The Compiled Poetry Contests of Serin


The following is a compilation of all the entries for the Poetry Contests of
Serin. As of the writing of this second edition, three contests have been held.

The winners were:

-First Contest: A Rose Alone, by Valicia Lotide (Page 1-5)

-Second Contest: A Pirates Life Fo' Me by Terloch Swiftbeard (Page 2-2)

-Third Contest: Align by Lunaia (Page 3-8)

1) First Poetry Contest (see 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 1-4, 1-5, 1-6, 1-7, 1-8)
2) Second Poetry Contest (see 2-1, 2-2, 2-3, 2-4, 2-5, 2-6, 2-7, 2-8)
3) Third Poetry Contest (see 3-1, 3-2, 3-3, 3-4, 3-5, 3-6, 3-7, 3-8)

I hope you enjoy these entries and look forward to future editions.

-Duchess Ilromie Illistarre, Polymath of History

1) First Poetry Contest


Ode to the Warrior Poet, by Niusan

A young Traveler roams through the lands,
Wondering only how to better Serin with his hands.
Growing weary of battle and thoughts of war,
He raised his glass to let his spirits soar.
The next morning he awoke to a higher power,
This gods presence was greater then the ivory tower.
Then the voice of an angel sung,
Let your sword now be your tongue.
Knowing now the power of the quill,
He scribed of peace and all its will.
Retired now this man stands proud,
He pours drinks at the inn for a peaceful crowd.


The Death of a Loved One, by Avaeo Aerinonth

How sweet be my name on thy lips, eternal they may be.
How sweet be the words thou whisper to me when we are alone.
I hear you call my name when we part be it only in my mind,
I feel your heart next to mine when you are gone.
Cupid's arrow has struck true in this heart of mine,
Your name written across the shaft.
Through death upon life and life upon death,
I hear you calling your sweet love to me.
I listen through the veil and wish you were here.


The Love of a Wanderer, by Kaleb Aerinonth
(Third place winner)

I saw the devil, when the red was in your eyes.
You lost everything in a black disguise,
we never knew the end was in sight.

Memories flood, the past is gone.
Ashes remain, so here we go.
I lie in your bed as you pull the knife.
You kill me once and take my life.

Why were you so afraid of me?
Why were you afraid of what we could be?
On your back you spoke the words to me..
Distract me and just take what's yours.

This pain in my soul, I'm losing control.
Why couldn't you see, how good we could be?

Memories flood, the past is gone..
Ashes remain, here we go.
I lie in your bed as you pull the knife.
You have killed me, you have taken my life...


The Assassin, by Misuna Mortena

Dead by dawn objective,
Cold steel ever effective,
I am the hand behind the blade.
Oh so mercenary,
and always very wary,
A single dot of red displayed.

The time has come, before the sun,
I am the the one, the job is done.

Let the game begin,
Another day, another sin
Get under your skin
I am the assassin.
Wake up, time to die,
Truth reflected in your eye
Get under your skin,
I am the assassin.


A Rose Alone, by Valicia Lotide
(First Place winner)

Deep within the garden, the crystal waters run
a tiny blue rose withers alone in the sun
Winter's clear sky the mimicked color of its skin
a companion to admire it, there has never been

One clear morning at the height of the sun's rise
a companion did come, the rose caught his eyes
worries of the world were reflected in his gaze
but all was forgotten in the rose's beautiful haze

Now it came that the skies had darkened and a rain began to fall
the companion knew to pluck the rose would end it's life so small
So off he ran to hide his head, for cover he quickly sprinted
Many days passed and the fierce storm never quite relented

Day after day the rose waited and some say it even cried...
because alas when the man returned anew the lonely rose.. had died.


Ode to Herald, by Yarianne

The world out there is large
and through I'm very small
I see what I can
and try to see it all.

There are man larger than I've known
women and lizards too
Wholes and Halfies like me
And giant globs of goo!

But through the miles and the hours
there are a few I can recall
Bards and poets mostly
But Heralds and Patrons all!

