The Serin Mystique, Volume 10, Issue 3

Greetings ladies and gentlemen of Serin! Within your hands is an edition
of the Mystique that is even better than the last one! We Heralds have
worked long and hard to bring you the most accurate and up to date
information that we can. Enjoy!

1) Battle Reports (see Battles1, Battles2, Battles3, Battles4, Battles5, Battles6, Battles7)
2) Cabal Affairs (see Knights1, Knights2, Legion1, Legion2, Justice1, Justice2, Keepers1, Keepers2)
3) Coterie Affairs (see Heralds1, Heralds2, Mystics1, Mystics2, Nobles1, Nobles2, Strife1, Strife2)
4) News (see Executions, Solace, Bother, Unlucky, Cabals, Asiradon, Perfectionist, Soul)
5) Stories (see Forest, Mistakes, Immortalmelon1, Immortalmelon2, Immortalmelon3, Immortalmelon4)
6) Poems (see Darkhan, Shadows, Love, Fish, Virtue)
7) Gossip (see Gasteride, Revolution, Alliance, Bedfellows, Courage, Partners, Squires, Contracts)
8) Events (see Find, Raffle, Trivia)
9) Obituaries (see Lauranne, Surrit, Xiemia, Anisa)
10) Sprite's Wisdom (see Wisdom, Enchanting)
11) The Alabaster Closet (see Wood, Mithril)
12) Kewlin's Hidden Gems (see Lars, Mereth)
13) Luranita's Lessons (see Forging)

This fantastic Serin Mystique is brought to you by: Rimera, Ona, Kewlin, Aaroll, and Prost

Publishing and Editorial work: Mama Vevier and the Heralds

A Special thanks to: Luranita, for her contribution. And to all of you wonderful readers in Serin!

1) Battle Reports


Bendino vs Zilvintra

The battle was fought in the Arena Bendino struck the first blow, but
Zilvintra returned with a hard assassination attempt, leaving the giant
reeling in pain. Though wielding the Vorpal sword, Bendino's strikes barely
seemed to affect the lovely Justice. They engaged again, Zilvintra
disarming Bendino and hitting with with some tough uncanny attacks. They
fought for a few rounds more, the blows on either side falling fiercely.
Bendino raged and managed to slay her, nearly dying himself in the process.

Winner - Bendino


There are many kinds of battles. Some long, some very short. This is
the long story of a very short battle. I hope my telling of this story can
at very least entertain, but most hopefully enlighten. I found myself in a
group with a very odd fellow. His name was Pertinax, and he is a dark
knight at his pinnacled rank. I was checking my blade range, as I often do,
and I noticed a duergar thief three ranks lower than myself and Pertinax in
my blade range. I helped summon novices of the water arts. I watched as
Pertinax got a water cube, and wielded it. I gave Pertinax the armor and
frenzy he requested, as we had been hunting things together for a little
bit, the request did not snap me to my attentions. I was following him, in
his party and assisting him in most of the battles. It was not until the
second time that poor Rakoth yelled my name, that I realized this battle had
involved me! I stopped assisting, and sent apologies to Rakoth, but by the
time I had decided to rest, to stop following Pertinax... It was too late,
the battle consisted of but ten blows, three wounds to Pertinax by Rakoth,
and my accidental mutilation of Rakoth, and six devastating blows from the
watery weapon held by Pertinax. Keep your wits about you people, or your
will can become carried away. It can be amazing what an unwitting person
can be carried into.


Greetings Serins! A massive battle engaged between the Legion of
Darkness and the Keepers of Balance this day! My sources tell me that
Kushtok informed Tulgran that he was Deathmarked but received no response.
So at this point Kushtok invades upon the Legion's halls to stir Tulgran
from hiding. As Kushtok kills the Legion's guardian, Tulgran finally
arrives only to flee from a short battle to the Eastern Road. As the fight
progresses, a protected shaman comes and begins to heal Tulgran! So now
Kushtok is fighting them both! But Kushtok being the fierce opponent he is,
sent them both running for the hills within Seringale, to a point when they
flee the lands to escape the wrath of the Balance!

So in conclusion to this battle, the victory by forfeit goes to Kushtok!

More to come, Rimera Aerinonth, The Alabaster Duchess, High Herald of Serin


Thraulk and Tulgran vs Kushtok

Me and Thraulk and Tulgran were wandering around, killing some things,
mostly for fun when Kushtok the Keeper came around. Well the two decided to
team up and take on the Keeper two on one. Tulgran decided this was alright
because Kushtok had invaded earlier, which I guess means all bets are off.

They ran all around Serin looking for the Keeper, who didn't return to
Darkhaven, eventually finding him in Timaran Centre. There they engaged,
Tulgran was hurt, the Keeper was hurt. They parted ways and both had a
chance to lick their wounds.

Then they engaged once more in Darkhaven. Kushtok had a grizzly bear who
ended up turning the tide in the battle, doing a lot of damage to both
combatants. Tulgran fell first and Thraulk was so caught up in his anger
that he couldn't quaff a potion to regain his protective white aura. He
fell too. But the Ranger was almost dead.

I got the chance to talk to him after about the fight. He said that he was
glad that Thraulk hadn't made it to the top of his guild yet and that
'Tulgran is a dope' who 'doesn't understand combat. ' Pretty tough words,
but when you manage to win a fight with the odds against you, I guess it's
your right to brag.

Winner - Kushtok


Mkatos vs Veridon

On this day, two men put their skills to the ultimate test against each
other. Before I started taking notes, Mkatos nearly slew the Knight. We
pick up with Mkatos invading.

Veridon quickly ran to the defense of his cabal, landing heavy blows upon
the Forsaken and healing his own wounds has he could, but Mkatos's tactics
were a little dirtier. He weakened the Knight and sent him running from his
home, spewing from both hands. It was quite ignoble, but much better than
trying to fight in that state. He managed to lose Mkatos and had a small
amount of time to recover before Mkatos invaded again.

Veridon spoke Soluminus's favor over his weapon and returned to defend his
home. Weakened by spells, they fought, the Knight dealing out too much
damage for the Forsaken to handle and the Legion in turn attempting to
disable him. They engaged and were imprisoned, locked into combat when
again Mkatos managed to turn Veridon's bowels inside out. He fought through
some of it, but eventually was forced to walk it off, managing to recover
with the Legion right on his heels. Though he had water on hand, it took
him sometime to get food. When he did, he chose salad! Is that fighting
food, I ask?

Well, it turns out that it didn't matter! The two exchanged warnings and
Mkatos disappeared. Who will finally fall when they clash once more?
You'll only know if you keep reading!

