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Serra created on 05th of June 2020, and is dead and gone (80 years old, 1107 hours, 1 year lifetime)

Title: the Paradigm of Water, Doyenne of Religion
Gender: Female
Level: 50
Class: storm giant healer

Background history:

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Lost and Found
Serra knew nothing of her origins. She had had a difficult childhood. She had no parents, only a self-proclaimed guardian who had found her stumbling lost in the forest. She had no memory of the time before he had found her. He had seen her strength and size even as a young child and had taken her in, but as soon as he realized how much she needed to eat he put her to work. Her earliest memories were of fetching buckets from the village well and carrying bundles of firewood, which stung her hands till they bled. When she told her guardian of the rashes on her palms, he scoffed and said she was pretending to be better than her station. So she learned to wrap them in rags and say nothing. She was taller and broader (and uglier, so they said) than all of the other village children. Instead of a healthy pinkish hue, her skin tended to be ashen, and her face was freckled with dark blue flecks as if someone had spattered paint at her face. Wan, ungainly, and uncomfortable in their gawking presence, Serra sought comfort only in books she borrowed from the school. Imagined herself as a pretty girl, a heroine, a dragon slayer, a sorceress... But alas, upon each book's end she returned to her plain, scorned reality. Then the circus came to town. Such lights! Such sounds! Clowns cavorting and flame-eaters captured her gaze. Each tent was more fantastic than the next. Serra begged her guardian to buy her admission ticket, but he refused. "Waste my hard-earned money on that nonsense? Get back to work!" So she continued with her manual labor, cooking and cleaning and fetching the wood and water - but each trip outside she would make a detour to walk about the circus perimeter just to see, and dream about the wild adventures the performers must live. It was on one of her walks, carrying two heavy logs on her shoulders, that she was hailed by a stout mustachioed man. "You there! Young lady!" Serra looked around, but saw no others he might be referring to. She had never been called a lady before, and startled a bit. "Yessir?" "Come here, I wish to take a look at you." Serra winced. Her encounters with other people were always less than pleasant, but she did not know how to refuse a request politely, so acquiesced. As she approached she realized he was (like most other folk) only up to her shoulder in height, and was nearly as round as he was tall. His fat fingers clamped a cigar between them and he wore a black jacket with tails, a red waist-coat with nearly exploding buttons, and a top hat with a red satin band, marking him as somebody probably important. She carefully set the logs down where they wouldn't topple and squash him. He whistled appreciatively. "Good golly, look at the size of you. What's your name? And where did you come from?" "My name is Serra, sir, and I am from... This village." She gestured vaguely behind her. His eyebrow raised. "Is that so? A giant among humans?" Serra frowned. "I know I'm taller and uglier than everybody. If that's all you have to say, then--" She grabbed her logs and made to leave. "No, wait, wait! You mistook my meaning, dear child. You don't belong here. Maybe you belong with us." He waved his cigar magnanimously back toward the circus, where the lights and carnival music cheerfully played, happy people wandered, and laughter roared out from the tents. "The circus is full of misfits and special people. I can tell just by looking at you that you're special, so you belong." Serra considered the prospect: carrying logs till the end of her days, or embarking on the wild adventure she had always dreamed of. "I accept."

Description (commended):

An extremely tall, broad-shouldered woman stands before you. Her face is rather plain and square, with a wide, crooked nose which has been previously broken, and pale white scars from what appear to be claw slashes on her left cheek. Her large, oddly colored eyes are framed with long black lashes. The irises are dark blue with minuscule specks of glowing crimson which appear and disappear with every blink. Her head is shaven clean. Across the bared skin on her cranium swirl blue patterns in the style of ancient runes, which glow softly with her every breath. Her skin is the color of rainclouds, with a smattering of dark blue freckles across the bridge of her nose, and darker purplish shadows beneath her sunken eyes. Worry lines are deeply etched on her forehead and at the set corners of her mouth. She is emaciated, almost skeletal in appearance, yet her enormous frame belies her Giant heritage. Old stretch marks are visible on her bared upper arms belying her former weight. When she is quiet, she has a pensive air about her. You notice that her stride is somewhat pigeon-toed, though she moves with a determination that belies the strength within her. Fading calluses and scars on her gnarled hands show evidence of past hard labor.