So to you I dedicate this work
to those who write and read and play
It's not easy what you do
so I must now to you say

Thank you for your dedication
Thank you for your time
Thank you for the time you spend
perfecting every line

Without you Serin would be dark
a place without the arts
And many souls forgotten
in these violent parts.

Thank you heralds for your works
and rhymes and poems and songs
A drink to those who bring us cheer
with every sing-along!


A Woman, by Daene Furntil
(Second place winner)

What is prettier than a rose,
And more lovely than the seas,
Sweeter than poet's prose
And hardest to appease?

It is a woman, born high or low
A woman, of the sea or the snow
A woman fair or a woman dark
A woman dumb or a woman smart.

Due to be admired with the yearning of your heart
A poet tries to honor her with the lowly written art.
What else to do but sing her praise,
Honor and love her, despite my wicked ways?

A woman true would have me not,
I'm a rover, a wanderer, a wayward heart.
But endlessly I seek to find
The one whose heart was overkind.
A woman who'd love a man like me
Who'll serenade once, but never reprise.

If you should find a woman aching so
For a man to love, but never know
Send her my name, and my affection
And never again will we know rejection


Into Shadow - A Mother's Plea, by Ygin
(Third place winner)

Sleep softly, my daughter drow
With every breath that the gods allow
Rise again to forever avow
And meld into shadow, I know you know how

Speak softly, my daughter drow
Show no pain in your dampened brow
Soon she comes to plunder your vow
And meld into shadow, I know you know how

Run softly, my daughter drow
Do not stop for here or for now
Release the hate that you disavow
And meld into shadow, I know you know how

2) Second Poetry Contest


Freezing Birds by Rixira
(Third place winner)

The first time I learned the power of ice
I was playing around and not being nice.
My cousin said, "Look at those birds in the tree
Wouldn't it be funny if you made them freeze?"
I shot them with icicles straight and true.
Their little faces turned all blue
And down they all fell with a big old clatter
While squirrels yelled with an angry chatter.
"Rixira you bad girl," they whined!
I scuffed my foot and hung my head.
Okay, I won't shoot little birds, I sighed.
I'll shoot bigger birds instead.


The Pirates Life Fo' Me by Terloch Swiftbeard
(First place winner)

Ahoy! Wake up an' put on your pants,
Pick up your cutlass we have a chance,
To sail the seas an' ride the tide,
A-plundering me hearties far an' wide.

The ship she be a vessel so fine,
If she were a wench I'd make her mine.
She sails straight when the winds are right,
Hoist 'em up, let's start a fight!

Me crew be salty but dim of wit,
They swab the deck, they mend the net
We sail 'round reef and ocean bouy,
Til the lookout yells, "Land ahoy!"

We seek treasure, gold an' silver too,
"Where's the map, you rotten fool?"
"I left it on the pier First Mate."
"Arr, walk the plank an' meet ye fate!"

When the day be done an' the tide be out,
We meet at Mocker's fo' a shout,
An' spend our plunder on rum an' dice,
Ah-harrr me maties, tis the life!


In an Autumn Night by Cadaleron
(Third place winner)

It's cold this night in the third month of Autumn,
Therein lies a lone old man.
He lies peacefully, the light of his lamp already out,
And sleeps beautifully amidst the sound of rain.
The ashes inside the vessel still warm from the fire,
Its fragrance enhancing the warmth of quilt and cover.
When dawn arrives early, clear and cold,
Alas, but he does not rise.
Red frosted leaves lay covering his doorsteps,
To pave his way to another life.


Not for Lack of Trying by Sir Alkas, Archon of Valour

Hovering resolutely in the air
intentions well and good but directed nowhere
Ink dripping off the wavering point
Frozen in fear, not wanting to disappoint
Furrowed brow and beginning to perspire
Hoping to make something to admire
At long last a first stroke has been inspired
Knowing full well it will leave much to be desired
A simple idea to express
Could be done in a poem, I guess
'The only point worth stressing
Is that not trying at all is most depressing.'