-Kewlin, the Hopeful Herald


Lojunis vs Zilvrintra

Legion and Justice met in an epic battle in the Plains of the North.
Zilvintra's slender hands wrapped around Lojunis's neck, but he managed to
slip her grip. They engaged in hand to hand combat, trading blows though
neither really able to pull ahead in harming the other. They split and the
fight carried them through Seringale, and down the eastern road. After some
time, they re-engaged along the Eastern Road, Zilvintra surprising the Legion
with an assassination. Lojunis immediately ran to town where he could lick
those wounds in peace.

They returned to their original location, Zilvintra striking hard at
Lojunis, who again took sanctuary within the protected city. When they met
again, it was another flurry of strikes, each hitting harder than the last.
The Legion ran away again and hide in town once more. Growing too afraid to
fight again, but too embarrassed to be caught cowering, Lojunis fled the

Winner - Zilvintra


I came about and right away one of the Knights told me that there was
going to be a big old fight. I asked Zilvintra about it and she told me
that even though there were three Knights on, Euriah was fighting her on his
own. They went back and forth, fighting and fleeing. The Knight was
limping all over while Xarvax kept following the Justice around. Not
attacking, but being generally shady. Finally, within the confines of the
gnome mines, the Lovely Zilvintra struck down Euriah.

I seen a lot of fights, and this was one of the closest. The pair were
going back and forth, switching weapons faster than I could keep track of
but in the end, it really came down to pure skill and Zilvintra won.

Now I thought they were done, but Fynth had shown up and after Zilvintra had
a chance to heal enough to resume her duties, he went off in search of the
other Knights. I hung back to watch and write my note, Zilvintra and Xarvax
stopped in to keep me company. Zilvintra spoke gently to him, assured him
that he would be safe under their watch.

It's worth noting that there were three Knights around and Zilvintra was
Anathema. None of them tried to take her head or nothing.

Now later on, not sure how this happened but Xarvax and Fynth dueled in the
Arena. I was really surprised because two times in a row, the Knight won.
I was a bit shocked, but then Fynth told me that he had been going easy on
the Paladin, not even wearing all his equipment. They fought a third time
and Fynth came out the clear winner. The Knight then suddenly had to leave
instead of having a rematch.

He seemed a little scared. Once again, Zilvintra's status seems to be of
little concern to the Knights, even when they outnumber her three to one.
Fynth proves his superiority over the footmen, and Justices are firmly
established as the dominant Cabal within Serin.

2) Cabal Affairs


The Knights of Valour have not been sighted as much, but their presence remains
strong and resilient as always. They have recently gained a second General at
their table, but another has grown a little lax in his absence, and has declared
his act of resignation. The young squire of sir Veridon continues to show a lot
of promise, and just recently he overcame a threat of evil. Sir Anaril has
now been dubbed Valour's Footman, and is the only roguish Knight at the table.

The existing Knights of Valour include: Rondak, Veridon, Euriah, Alexxia, Snufkin,
Ruchmuneeoph, Tulanor, and Anaril.

-Ona the Student of the Quill


The laudable city of Valour has been graced with many virtuous adventurers
as of late. Many of the younger squires have risen through the titles within
their guilds, and even newer squires have shown themselves dedicated to the
cause of the Light. The Executor has done very well at his table of Knights
and the chairs are filling by the Renewal. One of Valour's strongest fought
with the evil vampire during the night, and he was able to overcome the vile
maledictions the undead had casted, earning himself a grand victory. They
have all collectively helped restore Light to the lands, and continue to show
their reputable virtues even in the harshest of times.

The existing Knights of Valour are: Rondak, Veridon, Euriah, Alexxia, Snufkin,
Ruchmuneeoph, Tulanor, and Anaril.

-Ona the Student of the Quill


The Riders of the Eastern Land, the Midnight Marauders, the Legion,
whichever name you choose to call them... They are many. Their coffers are
massing as many have seen the value of their protection. Their members are
all pinnacled terrors, prepared to demonstrate why only the strongest
survive. As ever, they are firmly in the thoughts of the Knights. The
eternal conflict of Light and Dark never be questioned, or ignored. The
Keepers seem to have an eye for the Legion as well. Such strength upsets
the Keeper's views on Balance.

Internal shifts are common place within the Halls of Legion. A notable
adjustment: Mkatos ascending beyond his role of Forsaken and unto an unheard
of position of Visionary. What his new position's duties include have yet to
be clarified.

Members are as followed: Mkatos, Lucidique, Ravinah, Lojunis, Tulgran, Ivhih.


Even while those to the West are gathering numbers and the Army of Legion
has lost their Giant, I would not discount them. Their strength is still
unmatched in the lands. Many still supply the Legion's coffer with
protection money. There are those that do it out of fear. And some that
actually do it because of the results. There is a certain ease to the mind
when you receive the missive stating that your contract has been fulfilled.
For many Serins, death is a nasty ordeal. But for the Legion, it's
business. And they, well, they are the professionals.

Your current professionals are: Mkatos, Lucidique, Ravinah, Lojunis and

A.B., JR. Quillmaster


From the amount of presence the Justices used to have in Serin, they seem
to be slacking a little bit. They have lost their item a few times, but
managed to recover it in what has proven to be some spectacular battles away
from prying Herald eyes. They have some applicants in the works who are
diligently training in hopes of being found worthy of the Iron Fist.

Members include Eloret, Fynth, Zilvintra, Anisa, and Rheloth.


It's a great time to be a Justice. The cities are safe and they're even
starting to look a little nicer with all the people not actually dying in
the streets. Some people still thrill at the idea of trying to evade the
powerful protectors, but few have been lucky. Those who are don't stay that
way for long.

Commander Eloret stated that he was pleased with all his Officers and asked
me to note that he is eager to gain a Lightwalker on staff.

Current members include - Eloret, Fynth, Zilvintra, Rheloth


The Keepers of Balance lost their sorcerer but in return have gained a
bard within their halls. They remain ever strong in keeping the Balance
within cabal warfare and within Serin itself. With the addition of their
songsmith, things may begin to look up for their halls. However with such
restrictions upon bards and their place within cabals, time can only tell
how well the Balance can be kept in place. But I am sure the Keepers, like
the flow of nature, will maintain a constant blow to all who wish to tip the
weight of the scales.

The current Keepers of Balance are: Thodun, Kushtok, Xiemia, and Crisbin


The Keepers of Balance are hard at it as usual! They have had quite the
time as of late battling the Legion of Darkness and the Justices of Serin!
They have fallen many times, but have also risen from the ashes to keep the
Balance of Serin forever within check. Many new hopefuls have also heard
the cry of the Balance and have began to seek out our fair Keepers. So
ladies and gentlemen of Serin, keep your eyes open for perhaps soon we shall
see some new blood within the halls of Balance. And may the gods be
merciful to the ones whom try to harm or disrupt the Balance.