PK stats:

Kills: 0, Deaths: 21 (Ratio: 0, Efficiency: 0%)
Pinnacle Kills: 0, Pinnacle Deaths: 15 (Ratio: 0, Efficiency: 0%)

Kills by class:

Killed by class:
shadow: 1, necromancer: 1, shaman: 3,

Nemesis: Dogran

Logs mentioning Serra:Mystiques mentioning Serra:
Books by Serra:
Books mentioning Serra:


  1. Nooooooo! You were a pleasure to adventure with!
      [reply to Dwiggans]
    1. Oh man! Sad to see this. Great character to travel with, learn from, and role play with!
        [reply to Tonke]
      1. I am absolutely distraught.
          [reply to Villidan]
        1. Xerties [reply]
          3 , 0 , 0 .
          Absolutely amazing character. You raised everyone's RP around you, even if you brought them up kicking and screaming. Some very big shoes to fill, giant notwithstanding.
            [reply to Xerties]
          1. Ashlyn [reply]
            1 , 0 , 0 .
            Wait, what, why?
              [reply to Ashlyn]
            1. I interacted with you across multiple characters and you were AWESOME awesome awesome. Will miss you!
                [reply to Camadus]
              1. twerpalina BANNED [reply]
                1 , 0 , 0 .
                oh my, did not sea this coming!
                  [reply to twerpalina]
                1. Mikoos [reply]
                  1 , 0 , 0 .
                  Sigh, I’ll have to let my cat know the bad news.
                    [reply to Mikoos]
                  1. In fact, I stand by the words of my last farewell poem to you: I know not who I would have been without you, nor what I shall do now that you are gone. Rest well, old friend. You've earned it.
                      [reply to Ilromie]
                    1. You truly brought out the best in all of us. Thank you for putting your heart and soul into everything you did. We are all lucky to have interacted with you.
                        [reply to Kaelric]
                      1. *A tiny emerald witch sways woozily.*

                        How I mourn Serra the Paradigm
                        Of Water, how I wanted more time
                        To say this goodbye,
                        Dear friend. Now I cry
                        Water’s path down my cheeks. Vulgar rhyme.
                          [reply to Valindra]
                        1. Dogran [reply]
                          2 , 0 , 0 .
                          Holy crap. Serra was amazing, this makes me sad.
                            [reply to Dogran]
                          1. Serra, you were nothing less than amazing. I loved every moment I was with you and everything about you. You were/are the quintessence of Roleplaying. Your memory will live on for a very long time.
                              [reply to Rhoa]
                            1. twerpalina BANNED [reply]
                              0 , 0 , 0 .
                              What's with the bronze trophy? If anyone deserves to be exalted its this char.
                              1. Dogran
                                0 , 0 , 0 .
                                Bronze trophy is for those that are nominated for HoE, nomination is still in progress.
                              2. Agree. Grouping/talking with Serra immersed me into my own character more and created a more enjoyable experience in AR as a whole. Incredibly positive influence to this game and community. HoE all the way.
                              [reply to twerpalina]
                            2. But who is going to write about how awesome and fabulous I am now that you're gone? Ilromie seemed mildly aggressive towards me the last few times, I only trusted you to speak the truth about my greatness! Because of this, everyone has been deprived of something special today.
                                [reply to Flinnegan]
                              1. Dogran [reply]
                                1 , 0 , 0 .
                                1107 hours over just over a year... that's a lot. If you average it out, that's a consistent 65 hours a month
                                  [reply to Dogran]
                                1. Davairus [reply]
                                  2 , 0 , 0 .
                                  That leaves a hole that I think we all hope someone is gonna fill
                                  1. Phostan
                                    1 , 1 , 0 .
                                    Why'd you have to make this GY thread sexual all of a sudden, geez.
                                  2. Davairus
                                    0 , 0 , 0 .
                                    not your hole
                                  3. Phostan
                                    1 , 0 , 0 .
                                    You stay away from other people's holes in general you sexual deviant.
                                  [reply to Davairus]
                                2. jaux [reply]
                                  2 , 0 , 0 .
                                  Serra was awesome, totally loved the character. I enjoyed your RP with several different players. You got my vote for HOE all the way.
                                    [reply to jaux]
                                  1. Sad to see this gravestone.. Thanks for your time.. Thanks for the support, I wouldn't be who I am now without your presence... May your soul find solace..and may the winds guide your ashes across the lands once.. to renew the cycle of life.
                                      [reply to Vargan]
                                    1. Resatimm [reply]
                                      4 , 0 , 0 .
                                      Holy fuck Serra. You were the worst. One time I found you talking to the NORTH GATE. For HALF. AN. HOUR. Worst RPer ever.

                                      Jeeeez. Try sticking with 1 char. Try to make a difference next time.
                                        [reply to Resatimm]
                                      1. The door bein' open. Be wipin' yer feet and comin' in. Welcome home. Dun be mindin' the smell o' cookin' bacon one bit.
                                          [reply to Lumubella]
                                        1. Vanisse [reply]
                                          8 , 0 , 0 .
                                          >>> Epilogue

                                          Goodbye, Serra. I'll miss you.

