friend.

S: It is unfortunate that this is so. Then. For the love of our own and
for the love of the Light, I ask you to seek counsel from my Lord. I will
support you upon this journey with his blessing.

K: Do you truly think Kedaleam will help? Do you think even Lords Ceridwel
and Kedaleam together, have any chance in influencing my path when the Great
Tormentor is so set against any steps towards redemption?

S: The Light will always stand against the Darkness.

K: Then I thank you greatly, my friend. I shall beseech help from Lord
Kedaleam. And shall learn the path of water.

2) Letters I


Valindra: The Trial of Kali Windbreeze
To: Immortal Davairus Vevier Kedaleam

To the gods of Blood, Air, and Law:

I entreat your consideration, for the Collector of Secrets has recently
gifted me with a judge's wig and gavel.

Should I not then don them to sit in judgment of the Rebuked Chimera, Kali
Windbreeze? The People's Courtroom yearns for a trial, and I shall be the
littlest witch to give it to them.

Return correspondence should be addressed to Valindra Skitterwit, care of
Hibbadibbity, at the Traveller's Rest.

I am, as ever, your most devoted servant--
The Honorable Valindra Skitterwit
Lore Keeper of Myth


DEI Vevier: The Trial of Kali Windbreeze
To: immortal Valindra Davairus Kedeleam

To: Valindra Skitterwit, Care of Hibbadibbity
Traveler's Rest

Hello Dearie,

I think it's an excellent idea to hold a trial. The Courtroom has been too
quiet for far too long! Keep that gavel swinging!

And keep that pen scribbling!

-Mama V


Valindra: The Trial of Kali Windbreeze
To: Serra Ilromie


I have petitioned the gods, and the Collector of Secrets has condoned my
commission into a trial for the sins of Kali Windbreeze.

I shall ask the Implementor of Blood to appoint a counselor and assume that
one or both of you will argue in defense.

Both my wig and toes are curled!

Especially yours,
The Honorable Valindra Skitterwit
Lore Keeper of Myth


Valindra: The Trial of Kali Windbreeze
To: Davairus

Implementor of Blood,

I beseech you once more, this time to appoint a counselor to prosecute the
sins of the Rebuked Chimera as he awaits judgment before the People's Court.

My gavel is hot, and my wig is itchy. I await you most anxiously.

Your devoted servant,
The Honorable Valindra Skitterwit
Lore Keeper of Myth


IMP [WARLORD] Davairus: Trial of Windbreeze
To: Valindra Immortal

Yes a trial! Very good. We can decide whether to offer him a new name
or just banish him forever. Why didn't I think of that? Great thinking
Valindra. The defense counselor shall be Solmundi.


Valindra: The Trial of Kali Windbreeze
To: Kali


I have beseeched the gods, and the Collector of Secrets has expressed her
approval for your imminent trial. You must submit yourself in judgment to
the People's Court, regardless of outcomes.

Do not worry. I have practiced on a cat.

Perhaps yours, perhaps not,
The Honorable Valindra Skitterwit
Lore Keeper of Myth


Valindra: The Trial of Kali Windbreeze
To: Kali Davairus Vevier Solmundi Kedaleam Immortal Serra Ilromie Consortium

Hear ye, Hear ye--the Honorable Valindra Skitterwit presiding.

Let this serve as official notice for the imminent trial of Kali Windbreeze,
the Rebuked Chimera.

The Implementor of Blood has appointed Solmundi as Counselor of Reproach.
Upon a suitable appointment for the Defense, I shall ask the Chimera to
remand himself to the People's Court as he awaits trial.

I shall invite impartial members of the Consortium to sit upon the jury.
The Collector of Secrets will provide muffins, and selection will begin

You may address pertinent queries to myself or Junior Constable

As ever,
The Most Esteemed and Honorable Valindra Skitterwit, esq.
Lore Keeper of Myth


Ilromie: Kali's Defense
To: Valindra Serra

Dear Valindra,

I would consider it a great honor to argue in behalf of Kali, should I be
able to attend the trail. I have thought extensively on his defenses.


3) Letters II


Serra: Kali's case
To: Valindra

Dear Valindra,

I am not certain if I may consider myself an impartial member of the jury.
For I have considered him my friend. I will be content to participate as a
mere observer, unless otherwise directed. I am glad to see you presiding
over the case.



[JUSTICE] Solmundi: It's your circus.
To: Immortal Kali Scholar Herald Consortium

A trial? Be careful what you ask for. You just might get it.