The current Keepers of Balance are: Thodun, Kushtok, and Crisbin

3) Coterie Affairs


The Heralds are all the rage of Serin these days it seems! With the
release of the newest edition of the Mystique, everyone has been wanting a
copy of what has so far been deemed, "the greatest copy to date". Many
great events are also in the works from your Heralds. With games such as
Herald Trivia, and Find the Herald, they are keeping everyone on their toes
on tracking and testing their knowledge of the lands. So keep a lookout for
your friendly, neighborhood Heralds, for they always have a fresh copy of
the Mystique on hand and just may have a game or two they want to play!

The Heralds of Serin are: Rimera, Ona, Kewlin, Lauranne, and Aaroll


The Heralds have been quite saddened as of late with the loss of
Lauranne. However, they continue to work feverishly on making sure Serin is
up to date on all current events! Another great Mystique is currently being
scribbed along with grand events being made. Mama Vevier has been ever busy
keeping her wordsmiths in working order! Rest assured Serin, the Heralds
will always be bringing you the news you wish to have and keeping you on
your toes with events that are fun for the whole family!

The current Heralds of Serin are: Rimera, Ona, Kewlin, and Aaroll


Our Scholars of Magic can be witnessed around the realm, instructing
young travelers on the ins and outs of everyday Serin. You are encouraged
to relay any concerns you may have, big or small, with their members. Young
or old, they can assist any. Are you in search of a good watering hole?
Need that certain fish? Ask a Mystic. Are you finding it difficult to
choose between Vanisse or some other, (lesser) Deity? Ask a Mystic. In
fact, you should quiz a Mystic about the locations of Altars and the like.
They spend so much time on the subject! They probably could escort you to
any temple too. Kind lot, those folk.

By name, some Mystics are: Luranita, Ardalt, Kazoreck

But if you, are unable to locate a Mystic, perhaps you should become one!
Their scrolls are readily available to all.


With all the talk lately of Squires and Nobles sprouting like weeds, some
of us have overlooked one of the oldest organizations in the realm. The
Mystics. While they stand for different ideals these days, they still stand
tall as individuals that we can all learn from and converse with at a highly
literate level. Scholars in the truest sense. They're focus lately seems
to be towards the younger critters roaming the Academy. And I, for one,
find teaching to be the most noble profession.

Professors, Scholars, Advisors: Luranita, Ardalt and Kazoreck.

Aaroll Brendoli, JR. Quick-Tongued Quillmaster, thanks you for your


With the passing of their revered daughter, the Noble House has remained quiet
as of late. One individual has stepped forth and embraced the lifestyle of a
Noble, and his name is Surrit Lightveil, also a member of the church much like
the storm giant Kjarton. In such times in Serin it seems as if the Noble House
has dwindled, but only to be reborn with new life.

-Ona the Sudent of the Quill


The Noble House of Valour has begun the act of replenishing. An intelligent
and honorable man named Stroud has joined their ranks. He will make a grand
addition to both the House and the Knights with his templar ways. Also, the
historical Finaeus has returned and has been sighted on several occasions.

A mircale was witnessed within the Light city when Zelbin the berserker in
robes took up post as the Noble guardian. This has undoubtedly marked a new
era for the House, and more of the elder Nobles are beginning to return more
and more. With the mix of new and old, the Nobles may just be on the rise
of a grand return. May the Light shine brightly.

The existing active members of Nobles are: Kjarton, Stroud, Rhencal, and


Well, as usual, the halls of strife have been a bit sparse. Aldinio has
been seen once or twice, but not all that recently. We have seen some of
Aechara, who was once a keeper. She retired because she was wounded and
didn't feel like she could really commit to a life of Balance any more.
She's fought a few of our heralds even! Tying with Ona one win and one loss
and winning against Rimera.


Well, like always the halls here have been a little quiet, but now
there's a new member making footfalls. Miirath has joined the other members
of Strife and with the reappearance of Aechara, once secretive group. If
you see a member of Strife around, you ought to challenge them to a duel,
it'll encourage them and you might actually learn something!

4) News


Recently, Pertinax decided to pay the halls of Justice a visit. Fynth
didn't like this, of course, and made him pay with his life. This isn't
really such a surprise because Fynth is really strong. Well, then he
decided to come back AGAIN and take ANOTHER look around, this time with
Rizenth. Good thing the lovely Zilvintra came around as well, evening the
odds for the Justice. Now I didn't get to see the fight, but from what I
understand it was fairly close. In the end, the criminals fell and were
sentenced to death!

Pertinax and Rizenth were both placed on wheels in North Square. It took up
nearly the entire square and there was barely enough space for us morbidly
curious to watch. The wheel turned and in unison they screamed. It turned
again and Pertinax gave up on life. Rizenth held out for twice as long,
which is pretty impressive.

In the end, both corpses lay limp upon the wheels and Fynth, in all his
gnomish wisdom spoke for the whole town to hear - 'Juthtithe ith therved! '


I have been given the distinct opportunity to give my opinion on the
rebuilding of Solace. Henceforth, one might consider it given. I remember
Solace in its glory! I have been about what some might consider a great
while, and have seen many things change. I have very fond memories of the
marketplace, and the shopkeepers there, they taught me quite a bit. Now
some would say that the rebuilding of Solace is a wonderful thing, and that
the Garrison is great. I understand this viewpoint, but I don't have to
embrace it. The Garrison may be a lot more secure, spacious, clean, and
efficient, but change isn't always embraced. Yeah, sure, the city has never
been more "prosperous", and the streets are patrolled by Justices, but who
says that's a good thing? Changes, I embrace, as a son of Darkhan, but not
all of them.


Bendino's Still a Bother

Today, I was doing my civic duty, helping out some children try to gain
their ranks when Bendino showed up. Now I knew he'd had some run-ins with
the Heralds before, but he was tricky, said he was going to help. I let my
guard down, was already hurt from the shopkeepers and when he attacked, our
whole group started to turn on me. Well suffice to say, I sure died quick.
Accidentally kicked dirt in Thraulk's eyes too, that didn't help matters

Thraulk goes chasing after him, determined to gain revenge for me and return
the items that were lost when he attacked. Now, all I was left with was the
most basic Thews, a polearm, and a shield. Now I'm pretty alright at
fighting, but there ain't no one that can wear a big old polearm AND a
shield. Just can't be done. Knowing that Bendino is one of those angry
types, I went to buy something I could wear with the shield, but he attacked
me again! So I started running. I ain't no fool, and I ain't a fighting
man neither. Well, I took a wrong turn and fell down this hole I couldn't
get out of.