My Oath by Jhaeros
(Second place winner)

Before me stands a choice,
forever changing my voice.
To the oath I must commit,
from the noble holy writ.
My life will never be the same,
I fear of ending it in shame.

All it takes is one mistake,
and never more I can partake,
in the goodly work of my guild,
and all of those who help us build,
this world into a better place,
an end I cannot bear to face.
Devote myself to the divine,
Kedaleam a choice so fine.
Study of the holy writings,
in prayerbeads forever biting.
Attempt to save another soul,
even those of evil role.
Can truly everyone be saved,
or is it better to have braved,
the dangers it requires,
to slay the life defiers.

Protection is a noble cause,
me in armor on my horse.
Patrolling the streets of Seringale,
defending all to great avail.
But can I be fair to everyone,
when evil threatens to overrun,
this beautiful city and its folk,
the wicked men I want to choke.

An oath of vengeance is perhaps,
what keeps society from collapse.
No longer would the people suffer,
when evil doers face the tougher,
devoted followers of the light,
to finish off what is our blight.

But maybe vengeance is not enough,
when eradication becomes a must??
Then we could free the land of sin,
never hear the sound of evil grin.
The people would be free at last,
everyone in the same peaceful caste.
But how far should this be taken?
could I end up being mistaken,
for yet another wicked soul,
killing and destroying, out of control.

This choice is not an easy one,
forever with me when it is done.
Only a wrong turn I have to make,
and all I worked for then will break.
For deeper insights I must pray,
and hope for Kedaleam voice to say,
something wise that will inspire,
me to find my inner fire.

The oath is sacred and mine to take,
perhaps it becomes clear when I awake.


A Poem for the Ages by Thalandir

Lost are the days of sleep filled nights,
Thinking of the One with smile so bright.
Ever are we entangled but alone,
A fleeting glimpse of what was shown.
Lord I beg you please forgive me,
For the Love I lost, no more are we.


Wintery Travels by Breiwyn
(Third place winner)

One day, a knight and sage of the elves,
and a lady half of human and half of elf,
made their way through all of Winter itself.

They went all the way from the border,
through Factions of Blood, Magic, and Steel,
fighting all who clash and not kneel,
whether they would cast spells or steal,
and managed to beckon forth Order.

Order proved to be quite the fight;
Many times, he made them all lose sight.
Great, great beams of light, Order made;
So great, they melted the knight's blade.

Their woes were not over when Order was spent;
the knight wore cursed robes, and had the sage
melt them with her hellstreams. What a mage!
From there, it is not known where they went;
but, perhaps they are sleeping at a tent.


Resatimm, Resatimm by Heratta
(Third place winner)

Crawling nearly dead
on the endless frozen wastes
Thinkings bout big red
heart filling with hates
No no hoho

Wings too cold to fly
Hoped they don't fall offs
Who this I see say gotta try
Heratta won't bes losts.

Oh, Resatimm, Resatimm
He show me the way!
All days longs I sings his hymns
and pray pray pray pray pray.

Resatimm, Resatimm
He get all the praise.
Save a little demon-kid
And show her the blue blaze.

Resatimm, Resatimm
Pray, pray, pray, pray, PRAY!

(It is politely noted that Lord Resatimm threatened the hostess of this competition
with severe harm should this poem not win the competition. Such threats were shown
no sympathy when final votes were accounted for.)


A Petition to Greater Common Sense by Lord Vhrael

The blazing sun burns bright among the sky,
While darkened clouds await their shady turn.
The Valour skyline's time of end is nigh,
As Lord Vhrael wills to simply watch it burn...

Embers picked from bones among the ash,
Still smold'ring sickly as the tears do fall,
Are pained reminders of the Castle's crash,
A statement to the frailty of it all...

The armies march from ruined cobblestone,
To Seringale's cracked streets the forces run.
Now that the Castle truly has no throne,
The Justices must next be now undone...

With blade and arcane craft they hew the flesh,
The cries of corrupt voices carry on.
There is no innocence, as blood runs fresh,
And all will know the truth upon the dawn...