Serra: The Trial of Kali Windbreeze
To: Ceridwel Kedaleam Phostan Vanisse Valindra

Dear Deities of Light,

There will be a trial held soon to officially judge the fate of Kali
Windbreeze. Presiding as Judge is Valindra Skitterwit, with the prosecution
by Solmundi and the defense by Ilromie. Lords Davairus and Dogran will also
be present. I would find great comfort in seeing you join the proceedings
if you have the time.

We currently create the roster of the jury, and Valindra will send out
invitations when the trial date is set.



[JUSTICE] Solmundi: how dare you*
To: Immortal Valindra

Okay that is inappropriate. What do you want from me? He is guilty of his
crimes and do you really need proof of that let alone a trial? Conduct your
own investigation. If Lord Davairus wants me to prosecute the case then I
will, but I think it's pretty self evident. Also why do you feel that you
can be a judge if you are scared of spilling blood?


*Readers should note that in the letters that preceded this, Solmundi tried
to recuse himself, and I encouraged the Implementor of Blood to slay him for
his insolence. Forgive the gap in record, or don't.


Gnarble: Sacrifice
To: Valindra Solmundi

I did everything that I could. I outsmarted Szrevan and he was as good
as dead, but instead of staying and dying like he was supposed to, he left
the arena instead. I'm not sure if I'll be able to secure another sacrifice
in his place (that trick only works once) but I will try.

I know how badly you want to be a judge, and I want to help you. If I'm not
able to kill someone for Solmundi then I'll offer up myself as a sacrifice
instead. I would do that for you. You have worked hard to arrange this and
you deserve your day in court.



IMP Resatimm: RE: How dare you
To: Solmundi Valindra Immortal

Lord Solmundi,

You are called to prosecute the case against one named KALI WINDBREEZE.
This is a slam dunk case and you be triumphant. You are off the team if you

Resatimm ...


Ilromie: The accusation
To: Scholar Solmundi Immortal Valindra

Honorable Judge Valindra,

I request that the Accuser provide his accusation prior to the commencement
of the trial. In fact, the precise wording of the accusation might be the
hinge upon which innocence or guilt might be proven.

Your consideration of this request is greatly appreciated.

With great respect,

Duchess Ilromie Illistarre, Sage of Arcane Power and Polymath of History
Consultant for the Accused


[JUSTICE] Solmundi: More useless paperwork.
To: immortal Scholar Valindra

As a small answer to Ilromie's question regarding accusations. I can
tell you I have an ever growing list of topics to be brought up during

However since the burden of proof has not been clearly defined by this
so-called court, I'm going with the reasonable conclusion that I the
prosecutor will have the judical advantage. Therefore the defense will be
given the accusations shortly before trial. If you feel that you cannot
legally prepare for what is to come (and want to pretend you're unaware of
your clients actions.) I suggest you appeal for the trial date to be

Otherwise I fully expect you to put in some real work and effort in readying
your case. In fact, if you want some support on how to do that. I am open
to assisting you as I do want a challenge.


4) Letters III


Ilromie: Injustice
To: solmundi scholar

Honorable Judge Valindra,

I refute the presumption that the specific charges against the defendant be
withheld until the day of the trial. These actions by the Chair are an
affront to the very law Commander Solmundi claims to uphold.

True Justice cannot be served by surprise.

With great respect,
Duchess Ilromie Illistarre, Sage of Arcane Power and Polymath of History
Consultant for the Accused


IMP Vanisse: Trial by tripwire
To: Valindra Ilromie Solmundi immortal scholar

It's tempting to bet on this trial's outcome, but it seems every position
could use a bit of fortune. Best of luck to all participants.



[JUSTICE] Solmundi: An action of refute
To: Valindra Scholar Ilromie

I refute Ilromie's action of refuting. This is the way it's going to
happen, Illi. You may have a little time to file another appeal, but the
law moves at a nice consistent pace. Good luck.


5) In Summary


The Trial of Kali Windbreeze occurred on the 8th Renewal of the Celestial of Retribution.

Present at the trial included:
Judge: Valindra Skitterwit (part 1)
Judge: Lord Davairus (part 2)
Plaintiff: Lord Solmundi
Defense attorney: Duchess Ilromie Illistarre
Defendant: Kali Windbreeze
Jury: Cunnadd Wallstomper
Jury: High Warlord Shaghroth
Jury: Lunaia
Jury: Lore Keeper Villidan
Observer and Witness: Doyen Wylsin Plindane
Observer: Gerok
Observer: Dame Leitha Dondeleon
Observer: Lord Dogran
Observer: Lord Olyn
Observer: Lord Kedaleam
Observer: Tonke
Observer: Tepyr
Observer and Court Recorder: Doyenne Serra

A spectacle for the ages, and not one we will likely forget... for unexpected
reasons. It boded oddly at the very start as the goblin Judge Skitterwit asked
for last minute bribes, to which the Duchess proffered two decades-old fish
from the bottom of her sack, a tempting offering for none. While absent, the
Collector of Secrets offered muffins from a giggling shrubbery. As participants
began to arrive and mill about aimlessly around the Traveller's Rest, the Judge
and other members of the Consortium gathered in the People's Court to prepare.
Apparently at the last moment before the trial, Doyen Wylsin recused himself
from the jury, leaving the jury box with four.