                                          Serra was born as an experiment and initially not a very serious one, but over time evolved into something completely different. She was the first mortal I have really played in maybe ten years (hence I created her with a <NEW> flag as I had practically forgotten everything), and probably the first that I was able to fully immerse myself into since I was immed what feels like eons ago. To be honest, I didn't expect her to go so far. The fact that she did, that I could get so drawn into her, this world we've created, and all of the story arcs that have since blossomed, is entirely because of YOU: our players and community, both past and present. So thank you to each and every one of you who engaged with and inspired her. I loved every minute.

                                          My initial goal with her was just to test the feel of the Consortium - whether the pillar-dedications concept felt fun in practice, and whether Scholars as Herald-Mystic hybrids worked in practice. When she hit 20th rank and was forced to pick an element, I decided to test what it was like to follow a religion that was hugely underrepresented and underexplored. For most of Serra's life she was the only Water follower, and Kedaleam didn't provide me with guidance on this element, so I interpreted it as I went. Those were her two driving concepts. The rest of her wove around inspirations such as Cyprian (the O.G. for background writing), and reacting to people and events around her. After those basic traits were established, I just let her flow, like water.

                                          There were certain points along the way where I left her evolution fully open to other players' influence. This was hinted in the "crimson specks" in her eyes after she came back from Acadia, which meant there was a potential seed of evil dormant there if anyone wanted to awaken it. Dogran came the closest to it; he could have easily turned Serra evil that day in the Tavern if he'd gone just a tiny bit further. Later on, when Serra lost her memory, Resatimm could have absolutely turned her as well if he had kept up the pretense. In the end, though, no one did. The coalition of light (i.e. the "Holy Trinity") and Serra's friends in the Consortium exerted an extremely powerful influence and kept pulling her back on track. It was very interesting and also quite heart-warming to see so many people care about her well-being, especially when she had forgotten everything. Huge props to Aelaldric for coming up with a spinoff, and to a bunch of people (especially Valindra, Wylsin, and Ilromie) for playing along with it. There are more things coming related to this arc, it didn't end with Serra's passing. Sit tight...

                                          Serra started out as a simple experiment but ultimately became an homage to AR and our community. She and I truly enjoyed spending time with every person that she met, learning all kinds of things, exploring all the areas, meeting new people, passing on knowledge, creating new books and lair stuff and crazy story arcs, and trying to tease out everyone's stories and share them so everybody could enjoy them like we did. Some of these stories were truly great. I have posted a few of the earlier ones that stood out to me, but there were - and are - SO many more. I was blown away and so happy to see this and I am sorry that I could not post them all. There are some amazing ones in progress right now and there are some other amazing ones I don't have time to post. I am so excited to see more people posting RP logs because it lets us all re-live some wonderful memories. For people who aren't actively playing, it showcases a whole other beautiful aspect of this game and allows them to follow along with the game lore as it's evolving, which you can't see from duels. I know from experience that it takes so much more effort to make these logs, but it is so worth it in the end. Just like Mystiques, I guess. I am truly grateful to have been able to play a little part in this trend (because RP logs can only exist if there are RP sessions) and I hope it continues.

                                          So why did she have to go? Serra was too much fun and started to take over my life! Though she was created 17 months ago, I spent those 1100 hours over about 11-12 months, in reality, since I took a bunch of breaks for sanity/life reasons (each explained away with a book). Probably 15-20% of her living hours were spent sitting somewhere writing backgrounds and books, because I'm a huge dork. I could also add about 1-3 hours of curation time per RP log posted. Every time I came back, she was even more immersive, even more arcs popped up, and I kept getting carried away. You guys are too good. And Serra started teaching me, too. There were a couple times when I'd be cringing or banging my head into the wall about something in real life and then I would think, "What would Serra do?" By the end, I had invested Serra and myself into too many directions and I was painfully aware that I couldn't manage my time commitments between things I have planned here and in my actual life so I needed to stop. I'm sorry to those of you who planned on her being part of your stories for longer, but you are all so creative that I know you will find another path forward.

                                          Interviewing Tearea was a perfect end point for Serra due to the beautiful symmetry of it: Tearea was the first person Serra became conscious of during Awakening, embodied Serra's main "unknown", and represented the last fear she had left to face. Breaking down that wall of silence allowed Serra to ultimately overcome her last mental barrier, finish her book, and let go. So thank you, Tearea, for agreeing to do that; I wasn't sure if you would. With that last act I wanted to give people access to some of the lore and stories behind you and the new Warlords, because I feel your character and the Warlords in general are currently a bit misunderstood. (Plug to read her interview in the next Mystique!)

