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Corzu created on 20th of June 2017, and is dead and gone (41 years old, 491 hours, 7 months lifetime)

Title: the Wrath of Nature
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: gnome ranger

Background history:

  1. The Academic Choice - posted at 2017-06-20 09:39:44
  2. The Beetle Squisher - posted at 2017-11-20 17:17:00
The Academic Choice
The life of a nomad is a harsh reality to many, and that way of life is from where most races had originated. Freely flowing around, stopping to place camps near a clean source of water, while hoping and scouting for food of any kind. Mushrooms, yams, all matter of creatures small and large, which can be made into hearty and filling meal often lack true flavor and sophistication. This gnome family, had long since left a true civilization and in their sojourn had conceived and raised a brilliant son, Corzu. They had forsaken the often calm, collected and organized life of villages and cities for the greater life experiences and solemn knowledge to be gained from travel abroad. This existence their son had never come to know. Glimpsing a far flickering light within the great expanding horizon caught the youngster's attention during a nightly relief. Curious, yet cautiously he approached, expecting another camp but as he trod closer the flicker of lights did diversify, scattering over a wide area. Hours passed with increasingly vigilant pressing toward the ever engrossing mass of light and the occasional sound. The chatter of insect and critter slowly faded to oblivion as pace after pace brought a closer view of a large earthen and stone facade. A massive portcullis was raised over an arching gash through the wall, beyond which lay the city. The distant flicker had become a blaze in the night, as the darkness hid like a thief in the shadows. Torches, sconces, and braziers illuminated the way which no longer held the echos of confounded insect and toad. Quiet design with large solid dwellings bore no skins, hides, nor canvas, save for the occasional overhang. What sort of marvel was this, and to why feelings of belonging swelled, he did not know. As he now strolled through the streets a passerby conveyed a greetings, and welcomed him. Looking back was something that he would not give in to. Somehow this existence suited him and that is where his heart lay. As always curious and now a bit adventurous a survey of this "City" was inevitable and swiftly coming. Guilds, Taverns, and various shops of all kinds were mapped, and ingrained into his expansive memory. Favoring the Tavern, as did many others, and with the majestic order of Scribes evoking a deeper sensation of connection. The discovery of literature, books and scribing was inevitable. To narrow the academic choice, the weight of positive and negative effects were measured. With every ounce accounted for, the scale tipped and dedication to Scribing was selected. A small afterthought was choosing Seringale to study, as it was the largest and most central Tavern to dwell in.


Standing at a bit less than four and half feet, this gnome is a relatively tall specimen of his race. Rather slender for one of his kind, yet still quite stout and well-rounded, seemingly nimble and quite capable of taking care of himself, even in sudden moments of great danger. Bright, piercing green eyes retain the enormous pupils from his gnomish ancestry. They dart around and about, observing and absorbing even the slightest details of his surroundings, as if danger lurks everywhere. Reflected in his eyes are the showing hints of gold flecks, emphasized by the illumination within the room. His eyes contrast with the color of his matted beard, white as wintertime snow, speckled with the fiery orange of the dawning sun. Pinkish scars on an otherwise pale skin are uncovered on certain areas of his body, depicting past trophies of battles fought, won and lost with an inescapable price. It is apparent that even in his young age, he knows bloodshed, as well as others many years his senior. His large ears whisk towards the first sign of movement or noise, a useful inheritance from his kind. This tiny fella gives off a slightly nervous and cowardly demeanor, knowing full well of the dangers around him.

PK stats:

Kills: 2, Deaths: 15 (Ratio: 0.1, Efficiency: 11%)
Pinnacle Kills: 2, Pinnacle Deaths: 13 (Ratio: 0.2, Efficiency: 13%)

Kills by class:
monk: 2,
Killed by class:
vampire: 3, shadow: 1,

Nemesis: Luthir

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Tags: #done


  1. My last goodbye to this mud and my last character I create here.

    A person who votes for you and spends ages to become a Herald, you choose a guy who plays 1 hour a month, 20 hours total playtime.
    Just because of i know Vinther and we had lan party, you insult me took away my privileges etc.

    As Nycticora sayd - constant cheating, but in reality once in a period of few years we had get-together party, then I was told i'm not reputable and nobody interacted with me.. only by telling me i'm Incompetent etc.