While this is going on Thraulk is trying to hunt him down, and trying to get
enough gold to get me a recall potion, then like the sun coming out after
the storm, Ona shows up! Well she got me out of there right quick and the
hunt was on! Me and Thraulk, we went looking for him but he found Ona
first. Kept attacking her in Seringale, then when we caught up, Thraulk
finished him off. He didn't come back for any of his items, so Thraulk
grabbed them and most of my other things were still there. Being a good
friend, he gave them back to me. Sure was nice of him!

Bendino's now running around naked as the day he was born. Look out for him
cause no one wants to see that. And then look out for him cause he's gone a
bit crazy.

Keep on reading for more coverage,

-Kewlin, the Hopeful Herald


Unlucky Luck!

I'm writing this piece today to warn you all! Trinkets of Lady Luck can
be found when you're fishing, but I'm sure they ain't filled with good luck.
I've have a few of them myself, and while I think that I'm feeling lucky as
a frog in a locus swarm, there's this dark inkling in the back of my mind.
Twice I've had these trinkets and twice I've died within days of putting
them on.

I ain't saying don't wear them. I'm just telling you my side of the story.

I'll keep you all updated when I learn more about this.

-Kewlin the Hopeful Herald


Greetings, Serins. I have the distinct honor and privelege of sharing
opinions with you. The topic of my task was the cabals here in Serin. I
felt it was a rather broad subject, so in my questioning, I broke the topic
down. I spoke with many about cabals' importance to Serin. I also spoke
with many about whether or not to join a cabal, and the benefits and
drawbacks of joining one. Then I spoke with them about the current cabals'
goals, and how they were doing in acheiving them. I spoke with very many,
and got a total of seventeen full interviews from not caballed and caballed,
and pinnacled, and not pinnacled. The following is a summary of the
opinions given.

I found that most of the interviewed felt that Serin benefits from having
cabals. Some said that cabals are a necessity to Serin.

As to the opinions I have gathered, there are benefits and drawbacks of
joining a cabal. I found that most people had a common ground in their
beliefs when it came to this particular topic. The cabal life is one filled
with duties and rules. If one should seek the cabal life, one should be
able to defend themselves, at very least. One should also be able to be
dedicated, and stick through the good and the bad. There are also benefits
which come with the duties, and drawbacks. Some of which are, at very
least, a group of like minded individuals to speak with, and certain powers
are granted at certain ranks within each cabal.

When asked about the current cabals, their goals, and how people felt the
cabals were doing in acheiving said goals, responses varied widely. The
Legion seeks to liberate Serin through Chaos. The Knights seek to defeat
the darkness, and bring peace. The Justice seeks Order, especially in their
cities. The Keepers seek to maintain what they see as balance. The leaders
of each cabal each proposed that their cabal was doing well in acheiving
their current goals. People not in cabals tended not to speak on the
matter, but those who did had varying degrees of certainty in their voices.

I am not most people, thank the gods. I am not in a cabal, but I feel free
to speak my mind on most matters. I agreed with some of the opinions given,
and found that I hadn't really put thought into the subject. I feel that
the cabals are vital to Serin. There was a wonderful metaphor about cabals
being limbs, and Serin being a tree. Although, I also feel that one can
acheive just as much power as an entire cabal, without being in one.


Today while me and Fynth and Luranita and Thraulk and Zilvintra were
battling terrible creatures deep in Winter, Eloret and Asiradon showed up at
about the same time. Asiradon has been a thorn in the sides of the Justices
for quite a while and today was no different. He hit Eloret, becoming a
wanted criminal, then ran off. All three Justices went searching for him,
but he took the chance to escape before he could be found.

Keep reading for updates!

-Kewlin, the Hopeful Herald


Rimera Aerinonth of the Lau Kuan was first affiliated with the Nobles of
Valour, where she donated her efforts to the cause of the Light. She has
contributed a lot to Valour and the palace in the past, always fulfilling
the duties of her position. Ages later, Rimera had left nobility to be a
wielder of the quill, yet another position where she exerts perfection.

It doesn't stop there. Rimera shows discipline and strong dedication in
everything that she does. From mastering the way of the ninja, to the
juicy Herald articles, it isn't finished until it's flawless. Rimera may
not know it, but she is a high inspiration to the Heralds who work under
her. Through this pursuit of excellence, Rimera has become a Perfectionist.

-Ona the Student of the Quill


On the Day of the Dark Ages within the Celestial of Piety, Robhyn of
Valour's soul was finally laid to rest in a small, private service outside
the Palace of Valour. Peaceful words were spoken as her final soul was
given to Lord Olyn to adventure once more in the afterlife. Her service was
conducted by myself, Mama Vevier, and Eloret. May her soul find peace and
grace within the afterlife. For those who knew her a great friend has been
lost. But the heavens have gained a wonderful woman. She will forever be

Rimera Aerinonth, The Alabaster Duchess, Master Scribe of Heralds

5) Stories


Tales of the Life After I've heard since my coming to Seringale have been
quite the contrary to my own. I would not abandon my past teachings or
discount the legitimacy of those faiths taught along the Outer Limits. But,
I will continue to regale you all with my ongoing yarn. Because I can...

Dear Mother Brendoli in all her cheeriness, knew how to make dreadful dreams
invade your sleep. Nothing was more alarming than her tales of the moving
shadows. The second type of person we'll discuss is hunted. Lost in a dark
forest with black shapes all Hopefully, I can give you enough details.
Around. Ooh, a chill ran along my arm and I haven't even began.

The Shadow Forest

It was a sound that woke you. The rustling of bushes. The snapping of
brittle branches. Your body lay stretched out along the moss-laden roots of
a pine tree. There are two scents filling your head as you take breath.
The rich smell of forest trees and the pungent smell of excrement. By the
proximity of the scent, it's likely your own excrement. You dare not
investigate. You can feel the ground along all parts of your skin. You are
without clothes. Judging by what light is breaking through the trees, you
understand that it is nearly dusk. This dense forest is incredibly dark

Snap! Crack!

The feeling of dread invades your mind. Something is near. You turn of day
cannot pierce their dark shrouds. These walking shadows are all around you!
The question arrives. Where are they all goi- Snap! Crack! That one was
very close. Painful thoughts engulf you. Your flesh being torn from you.
Teeth flaying skin. The roar of beasts and cackle of c crows. This felt
real. Was it some vision of eminent danger? About. There are only shadows
wading through the trees. The last light

Huff! Foom!