The trial proceeded with the banging of a gavel and the announcement by a tiny
wisp named Hibbadibbity. As Lord Solmundi and Duchess Ilromie took their seats,
the crowd hushed expectantly. Solmundi opened the trial by listing three charges
against the defendant Kali Windbreeze, calling him a fraud, one who attacked
those who held light dear to their hearts, and a menace to society. Ilromie
opened, strangely, by forgiving Solmundi for being a poor horse trainer.
Here Jury member Shaghroth nearly asphyxiated the entire house of attendance
with an epic release of gas only relieved by a sea breeze conjured by Lord Olyn.
Kali then spoke, to which Dogran and Solmundi made snide remarks.

Solmundi's opening statement began by proudly announcing himself as an agent
designed to rid the world of chaos, and pointed at both defendant and counsel
as causal agents of chaos. He then claimed Kali was a fraud, for having
no family members attending the trial in support, and that he had attacked
innocents and invaded the halls of Justice which Solmundi claimed was a death
sentence. He closed by saying the Duchess (whom he refused to acknowledge by
title - Objection!) was a criminal who manufactured her words to misinform
those present.

Ilromie's opening statement simply refuted the prosecutor's claim that an
absence of family members was a strike against Kali's character, called
Lord Solmundi's accusations a pure sham and he a tyrant. (Objection!)

Solmundi then began to present his evidence. The first evidence, again, was the
absence of another Windbreeze in attendance. (Objection!) He then attempted
to turn the discussion to houses of elves before Lord Davairus intervened to
steer the trial back on course with a request to hear the defendant's plea. Of
course, Kali pled innocent. Moreover, he nearly launched into an epic monologue
of the history of his ancestors before (Objection!) he was asked to sit down.

Solmundi then continued with more evidence by calling himself to the stand as
a witness to Kali offending his own gods for attacking Solmundi personally,
invading the halls of Justice and intending to kill Solmundi in cold blood.
Here the Sinister Minister Dogran attempted to offer his services as cross-
examiner but was refused by Valindra and the defense. Ilromie then started to
ask Solmundi pointed questions, accusing him of lying about being attacked by
Kali's illusions, and then talking about an entirely separate incident at an
Executioner. I felt sympathy for the jury at this, none of whom knew what she
was referring to. Again, Lord Davairus interjected, saying nothing was making
sense, but they continued impervious. Solmundi said Kali had infected his mind
and many others.

Ilromie repeated that the illusions did not attack Solmundi and that he was
never in danger, moreover that his grounds were not in fact a death sentence,
which appealed to the more criminally-inclined in the audience. Solmundi
maintained that Kali had nearly killed him and that he was the "second most
malicious person I know", to which Dogran asked with great interest, "Who's the
first?" - perhaps a rivalry in the heavens? The judge was amorously distracted
by Dogran's pasty bald complexion before Ilromie began again with her story of
an encounter at the Executioner (Objection! Relevance?) and Valindra, intrigued
by gossip, allowed her continue to describe being attacked herself by Solmundi
there (Objections! from Dogran, in the audience, as well as Solmundi). Here,
interrupting proceedings, Dogran attempted to direct the court and Valindra
wrested it back again a bit weakly. Solmundi offered to take the stand he was
already standing on. Jury Lunaia started staring at the ceiling and coughing.
Everyone in attendance started staring awkwardly in different directions hoping
something would begin to make sense. I made pancakes.

Solmundi claimed Ilromie was infected by an evil spirit by Kali and that her
goal was to demolish Justice entirely, which was why he had attacked her.
(Objection!) And THEY had lengthy criminal records and THEY had attacked him
many times and THEY attacked him personally and everything he stood for...

Ilromie was then given the opportunity to call witnesses, and she asked Wylsin
to the stand. (Objection!) Villidan leaned over to tell me he ran out of nuts.
I began making pancakes for the slowly starving audience. Wylsin recounted a
long story about collecting dragon heads and chastising Solmundi for
sacrificing their treasures (Objection!) and then following Ilromie to fine her
for wearing a chaotic weapon (OBJECTION!!) -- Here Solmundi again derailed
proceedings claiming he could not pick up a chaotic weapon. We all lost the
plot. Wylsin and I speculated that perhaps sometimes Solmundi had heard the
word "Duchess" and believed it referred to himself. Trying to correct Solmundi,
Wylsin suggested Solmundi abdicate his role (Objection!) and Solmundi attempted
to get Wylsin thrown out of the court. Desperately, Lord Davairus tried to turn
the discussion back to Kali, who was sitting forlornly and forgotten in his chair.