    Living your social problems out on me, the saddest staff you got there, not realizing how much i have put into this game.
    You lost a good player, sad you didn't realize it.
    1. Nycticora
      2 , 1 , 0 .
      don't cheat constantly and expect cabal inductions
    2. Ozaru
      1 , 0 , 0 .
      so was Denths afk kill on you legit or was that just an eq dump?
    3. tayyah
      0 , 0 , 0 .
      " then I was told i'm not reputable and nobody interacted with me.."
      So... your a gnome, wanna be herald. You never once tried to talk to any of my characters. I don't generally reach out to people first on any of my chars because that's just what I play(evil, asshole, chaotic) Not once did you say hey whats your deal. or anything... and you wanted to be a herald? I would have responded and talked to you any time. So don't go and say that nobody interacted with you because I would have. I didn't know who played corzu I also didn't know you were a cheater. Only the imms are privy to this information. I'll agree you sure did put a lot into this game. A lot of AFK camo in the ranger guild in Emerald.
    4. Merlandox
      0 , 0 , 0 .
      Hey dude. Chill out man. I applied to be reputable and was given a one word reply. "No". I have not much priviledges either way. So chill out. No priviledges aint anything much really.

      Enjoy the game in whatever way u can yea.
    5. Davairus
      0 , 0 , 0 .
      Well actually Corzy, Phostan had been harassing me a month ago to consider to induct you Heralds, he said you had been harassing him. But I didn't know enough about the character to make the decision. I'm not that much involved in what's going on with the players right now. So I don't know, maybe you guys should post logs more often or something? That lets me see whose got cool RP pretty easily. Or... stop barking up the wrong tree?? The Heralds cabal has literally been dead and impossible to join, and inducting isn't ever really a first come first served basis, so no need to be butthurt, better to be hopeful because it means inductions are finally happening.
    6. Nycticora
      1 , 1 , 0 .
      I didn't induct him because of the last conversation I had with him in which he acted like I was the asshole because mico was logging in on his characters. I'm not going to give someone who obviously can't be trusted, at all, even a little bit, read/write access to the Mystique. Not having other people logging in on your character is a pretty low fucking bar and it was not met to my satisfaction
    7. Davairus
      0 , 0 , 0 .
      Oh, wow. I should've probably caught up with the notes then. I withdraw everything I said in that case. After something like that, a fresh start with a clean slate can only be earned by playing a decent uncaballed level 50.
    8. Ergorion
      0 , 0 , 0 .
      M1co's back? Time to gank some n00bs.
    [reply to Corzu]
  2. This isnâ
      [reply to Eox]
    1. I have NEVER cheater, you are abusing your powers just as simple as it is, never i have cheated you little piece of shit, grand master of skulls go help your inner-circle butt-buddy familia here, the mud has hierarchy only to help ones who lick your ass. simple as that indeed! Nycticora you are the biggest loser of all text games together. can't believe everybody is backing your shit up.
        [reply to Corzu]
      1. pointless to argue with retards, i have never cheated and acted in any way harassing ANYONE, only you insult me, for nothing. instead of sorting things out or talk like normal human beings, you only know how to attack and insult. so fuk this mud, got better things to do now. Ps. Mico moves to poland and the guy visited me once in a fucking many years and you say constant cheating.. dude, you fucking suck!
        1. Davairus
          0 , 1 , 0 .
          Just what the fuck do you think you are doing acting so disrespectfully. There is no evidence to support anything you are saying. Its completely a figment of your imagination. So shut your damn pie hole you miserable entitled child.
        [reply to Corzu]
      2. beia [reply]
        0 , 0 , 0 .
        Honestly I wana know more about Nycticora's inner circle. A list please if you can provide it. Also I would like to establish a diagram of the inner-circle butt-buddy familia so that everyone involved can be shamed and pointed at as they walk down the halls of shame. Also while you are at it let me know if the Russian's really did fix the recent US Presidential election. While we are on the topic of conspiracy theories let me know if you find some solid evidence that Area 51 is stationing UFOs. This is all for science so please provide me the info ASAP.
        1. Arunore
          0 , 0 , 0 .
          Like form a brother sister knight legion story amongst yourselves and call it the best shit ever, id be concerned with a surplus of players just up and saying deuces. Maybe you will open your sleep encrusted eyes Vince
        2. Davairus
          0 , 0 , 0 .
          Maybe open yours. He's literally throwing an antagonistic tantrum because he couldn't get his own way (i.e. entitled to be in Heralds). He'll say whatever gets the most attention. "Aww boohoo. I quit.".

          Like I said in my original response, if you are going for Heralds where are all your RP logs? 491 hours and literally none contributed, right along with a lot of whining in the graveyard. I swear to god you guys want me to have an aneurysm.
        [reply to beia]
      3. Vertas [reply]
        0 , 0 , 0 .
        Hey man I hate to see you go. I get being discouraged, I do believe me. I also don't really see a ton of nepotism here. Yes the same people end up getting cabal leader and whatnot but these are the same people who end up consistently being exceptional at both rp and pk. You're very good at pk also don't get me wrong, but there are just those people who are just... You know feared...