                                          In the end, Wiggles the old alsatian was me - the sad puppy saying goodbye.

                                          For now, I'll be going back to my usual hiding and meddling here and there behind scenes. Who knows? Someday, maybe you'll see us again. In the meanwhile, I have muddled my way back onto discord, so feel free to ping me there.

                                          - Vanisse, the Myth Weaver

                                          >>> Juicy stuff

                                          Player deaths:
                                          - Shoani (rank 23): The player behind this character had it out for me for a very misplaced reason and kept sending me threatening OOC tells. Poor form. I guess they felt vindicated after that and left me alone so it worked out in the end.
                                          - Avraux (rank 31): Jumped in Mocker's Tavern while getting too immersed in a chat with Ilromie and forgetting all my spells including detect invis. I deserved that one.
                                          - Dogran (rank 50? or 40something?): I can't remember this, as I can't find it in my logs, but Dogran remembered it and recounted it to Serra a long time later. Apparently I put my slow and useless butt as a speedbump between me and my ranking group, so, worth it! (temporarily, anyway!)
                                          - I'm guessing Dogran got me a second time since he is marked as Serra's nemesis. I'm really sorry Dogran, I truly can't remember. I actually have the memory of a swiss cheese which is why I wrote so many backgrounds...
                                          - Glorbag (rank 50): Ganked while listening to Vhrael and Kedaleam argue about Justice. Got a really cool story out of this one (showcased in his Oldies log). Absolutely worth it!

                                          Mob deaths (not in a particular order):
                                          - Zoruul the Oppressor
                                          - The Blackmage
                                          - Kaddar Lamia
                                          - A scaly serpent (I caked down to 20 or 30 and tried to help a newbie. It turned out that serpents scale to the original rank, NOT your caked rank... this was a disaster but at least the newbie survived!)
                                          - Iron Maiden
                                          - Vlad, with Mohglin, thanks to spamming turn undead and heals and forgetting the clear command was a thing, herp derp
                                          - The Essence of Annihilation (Dumb ways to die #1) - love you Ilromie, we are totally nuts
                                          - The last hit were other mobs, but this was really due to the bears on Mount Omedan (x2), trying to duo our way to the top with Ilromie (I swear we could have done it...)
                                          - Jotun berserker and soldiers (x3), trying to see if I could solo my way to Shycerusk after I soloed the other six summoning stones (dammit, Resatimm!). I really think this might be technically doable with sufficient patience. I just didn't have time/interest for 5 hours of solo adventuring. (for interest, the others generally took about ~40-60 minutes each.) Who knows, someone may do all seven someday...
                                          - A sparring monk (Awakening), an intentional death for storytelling
                                          - Akyua, while busy researching answers to a newbie question. Those were some long helpfiles!
                                          - Ver'urn, the Baron of the Wilderness, due to forgetting fly and protective shield
                                          - A cursed soul, due to Xanthak v2.0
                                          - Xanthak, due to a crash
                                          - A few more I can't find/remember

                                          >>> Boring stuff

                                          I hated practicing. It is so incredibly painful as a giant (even worse when it is spellcasting). In the very beginning I attempted to 1-prac and quickly found this made the character unplayable because the only reason people group with healers during lowbie ranking is that they can keep you alive, and you don't get enough mana/recovery to effectively train at low ranks. So I gave up on that. Later on, I was very glad that channeling was invented. For most of my really boring housebound summer/fall of 2020, I had training parties in the Infirmary with Fatma and Zersh where everybody else mastered everything and I was still struggling with the first few spells. (Fatma, I miss the breakfasts we used to make together.) Suffice it to say I got most spells to 90% and gave up at that point, except for what Serra needed to make sure she could keep other people alive. My favorite spells were detect magic and healing touch. Using them gave that sense of watching over and taking care of other people as a healer which was really immersive. co heal = hugs :)

                                          I also found a bunch of healer bugs. And a lot of other bugs. I think Serra filed over 200 of them over her long and nosy lifetime (although we closed most of those). Now I have to go help fix the rest... After a short break, that is. I haven't slept for a week.

                                          >>> Props

                                          Too many people to list here. Too many memories to list here. I'd probably end up with an anecdote (or more) about every character I met. So I'll just say: All of you, old and new. You are what make me keep coming back.

                                          Also, Lumubella, you rock. That last comment made me tear up a bit. <3
                                          1. Resatimm
                                            4 , 0 , 0 .
                                            For what it is worth, I realized the opportunity I had to turn Serra, but I just couldn't. The arc would have been amazing, but Serra was far too wholesome and good for everyone.