The breathing begins. You decide to linger no more. Those shadows you
witness were walking toward the late light of day. You aim to Your muscles
seize and you nearly fall down. The ground is soft and any traction is
sparse, but you pull yourself forward. Using nearby trees as- the shock of
pain courses through your hand. The bark of the pines are sharp with
unnatural thorns and slick with a dark substance. Blood, no doubt. No
time! You race forward at a pace that is maddeningly slow. The visions
assault your mind once calling out your name, like a symphony of despair.
Maggots. Piles of disemboweled corpses writhing atop each and more.
Grotesque images. Rivers of blood. Animals rotten, full of follow. As you
start to stand, your limbs react with shocks of pain.

You regain you composure as a racing shadow passes to your left. Its
heading towards the light of day. The daylight! It is closer than you
thought. You push on. Avoid the bark. You can feel the ground becoming
firmer under your feet. There is a campfire. You smell the smoke. You
hear the voices. Laughing, drunken voices. Their melodious voices carrying
on the wind and envelop you with hope. You are nearly out of these accursed

As you reach the final tree, the sounds behind you cease. You stop, against
your better judgment, and turn around to see your pursuer. There are
numerous yellow eyes. Only the eyes. Your sight cannot pierce the
darkness. But that is enough. No one wants to see what sort of teeth or
claws may be hidden. You step backwards and then turn to greet those along
the shore.

But, no. Before your foot meets the ground, you feel a searing pain. Your
Your skin is being pulled from your muscles, your muscles from your bones.
Something tugs at your eye. As if a hand reached out and began to pluck it
from you. Your teeth. The same process. Your hair burns from you. This
smell is the last thing that you comprehend. You body is torn asunder like
an erupting volcano of blood and entrails.

You feel only pain. And then nothing. And then, the soft ground under a
tree. You've been returned to the forest. The memories of the events that
just transpired are slowly fading from you mind. You are confused for only
a moment, because you've heard a strange noise behind you...

Aaroll Brendoli, Jr. Quick-Tongued Quillmaster


Some stories are for entertainment, some are warnings, and some are
educational. I hope that many might find this story to be a bit of all
three. It is a story of good times, and bad times. It is a story of great
loss, and it is a story of gain. The following is the story of one of my
first adventures after gaining my pinnacle. I had reached the pinnacle rank
of my guildhall at a fairly young age. I was looking about a bit with the
locate object spell. I noticed that the Karakken held its weapon. I knew
that it was a weapon type I had yet to master, and it was a formidable
weapon. I wished to test my might. Normally, the Karakken is not
considered a terribly dangerous opponent, seeing as though it doesn't give
good chase. I walked to the valley, near the lair of the beast, and put on
my defensive magics. I began the battle, and by the time I had the beast
blind, and deteriorated, I had to flee for my life. The beast was doing
almost overwhelming damage. I healed up a bit and continued the fray.
After about five or six flees, heals, and some sleeping, I had the beast
into big nasty wounds. Then came my mistake. I would and should have taken
the beast by my lonesome, yet I got impatient. I stayed longer than I
should, and I met the reaper for the first time. A Keeper was about at that
time, and his curiousity led him to ask me what I fell to. Embarrassed as I
was, I felt as though I would never be able to walk the lands again if
anyone else knew the epic failure I had put myself into. I decided not to
take my own life, and instead shared news of my failure. The Keeper was
understanding, and offered some help in slaying the beast for my revenge.
We did so, and I picked up the tentacles, with a feeling of great victory.
Then I tried to wear the tentacles, only to find them too heavy to wield!
My "mother" got word of these events somehow, and took her own life. I, on
the other hand, moved forward with my life, and decided to learn from my
mistakes, not let them overcome me. Some might say the moral of that story
is to not be an idiot. Others might say that you could learn to let your
mistakes make you stronger. I say, I hope you enjoyed, and perhaps might
learn about the power of perspective.


For Aaroll could have lived his entire life without amounting to much,
and been perfectly content. He came from the farm, lived in the city and
wrote a few stories. His real triumph would actually be something of an
accident. Because, unbeknownst to him, he saved the realms.

One day, while all the Heralds of the land were planning a grand wedding,
Aaroll decided that he would buy Kewlin some fruit. So he walked down to
the local Fruit Grove. (It's managed by Yave and located along the South
Road of Seringale.) It was there that he purchased what he thought was an
ordinary watermelon. When Aaroll returned to the Nibbling Nook where his
fellow Heralds conversed, Ona, the former Mystic, sensed the presence of
immense power. The magical sort. This mere melon was something else. It
was an:


The Heralds, in all their accumulated knowledge, had never heard the tale of
how Vevier got turned into a watermelon. Which is no surprise. Vevier
hadn't experienced such events yet. You see, her transformation would be
something that occurred in the distant future. What foolery is this, you
say. If you just sit right there. Or lean on something. Get relaxed! I
will tell you everything I know.

Many years from now, while Serin is in the mists of a terrible war. A war
pitting all our heroes, light and dark, against a common foe. It was
thought that Darkhan had returned to annihilate us all. But, it was quite
the opposite. He came to save us all. But, no one would listen. He
approached all the deities and avatars. None would believe the evil one.
It wasn't until the trouble Darkhan warned about, broke through the veil and
slew him in the middle of the Mocker's Tavern. (He was thirsty or
something.) This sight was seen by everyone. His limbs and entrails shot
across the sky like a comet. Specks of Darkhans cursed blood fell could be
found in all four corners of the realm. Corrupting and damning much of the
soil and waters. The world began to twist and Serins began to fear.

[There are a few points of interest in this story. Certain things you need
to consider. Or better yet, things we should ask. What is powerful enough
to kill a deity? I mean yes, it's Darkhan. And many of you may think,
screw him and the horse he Rodyn on. But the fact remains... Also. How
could an immortal like Vevier be turned into a watermelon? And why isn't
Aaroll a bigger part of this story? I can only answer the last bit there...
It's really not my bag. ]

Aaroll Brendoli, JR. Quick-Tongued Quillmaster

More to come...


[So, yes. I save the realm. That's a big part. The biggest, really.
In the last part I asked why I wasn't a bigger part. I was greedy when I
wrote that. I've toned it down for a better, less handsome, story. Enjoy.

It was well known that Ona was powerful in the ways of curative magics. It
was also known that she had a stunning fashion sense. Many times did she
and groups of others travel to the frigid, cold lands of Winter. And many
times did everyone return because of the magic that clerics possessed. But
what happens when our clerics are the ones in danger?