        Anyway to my point. You aren't going to accomplish anything by calling the people who run this game retards... You attract more flies with honey than vinegar you know? You want to really get back at them prove them wrong. Come up with an awesome RP and just kick ass. Your new goal should be to come up with a character that gives you a skull next to your name. And here's the thing. You are totally capable of doing it.

        I know I'm just a stranger on the internet but maybe you'll listen to me and actually make this a lesson learned instead of being bitter about something that you once enjoyed.
          [reply to Vertas]
        1. 491 hours eh. I was over 350 hours on Phostan at level 35 as a squire before I got Knighted and was allowed to level to 50, and had a giant xp hole from being wanted half a dozen times.

          I'd come check on you sometimes because I was hoping you'd step up if given some encouragement (which I tried to do), and you usually just sat camo'd in Escimir unless you were getting gear.
          Not surprised by your tantrum though, I did get that vibe from you.
            [reply to Phostan]
          1. Raknar [reply]
            0 , 0 , 1 .
            Pretty much nothing else to do anyway in the mud when you can't store over a million coins in the bank, i was waiting indeed in Escismir and some other places, but that doesn't change the fact how i was treated.. What exactly you were encouraging? 491 hours of waiting and constantly avoiding to deal with the issue, a pathetic leadership from the immortals of AR, there is just no point to argue or even discuss any of that stuff anymore, cause it's history now.. done with that BS.
            1. Davairus
              0 , 0 , 0 .
              Nonsense. Your complaining and whining isn't based in reality, because you simply have had your fingers in your ears. You DON'T LISTEN TO ANYTHING YOU DONT LIKE. All you've done is spend a load of time unproductive. Example:

              Corzu says 'I wish to become a novice Nycticora you are the greatest and most benevolent of deities.'

              1) Thats the Legion imm you fucktard
              2) That isnt a benevolent diety at all, it is the modern incarnation of the Dark Lord
              3) You are coming over like a manipulative ass kisser

              Look at this response you got from Nycticora shortly:

              You give a silver dagger to Corzu.
              You say 'slit your wrist and apologize for your incompetence'
              (which you did)

              That is obviously not avoiding you. Its you who have been avoiding EVERYBODY ELSE. You've sabotaged your own application and been a layabout so thoroughly that nobody could possibly take it seriously. Its really blows my mind that you cannot see you're the cause of your own problem
            2. Nycticora
              0 , 0 , 0 .
              I totally forgot about that. Once as an rp reward I transferred him to my lair and told him that if he praised me I'd grant his any one wish. So he wished to be inducted into herald. Inducting someone into somebody else's cabal is pretty much the only thing I can't do, and it was so lame a thing to ask for when a god tells you that you can wish for literally anything that I was like I don't even want to talk to you anymore just leave
            3. Nycticora
              0 , 0 , 0 .
              if that happened to me and I was a herald wanna be I would be like I want a fucking statue in the middle of your cabal that says "corzu is a pimp" on it in comic sans
            4. Nycticora
              0 , 0 , 0 .
              or like I want the taint of shadar logoth or I want to be stronger than anyone or jeez man you can do better than induct me into herald like what

              I bet if I inducted ozaru into herald he'd be insulted
            5. Bladefurry
              0 , 0 , 0 .
              OH MY FUCKING GOD, you im literally depressed reading that he used his one wish for an induct. LMAO i'll take ahhh firegiant vampire please..
            [reply to Raknar]
          2. Nadrin [reply]
            0 , 0 , 0 .
            Will you induct me into herald?
            1. Nadrin
              0 , 0 , 0 .
              Just kidding
            2. Davairus
              0 , 0 , 0 .
              Nope never.

              all jokes aside this guy and Ozaru both have the same lessons to learn - if youre doing things which make people angry and pissed off (in this guys case, its multi-ing plus), youre training the people youve affected to avoid you later because theyll now perceive you as a problem child. This is an outstanding example of how difficult a reputation like that is to shake off. And it should warn everyone else how much less fun the game will be once you have been identified as someone to steer clear of. Multi-ing is not worth the risk of being caught. You arent just running the risk of not getting a few red dragon eq or a few quick levels. Youre also removing your own access to some of the most fun things about AR. People dont usually bounce back from multi-ing into making worthwhile caballed chars. In situations like this, making yourself out to be the victim is a great way to remain stuck. A better idea might be to take a break and notice the defect is the persons own character flaw . We have a very capable staff of Immortals who agree and stand united on all of our decisions, as well, so its absurd to try to blame this group of people especially..
            [reply to Nadrin]

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