                                            I had interactions with Serra with a dozen characters and each one made me better and left me wanting more.

                                            If the day was shitty, I lnew could log in and I knew that at somw point, Serra would show up like a cross between Mary Poppins and Mrs. Doubtfire and charm the socks off of Tegadol.

                                            Or go on an epic quest for jingly cheese. /outtingmyself

                                            You are the best of us.
                                          2. Dogran
                                            1 , 0 , 0 .
                                            I totally recognized the possibility. I even consciously made the decision to at one point, but I wanted to drag it out, make a few things happen etc. In the end a combination of things stopped it from happening. One I have been busy with school/work/troubled child and two I couldn’t fully decide how I wanted to go about it. I saw a couple of ways to go about it both of which I thought would be really cool. Indecision got to me here. As for the second kill, It was related to healing/sancing the gank squads that were always after me. I don’t really remember it either haha.
                                          [reply to Vanisse]
                                        2. Kedaleam [reply]
                                          1 , 1 , 0 .
                                          Serra... I can't possibly say anything you haven't realized from these messages. You're amazing...

                                          You're quite literally 99% of the reason i even bothered coming around this last year. "Apparently when a new game comes out I magically get 300 hours to play it", but i promise you, I tried my absolute best to be around for you. I quite literally wanted everything to do with what you're doing. I didn't deserve you.
                                          1. Davairus
                                            0 , 2 , 3 .
                                            Stop baiting
                                          [reply to Kedaleam]
                                        3. A comment from the IC perspective: It was surprising to see you disappear, then come back later and have Dogran's soul in your possession after he had become an Immortal. I REALLY wanted that soul, but never could manage to raise an army while you were around to try and take it away from you. (I was too timid to ask for the soul directly) You also provided an alternative perspective which reminds everyone, even a necromancer, that life can be bright at times.

                                          From the OOC perspective though, I totally understand and support your decision. Life isn't all about fun and games, unfortunately. Naturally, Serra will be missed, but clearly it's time to move on. Good luck with whatever you do next.
                                          1. That's funny. Resatimm gave me that during Awakening (snipped out of the log). I didn't know what I was supposed to do with it. It would have been weird to sacrifice an immortal's soul to another immortal, and I didn't want to be rude to either Resatimm or Dogran, so I just carried it around.
                                          [reply to Mirtolda]
                                        4. Davairus [reply]
                                          0 , 0 , 0 .
                                          Its refreshing to have a character that shows up to contribute something.
                                          I think that character obviously showed what the upshot is of protecting the privacy of whose playing it, although at the same time it should be recognized that maybe some of the most memorable RP things only happen because of an offline conversation and that it isn't all bad, but I would say I am envious of people who got to experience Serra exclusively in-character.
                                          1. Vanisse
                                            5 , 0 , 0 .
                                            I think every character that is created contributes something.

                                            On immersion/privacy:
                                            To me, one aspect was controlling how much knowledge I (as a player) learned about other people and their characters. I avoided IRC, discord, etc. for many years because of this, but being an imm that knowledge was unavoidable anyway, leading to my many years of not making mortals. With Serra I focused on being conscious of how much the character knew about other people's characters and adhered within those boundaries. Considering her <NEW> in my mind also helped. Serra did not know any areas or items or lore until she went and physically explored them one by one - thanks to Ethaac for putting her on that track with his Consortium applicant tasks. Obviously everyone doesn't have to go that far, but I liked it. Leverage the aspect you have control over.
                                          [reply to Davairus]
                                        5. Phostan [reply]
                                          2 , 0 , 0 .
                                          Ilromie and Serra have done an awesome job running the Consortium while I've been lowkey avoiding in-game responsibility. Obviously other than doing all the leg work and admin she'd been doing, the character herself was excellent and was played out so very well, and made the Consortium look real good in the process. Side note, I was really sad you never starved out the Warlord in the duel in the Ford, I would have.
                                          1. I did starve out one Warlord and it made me feel so terrible I couldn’t do it again. Sorry Josymba.
                                          2. Phostan
                                            1 , 0 , 0 .
                                            You know my motto about fighting Warlords "Fuck 'em."
                                          [reply to Phostan]
                                        6. Xenyar [reply]
                                          4 , 0 , 0 .
                                          Congratz with HoE, Serra. You did a great job with this char. If all of us could even achieve half the quality of RP that you did, then AR would be a much, much better place. Well done.
                                            [reply to Xenyar]
                                          1. Ashlyn [reply]
                                            3 , 0 , 0 .
                                            Congratulations on Exalted. You deserved it.
                                              [reply to Ashlyn]

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