One trip through Winter is much like any other. The beasts are predictable
and the dangers not so dangerous. So how was it that Ona, the Cleric, could
fall down a deep crevasse and be lost for nearly a millennia? [I don't
know, really. But for the sake of narrative. It happened. ] She awoke
when the dark evil came. The blood Darkhan warmed the lands of Winter and
released the Herald Ona Lightveil- Aerinonth. Ona, confused and sleepy,
returned to Seringale to find everything had changed. She recognized none
of the panicked faces running around the streets. No one her returned her
gossips, for the Heralds had long been disband. But, the Immortals of Ona's
time remained. And it was to be a joyous and saddening reunion.

Vanisse arrived first. Her warmth and glow had faded a little, but it was
certainly still her.

I... I know you. She said to Ona.

Lady Vanisse, finally someone arrives! I had the strangest feelings when I
returned to town. As if it were a foreign place. Ona said.

Vanisse, with a sad heart, told Ona what had become of the world she knew,
what had become of the people she loved and what must be done to stop the
evil at large. But really, none of them knew how to stop the big, bad

How the creature operated was quite ingenious. It absorbed the immortal
energies from our pantheon of beings. Accumulating a vast wealth of power
and reducing those once immortal, mortal again. You see those that did walk
the everlasting strut, were doing so with the aid of magic. None of the
immortals you see and known were born that way. And only a being born
everlasting could really stand against such an enemy. One by one, immortals
would approach the beast, exert all their divine powers and fail. Becoming
mortal and frail in the process. They were then slain by a swift hand.

[Getting into the story yet? I'll stop teasing and kindly direct you to the
next part. Yar! ]

Aaroll Brendoli, JR. Quick-Tongued Quillmaster.


There were only so few immortals remaining. Vanisse and Vevier were
among them. The strongest had already fallen and it seemed as though the
end was on the horizon. While Vevier still possessed the entirety of her
powers. Vanisse was more or less at half strength. In fact, Ona at that
point, was one of the most powerful beings in the land. She possessed a
certain spell that would change the course of history. Heaven's Gate. The
beacon Ona set was not just set to the location she left it, but on some
level, the time she place it. Vanisse decided the best course of action
would be to send somebody back through the gate. Using the remainder of her
powers she could alter the gate, secure the passenger and create a letter
describing the ordeal they were all facing. This information could aid the
immortals living a millennia ago and their combined, coordinated efforts
would stand a chance against the beast.

Vevier, the tiny Goddess, couldn't just send a poor sap, a letter and a vial
of divine spirits and hope for the best. She wanted to ensure that the
immortals had the best chance of victory. I think she also secretly wanted
to return to a better time. The best time. She elected to travel to the
past. The Heaven's Gate, even fortified, couldn't handle the immense power
of an immortal crossing through it. As almost a gag, Vanisse suggested that
Vevier hide herself in something to make her presense. Vanisse held up a

We could use this lamp. Vanisse said.

A lamp? Really? Why not just throw me in a watermelon!? Vevier said.

Vanisse's eyes lit up like it was Strythmas Day.

Using the last of her divinity, Vanisse's glow and warmth was extinguished
forever. There was plenty of goodwill left. Don't worry about that. But,
yes, she was mortal once again. Looking around despondent, she perked up
when Ona dropped the watermelon before them. Vevier was seething and
regretful of her choice of words. They hollowed out the fruit. Vevier
exchanged a final farewell before she climbed inside and it was sealed with
a bonding spell. The three women, braver than they ever imagined they could
be, nodded to each other. Well, Vevier rapped on the rind of the melon in

As they lifted the melon to throw it through the gate, Vanisse made a biting
comment about exercise. Vevier replied with garbled obscenities. One...
Two... Three... In went the melon. The gate didn't collapse right away.
Both the remaining women thought about climbing through. And just like
that... It fell.

[Getting better? I don't know. I think it needs more male figures. I know
a couple gents that could spice things up. Bleh. It's almost over. ]

Aaroll Brendoli, JR. Quick-Tongued Quillmaster


They say that traveling through a gate is instantaneous. That it's over
in less than a minute. To Vevier, it felt like three minutes and
twenty-seven seconds. When in truth, it was closer to four minutes and
fifteen seconds. I can't begin to explain this curiosity of time. So let's
blame Zafrin and move along.

There was a minor detail, overlooked when arriving through the Heaven's
Gate. Which placement of the beacon did Vevier arrive through? It turns
out that it was at the first placement. This would be troublesome to Vevier
for many reasons. One: when Ona attained the ability to commune Heaven's
Gates, I wasn't adventuring yet. Second: Ona, herself, wasn't a Herald yet.
No one was in the correct position for the world to be saved.

How Vevier got from the Gate to the Fruit Grove is a big mystery. But,
luckily for you, I have a few theories. All of which are perfectly

She rolled the watermelon. Got noticed by passerbys and was sold into
Fruity Slavery. When Yave could not break through the rind of the
watermelon, it was put on a shelf and forgotten until I arrived.


She rolled it into a village of Giants. They tried to eat it but couldn't
up it up. Furious, they picked it up, spun in a circle and heaved it in a
random direction. Fortunately for us, towards Seringale.


Upon arrival, she used her divine powers to communicate with the Immortals
of our time. Seeing that she was trapped in a watermelon and nothing
terrible was supposed to occur for a millennia. They left her in there as a
practical joke. Then craved the letters 'Vev' on the melon so they wouldn't
forget her.

There could be a great deal of adventures that I'm totally unaware of and
Vevier for the matter. She was trapped in there without being able to see
the world around her. Hehe. For what it's worth. I believe it was one or
all of these. It's hard to decide. And as far as I'm concerned, it isn't
important. I eventually found her. It worked out! So, skipping ahead to
the present. There we are, planning a wedding. I go to get the watermelon.
It wasn't as if I saw a giant fruit and thought, I hope there isn't a gnome
living inside. No. Yave just handed me the first one they touched.
Probably didn't know it was the melon that saved Serin. Wait... What if
Yave knew the watermelon couldn't be opened and sold it anyway! Completely
aware that someone would throw it out. Yave could then retrieve the fruit
and resell it. The profits would be outrageous! Hmph. My suspicion is
that when I brought the watermelon back to the Nibbling Nook, Ona's
proximity to it broke the enchantment, freeing Vevier. Because one good rap
and I broke the rind. I ate the years old melon, of course. I was magical.
How else do you think I knew everything I just wrote? Magic. And Vevier
wrote the story on the inside of the walls. You just be happy our realm
isn't going to be destroyed, you ungrateful critters. Fingers crossed.

