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Fygh created on 08th of December 2019, and is dead and gone (27 years old, 141 hours, 8 months lifetime)

Title: the Sage of Arcane Power
Gender: Female
Level: 50
Class: drow invoker

Background history:

  1. Fygh the Useless - posted at 2019-12-16 01:30:55
Fygh the Useless
Third born of the fourth line in the house of Lifales, Fygh was... Useless. Not important in the slightest way to the realms of Unlit Her relatives held the power of the house and all the money tied to it. Her relatives were part of important votes on the high council that affected the sway of the city itself. People were executed by their hands and building crumbled by their commands. Not Fygh though. Nope. Barely a servant listened to her without rolling their eyes. So little Fygh's power that the servants didn't even wait to turn their backs before speaking poorly of her to one another. It was disheartening to the young drow. Sad Fygh tried hard to show power through the house name. She volunteered to be the executioner on several occasions and to represent the house as the head of an envoy for various precious articles being delivered to other houses. All in hopes to be seen as important or in the very least, useful. Not once did her plans work in her favor. Other members of the house were chosen for the exectutions. Envoys were cancelled or ambushed in transit. Blamed, of course, on Fygh. She had become useful as a scapegoat and was tossed carelessly to the frigid shadows. Cast from her house. This was the true misfortune. Not for Fygh, but for the house she had been banished from. For in the shadows she hadn't found the hollow existence of begging nor being murdered on the street. She had seemingly found trancendence and purity. The ice of dark passion coursed through her. She welcomed it. Embraced it. Poured it out through the halls of her former house, slaughtering an untold number of people. Zylenier had whispered to her. Spoke to her soul of fury, winter, and twisted power.


The hair of this creature is unusually white. Too white, in fact. Grey metallic strings bind the hair at intervals as it falls in a long pony tail to her waist. Flecks of blue sparkle from the tail as light passes over it. The hair is only attached to the crown of the head, leaving the sides clean shaven but not empty. Starting at the corner of her eyes an ice blue tattoo weaves its way to the back of her head in a helix pattern. This only causes the pupil-less, sky blue eyes to stand out even more. Tiny ears are naturally pointed and accentuate the sharpness of the small nose. Her height is slight at best as she stands right around five feet. Storm gray, porcelain skin merely sets the background to the rest of the features.

PK stats:

Kills: 7, Deaths: 8 (Ratio: 0.9, Efficiency: 46%)
Pinnacle Kills: 7, Pinnacle Deaths: 4 (Ratio: 1.8, Efficiency: 63%)

Kills by class:
berserker: 2, warrior: 1, monk: 2, thief: 2,
Killed by class:
ranger: 1, shaman: 1, illusionist: 1, monk: 1,

Nemesis: Yenila

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Tags: #legion


  1. hamsandwich [reply]
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    Honestly a pretty good character i thought. I always enjoy the small things like ecast and what not, shows you tried and you cared. Didn't have very many rp interactions with the character but seemed like a cold drow caster that at least had potential. I think got inducted into Legion after not even applying until 50 too? Or maybe that's just what it seemed like from the outside.
    Feels like a premature delete to me but good luck with the next one.
      [reply to hamsandwich]
    1. Xenyar [reply]
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      I like the background.
        [reply to Xenyar]
      1. This was one of those ones who I was always excited to see on for a chance to torment, most quit out or guild sit when they see me, he'd always be interested in playing for a little bit.
          [reply to Flinnegan]
        1. Meself’s gonner be missin yerself, don’tche doubt. Wishin we had more wins but we had ourselfs sole tough fights. Really liked yer spells an whatnot. Really reminds meself o’ the way they be castin spells in books.

          Hopin yer jes movin on ter yer next one an’ hopin yer gonner be evil again ter help break up them knights sittin in their circle, bwahahaha!
            [reply to Hirendan]
          1. Kedaleam [reply]
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            Please write my desc/backgrounds, thanks.
              [reply to Kedaleam]
            1. Xenyar [reply]
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              Which reminds me....The subjectivity of what is/isn't a "recommended" background. Boils down to who got to read it first.
              1. hamsandwich
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                Descs too. Some of the ones that are "recognized" or whatever the word is, seem really quite unimpressive to be, and sometimes even don't follow the no actions rule or most commonly the "don't tell people what they think/feel" rule
              2. Davairus
                0 , 0 , 0 .
                It should be ok to make a half-assed quick description. C's get degrees as they say. It doesnt need to win any praise. Mediocre descriptions help enable the existence of comparatively better ones. The trim is to help encourage everybody *overall* to put more effort in. This includes both the players writing the descs and the Immortals reviewing them.

                Backgrounds, yes absolutely subjective. I personally hate anything that begins with the word "Darkness", or any stuff that involves royalty, or yet another slith hatching out of an egg and devouring its siblings. The backgrounds that interest me seem to involve an imaginative mcguffin. Like one had lost an item that let him gate to anywhere in the realm, and his characters life purpose was simply looking for it. I love backgrounds like those. Currently, the Consortium is approving people's backgrounds, and they do a much better job of it than me, but it was me that cleared out the 400 or whatever backlog recently.
              3. Vevier
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                Maybe we need a way for players to cheer good descs and backgrounds for players. Not automatic gold star, but maybe if you got enough.
              4. Kalist19
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                I guarantee the beginning of my next sltih's background will be:

                "Darkness suffocated the room like a thick blanket. Within the depths, a sound penetrated the stillness. Crack..........crack........crack...crack.. CRACK CRACK CRACK! The sound, quiet at first, escalated to a cacophony. The sound of one hundred eggs hatching simultaneously. Within the royal breeding chambers of Slithnar, the princes and princesses emerged. As soon as they emerged from the safety of their eggs, the slaughter began. With their first breaths, they opened their tiny jaws to rend flesh. It was an orgy of bloodshed. Many moments passed and many tiny lives flitted from the realm - alight for but a moment. At the end, there was one. Kalisssst was the soul survivor, and heir to the throne of Slithnar and heir, too, to a powerful necklace. For he who sat on the throne, also adorned the famed amulet of teleportatttttion. Life would not be easy for Kalisssst however, for his kingdom lay under seige and the amulet was missing. Fate weighed heavily on his newly-hatched shoulders indeed."
              5. Davairus
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              6. Please get an original background, Kalist...
              7. Kalist19
                0 , 0 , 0 .
                Never read that before in my life Kederash. The fact that you and I can both come up with basically the same thing just reinforces Dav's complaint about how common that sort of background is for a slith haha.
              8. Yeah absolutely, I'm just joshin' ya.
              [reply to Xenyar]
            2. Davairus [reply]
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              Its weird that this character is 8 months old but still seems brief.
                [reply to Davairus]
              1. Stiehl26 [reply]
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                They played a lot initially then dropped off for a while and made a comeback.
                  [reply to Stiehl26]

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