[Continued in part 2]


Valindra then tried to shoo all the jury members out to make a decision,
when none of them still had any idea what was happening and Wylsin had not
finished his statement. Lunaia chimed in (literally) that she needed more
information. And so, with heavy sighs, we all sat down again. Lunaia
suddenly started lambasting Solmundi for bringing chaos himself to the
proceedings through tangents and disrespect. Wylsin and Solmundi began a
shouting match about horses. Sensing that the herd of cats in the court
were now completely out of her control, the Judge said "Whoops!" And

In the void of her absence, Wylsin claimed a mistrial. Solmundi claimed
Kali guilty, and then attempted to have Lunaia thrown out of court. Wylsin
wrung his hands looking for a judge, to which Dogran pointed to Lord
Davairus, the greatest judge of all... Gerok excitedly suggested trial by
combat, to which Dogran offered to have Ilromie and Shaghroth duel to the

Lord Davairus then took control at last, directing all parties to ask Kali
questions to clarify his version of events and related matters, which should
have happened hours prior. Wylsin attempted to continue his story and was
smited off his seat by Davairus. At last, Ilromie began to ask Kali the
questions we had all woefully been waiting for.

Duchess Ilromie: Why did you attack Solmundi that night?

Kali Windbreeze: When he killed you and did not show a single shred of
remorse, I knew he was beyond redemption. I attacked him to show him that
his actions wuld not go uncontested. I had no intent or ability to kill

DI: Were you attacked by the Commander before that event?

KW: I was attacked by the commander before, North of Seringale, with you.
When neither of us were criminals. And he nearly killed us both.

DI: Do you believe the law serves good?

KW: When appropriately carried out, the law can be a powerful force of good.
In hte wrong hands it can be a source of pain and tyranny.

DI: No further questions.

Solmundi attempted to object to this but Davairus refused to entertain any
more of them.

Commander Solmundi: Kali did you or did you not attack me with no
provocation? My mustang may have gotten a little out of hand, but I am not
a mustang, now am I?

KW: My attack on you was not an act in isolation. My action against you was
a culmination of all of the experiences we had up until that point - many
experiences that showed that you were a paladin in name alone.

CS: Kali did you attack me even though I personally did not attack you or

KW: No. I attacked you because you had attacked us and had shown numerous
times to be of evil nature and no true paladin. You were lost for a very
long time before you ascended, Solmundi. We all know it.

Lunaia then requested for my Lord Kedaleam to be queried, although he had
only just arrived on the scene and had little idea of what he was getting
himself into. By the time he finally figured which seat to sit on, Davairus
moved the trial onto closing statements.

DI: Members of the Jury, if Kali is guilty of anything, it is an excess of
passion. He has yet made a vow to maintain the light, and perhaps he has
acted against the law in times of strife. Know that what is good is to
stand against the abuses of the law and tyranny. To protect those you love.
And to act upon wrongs that you witness.

CS: Persons of the jury. I have thought long and hard about this case.
Perhaps Kali is not guilty of the charges. In fact I cannot sleep at night
knowing he was found guilty. Do yourselves and myself a favor. Find him
innocent. I officially drop my charges against him.

We all blinked at this. Davairus said the charges could not be dropped and
shooed all the jury members out to convene and return with their verdict.
The jurors marched out, all save Lunaia, who was still staring at the
ceiling. Ilromie started pacing around the desk nervously. Lunaia awoke
with a start and flew out of the room. After a short but interminably
awkward pause, the jurors returned - save Lunaia, who had gotten stuck in
the ceiling yet again somewhere in the hallway.

At last - at LONG LAST - High Warlord Shaghroth announced the jury's
verdict: a count of Not Guilty, 5 to 0 (for he could not count). Solmundi
said he was happy with the result and would sleep well that night. The
exhausted audience ran for the door. I was then charged to provide the
service of conversion, and Kali was given the task of choosing a new name
for himself. He first chose a fairly terrible one to which Wylsin and
Davairus winced, before settling on one that fits quite well, I think:
Kaelric Illistarre. With Lord Kedaleam's blessing, I then offered Kali the
path back to light we had been hoping for, and he took on the mantle of
Water as my first student.

This concludes the tumultuous events of the Trial of Kali Windbreeze,
recorded painstakingly by Serra the Paradigm of Water, Doyenne of Religion.