[Thank you for reading. I hope you were amused! Until my next bit of
inspiration hits, ta]

Aaroll Brendoli, JR. Quick-Tongued Quillmaster

6) Poems


As all things are, in the view of a mortal,
Victims of perception, for we have but one portal.
Events become labeled by those who view.
Words like evil, and foul, and the like,
Get used all the time and abused, too.
One could call evil, and one call good, a head on a pike.
Subtlety and influence are tools that are often overlooked.
Seeds can be sown, and addicts become hooked.
The great Lord Darkhan, some have left behind.
To others, he is always to the front of their minds.
Act as you will, and fight for what you feel.
Follow your own path, and you should feel something real.
Words poorly chosen, and well scribed by Prost.


Shadows stalk in the night.
In your dreams causing fright.
Your sheets are soaked in sweat.
Skin cold, clammy, and wet.
Silently, in your sleep you cry.
The shadows bring your time to die.
Oh no, shadows at my side.
Coming to take the final ride.
No shadows please, go away.
I wish to live another day!
The morning comes and shadows fade.
No sight of the deadly nightshades.
So now I sleep, light on and open door.
Hoping as always, they return no more...

May you all sleep well tonight,
Rimera Aerinonth, The Alabaster Duchess, Master Scribe of Heralds


Love is forever seeing.
Love lives in every being.
Love can fill within your heart.
Love can tear your world apart.
Love can make you crazy.
Or as happy as a sun bathed daisy.
Love can make you cry.
Or soar into the sky.
Love can forever fill your soul.
Or bury you in a six foot hole.
Love is such a grand feeling!
Unless it sends your heart reeling!

Scribed by,
Rimera Aerinonth, The Alabaster Duchess, High Herald of Serin


I am no poet, this is what I have found to be true,
But here is a poem by me, if you read it it can be up to you.
Fishing, fishing, oh what fun.
While fishing one can learn a ton.
Set out from your hometown in search of a fish and you might find,
What you catch, might be knowledge you won't want to leave behind.
Fishing can be a very nice excuse for countless a thing,
An excuse to see the world, or to drink enough to make you sing!
Fishing can be fun, in good weather or in bad,
Also, losing one's bait can drive one completely mad.
As with all things in life, fishing is what you make it.
So keep in mind the right attitude and you won't have to fake it.


Virtue is not found within greed.
Virtue is not found within a seed.
Virtue can be found within your heart.
Virtue can get you off to a good start.
Virtue knows no race nor creed.
Virtue finds those who are in need.
Virtue lives in the deepest depth.
Virtue lies within those who have wept.
Virtue resides well within me.
Virtue is there for all to see!

Virtue lives within all of you!
Rimera Aerinonth, The Alabaster Duchess, High Herald of Serin

7) Gossip


I am not going to say that I am not one to gossip, but I declare gossip
gossip, and the following is all such. I awoke the other day after a
particularly good sleep to find there weren't many about the realms. One
who was was Bendino. He asked me if I would help him obtain some things,
and naturally I was entertaining the notion, since I like learning new
things, and I like battle. He sent a group invitation, and I accepted.
Before I knew it we were in battle, and I saw him pick up a key and unlock a
door. Then he asked for aura and the armor spell, and being a shaman long
enough, I know that is the best way to not lose your blow taker, so I gave
the said magics. We killed a few things, and got a few more keys, and
another joined the party. It was Talab, and he came to "the fortress" and
we continued on. Soon after we got our "last key" another joined the party.
It was Kushtok. He joined us and offered to take the blow. Now, I had
heard of Gasteride, but had no idea who it was. Long story a bit shorter,
the lot of us who set out to clear the whole place... Couldn't pick up a
bloody thing the boss dropped! We then left far enough so I could word of
recall everyone and the group disbanded. Adventuring is fun!


I was just walking around, helping some cow rank up when the strange
voices that sometimes come to me in my head spoke up again. This time, I
recognized who it was right away. It was Keegan and he was telling me some
crazy things, like how he was going to get his own army and fight against
the Legion! I sure don't think this is a great idea, but he says he's tired
of being suppressed and that he ain't going to take it much longer.

We ought to keep an eye out and see how this develops!

-Kewlin, the Hopeful Herald


Rumor has it that an unlikely alliance was formed in an attempt to thwart the
tyranny of darkness that has seemingly fallen over the Eastern lands. Within
the Forest of Illusion a duergar and a dwarf were walking side by side in deep
conversation about the times we all currently live in. Their company of one
another has spurred forth many other rumors, but it must be true that this is
a necessary union indeed if the Executor deems it so. More gossip news will
be prepared when or if this matter expands.

-Ona the Student of the Quill


Greetings Serins! It was brought to my attention today that the Legion
has made a few shifts in power. We are all aware of that fact, however how
I heard this came to be took me by surprise! My sources have told me this
shift is due to a secret relationship within the Halls of Legion... Now
mind you I thought they were for nothing more than violence and mayhem, but
it seems they can be romantic as well! My sources tell me that the once
Forsaken Mkatos, was seen holding hands and whispering words of love to none
other that Lucidique! Now me personally, I am a hopeless romantic, so I
think this is sweet. However what this means for Serin could be something
different altogether! Will they both maybe give up the life of mayhem and
run away together? Or will the bring a hell upon us unlike Serin has ever
seen? Ladies and gentlemen, I will make it my top priority to find out!
For if there is love in the air, may we wish them all the best! If it is a
ploy to turn our eyes from their goals, then may be gods help us all!

More to come,
Rimera Aerinonth, The Alabaster Duchess, Master Scribe of Heralds


I don't know if you've read yet that Veridon recently had a really close
tussle with Mkatos. Well, not long after that, the Lovely Zilvintra showed
up and they started to fight, but the Knight showed his true colors. As he
did before, he ran back to Seringale, relying on Zilvintra's protection.
Guess it don't matter that she was Anathema.

-Kewlin the Hopeful Herald


Kewlin's terms of... Endearment? Those things have been sending bouts
of confusion amongst the younger travelers. Well, just today, after hearing
Kewlin use the term Partner numerous times towards Aaroll, a young Perth,
mistook the two for lovers. It is well known that, yes, Aaroll is handsome
and generous and handsome (again), could enchant either sex with his rich,
baritone and charming charms. He must surely be open-minded in all avenues
of thought. But no, he has passed on Kewlin's advances. Nonetheless, there
is hope for either of the gents. Some lady is out there, just waiting for
herself to be swept up. Kewlin is well known for his fancies. And Aaroll
is being prepped for his IMPpending engagement to...

Well, he doesn't know yet...