All those who raised their fists are silenced now,
As conquered peoples know the truth and lies.
With corrupt Justice motives disavowed,
The city's people look up to the skies...

"Why have you let us live in squalor, why,
While Kedaleam and his cronies bask in wealth?"
Their riches stolen, Vhrael's sweet vengeance nigh,
He aims to restore Seringale's lost health...

The cities beckon for their peoples' lives
To be restored, and wrongs be set a-right.
This vision is just what Lord Vhrael contrives,
And with this promise, he bids you goodnight...

3) Third Poetry Contest


In the End by Kali Windbreeze

Evil thoughts
and evil deeds.
The darkness sows
Its evil seeds.
As elves we stand
within the light.
Ready to face it
with our might.
We have no fear
and no remorse.
We shall ever
stay the course.
They cannot hide
behind the wall.
In the city
they shall fall.
All evil forces
that walk the land
must be met
with steady hand.
If the good
stand idly by.
All the realm
shall surely die.
We will love
and we will slay.
In the end
we'll win the day.


Resatimm the Scary Necro by Heratta

Res'timm the scary necro
he got a very bloody scythe
and if yous ever saws it
you was gonna pays the price!

All'a the other mortals
used to crys and hides and flee
They never lets that Resatimm
reaps their souls from their bodies.

'Til he founds them foggy nights
then he mades them pay.
Resatimm with his reaping scythe
he gonna takes your soul tonight!

Then he gonna raise your body
make it laugh and dance and say
"I used to be somebodys,
But now I'm just a dumb zombie!"


The Resatimm Show by Illyiza

Oh mighty Resatimm how great thou art,
blood will rain as I rip you all apart.
Corpses, golems and things of the like
will stimulate your senses,
especially fright.
Granted to me such immense power,
reaping your souls, sweet for me,
but you so sour.
Some whine and whimper,
some take it like a man,
don't give a shit either way,
because I'm a Resatimm fan.


Lorne by Braunin

Fire in my heart and fire in me belly
I am torn when it comes to Lorne
Made of stone but initiate to fire
Perhaps I am molten rock!


The Forest by Legiebar

Why the forest, why the field,
City has culture, many a guild,
Give me the breeze, give me the sun,
Find me the trees, where I can run,
Call of wild, speaking to me,
The best things, are usually free,
Bloated biggots, in city you find,
Open mouth, vacant of mind,
If up to me, the city they stay,
All poisoned of mind,
In forest I find,
Warning arrows are not enough,
So in the forest I make it rough,
You're not welcomed, it is plain to see,
But a sunny forest, I will be.


Mysteries of the Ether by Wylsin

Long now have I sought
The answer to a question
The knowers have forgot.
Starting in such darkness
Will all my effort be naught?

Never would I thought
Well before my decision
To leave my family's plot
That my mind's great sharpness
Would dwell on this one thought.

But still I may be taught.
Oh Denadlyr, grant me comprehension
Of what your power hath wrought!
Unveil to me the wholeness
Of the Ether's source and lot.


Land of Seringale by Solmundi

The land of beauty glittered, There wasn't a speck of litter.
The city was built with hammer and saw, And it's people obeyed the law.
It kept them safe from harm, They didn't need a magic charm.
They had no fright, When sleeping at night.
Come to the land of Seringale, You will find it to be very swell.
It's citizens do not quit and your future is in it.


Align by Lunaia

Celestial houses shift and sway
to push and pull our fickle ways.
Three moons wax and wane
to grip our hearts and our minds.

The dragging of our souls along,
like mighty tides in the wake of the skies,
leads our thoughts down a misty string of pearls.
Each a path we could haven taken.

Like the sun, a path may be.
Shining bright in the warmth of day's light.
Or the stars may be more the way.
Gleaming bright in the cold of night's dark.

Chaos screams amongst the cosmic circling.
Order sneaks into the planetary orbits.
Neutrality seeps throughout the inky sky.
All weave together into the lacy web of time.

May the stars and skies guide you,
align for you, crystal in their clarity.
Write a story in white ink for you,
against the blackness of the night.