It seems there are a lot of new squires and nobles on the horizon. I
spoke with one of them today, who shall remain nameless, and he said there
were like three or four new applicants to the knights. Rondak's the one
squiring them.

Now I have only seen this guy a few times. One of those times he killed one
of his own nobles, which I'm sure you've all heard about by now. The other
time, he was pretty bossy and rude. This isn't really the sort of behavior
that we want to encourage in Knights, but as Executor, it's really his
decision. The fact that he's been the one choosing all the squires and Lord
Ceridwel hasn't had much of a say is a little strange.

Is Rondak operating with Ceridwel's blessing, or is he starting his own army
to carry out whatever plans he has, whether or not they are keeping in the
Knight's Guidelines?

We'll have to watch and find out.

-Kewlin the Hopeful Herald


Greetings Serins. I bring news. Our fair Water Sprite found herself
contracted not too terribly long ago. She has told me that she is certain
she did not wander on the Legion's path. She also said that she did not
kill any protected persons. I did some digging, and was quite disturbed
with what I found. I had first become aware of the Legion's existence and
Vinnie's services a long time ago, before I had reached my pinnacle. I knew
that I could purchase protection, and the Legion would not hunt me. I also
found out some time later (the hard way) that even if you are protected, if
you stumble into the wrong places in Darkhaven, you can get yourself
contracted. I did not know, until I began my search to get to the bottom of
this plot, that anyone with enough coins and the will, can purchase a
contract. This was quite disturbing to me. I also learned that the Legion
members, themselves, (once they reach a certain rank within the
organization) can also place contracts.

I spoke with many who offered guesses. I spoke with Mkatos, the Visionary
of Legion, and he said he would venture a guess. Mkatos says "I believe she
killed Mikoos twice, and his personal vendetta was spread to the cabal."
Ona herself ventured "I think it was Bendino's actions, but that is a
clouded assumption." "I have nay proof it was truly him."

So, be careful which enemies you make, for if they have the coin, and the
malice, anyone can put a price on your head. As a powerful writer once
wrote, "Hey! Who are you there behind me? What are you doing with that
dagger??? Ack! I thought everybody loved me..."

8) Events


Another fantastic game of "Find The Herald" was hosted this day by the
Heralds Ona and Rimera! It was a back and forth game, with many people
playing! But with Rimera being the ever sneaky Ninja, she made sure to keep
them on their toes! The game waged on for many moons, until our previous
winner spotted the Ninja within Valour. It was there Rimera was tagged and
the game once again was won by Luranita. So now Luranita is the current
champion with two wins under her belt. So this day she won ten thousand
coins, another quest, and her name marked as champion upon the Herald
Bulletin board! Also she has gained bragging rights, that is until someone
else claims champion from her! So ladies and gentlemen of Serin we Heralds
invite you to come challenge her seeking skills in Find The Herald! We also
invite you all to participate in other future Herald events!

More to come,
The Heralds of Serin


Greetings ladies and gentlemen of Serin! I scribe this to tell you all
about a new event we Heralds are running every Serin year that we like to
call "The Herald Raffle". The raffle is played by purchasing tickets from
your friendly Heralds that include a number upon them. The cost of these
tickets are not expensive at all, only five hundred gold coins. When you
have purchased your tickets, the Herald conducting the raffle will roll
dice, and if you have the winning ticket you win prizes and get your name
upon our lovely Herald bulletin board! The first raffle commenced this
evening, and it was wonderfully played! Many tickets were purchased but
only three winning numbers were called out! The winning numbers were five,
seven, and ten! The prizes this evening consisted of twenty-five thousand
gold coins, an imbued Dragonblood cuirass, and of course our lovely Herald
quest! And the winners of those wonderful prizes this evening were
Grunchel, Kjarton, and Wreitha. We would like to thank everyone who
participated in our new event, and we would also like to invite everyone to
join us upon our new events that are being created daily. Thank you all
very much and we hope to see you soon!

The Heralds of Serin


I saw Rimera today and she noted that it was real quiet, so I started a
little Trivia contest like the one Rimera ran before. We ended up with
quite a showing! The results follow.

The points seem a bit disproportionate because whenever a person answers a
question right, they get a point and then they get to ask the next question.
Well, every time Rondak won, he'd ask a question about things like Winter,
where half the players were too young to visit yet. They tried really hard,
but if you answer a question wrong, then you lose a point. Which is how
Rondak got to be so high above everyone else.

Wreitha on the other hand, showed a valiant effort! Not only did she try to
answer most of the questions, even though she didn't know them. She really
found the spirit of the game.

I know that Fynth and Vlona would have made a much better showing, but they
had to deal with real important things like making Vlona an official
Justice. I guess that's more important than coming to a trivia game. I
joke. It really is more important.

So here are the results!
Rondak - 6
Fynth - 3
Stroud - 2
Vlona - 1
Wreitha - 0

Everyone got a quest for participating and Rondak got a pretty hefty
prize purse.

Hope to see you there next time!

-Kewlin, the Hopeful Herald

9) Obituaries


On the day of Freedom on the month of Dark Shades, Lauranne took her
final breath. Lauranne was once a great friend to us all and also served
along side we Heralds. Sadly, bloodlust took within her heart and it began
to drive her mad. As the bloodlust took within her, it caused her to attack
those whom she once called friend and also other Serin citizens. These
actions sadly began to overtake Lauranne's heart and she took her life. We
all hope that the afterlife calms her soul, so she can once again become the
gentle person she once was and finds the peace and serenity that she once

May she rest in peace,
Rimera Aerinonth, The Alabaster Duchess, Master Scribe of Heralds


Surrit Lightveil was an elven priest who followed the ways of Saint Sedgwick
and within this religion he reached the status of Adherent. Surrit was also
the younger brother of Ona Lightveil, and many found this difficult to take
in. It has been rumored that Surrit stirred a lot of trouble while being a
follower of the Water God, one incident being where he led a large party into
the Keeper cabal. However, even though Surrit talked a whirlwind, he was an
extremely kind soul and loved a good adventure. In his last remaining days
Surrit became a Noble of Valour, since the rumors stirred ruined his chance
at becoming of the Mystic council. It is a time of grieving for the Lightveil
family, and Saint Sedgwick mourns the loss of a wonderous son.

-Ona the Student of the Quill


On the Day of Thunder, 3rd of the Month of the Shadows, Xiemia took her
final breath. Xiemia was a thief of the highest caliber, but at a young age
decided to offer her loyalty to the Balance of Serin. Xiemia grew up in the
streets watching those of power fight and kill themselves for powerful wares
and artifacts, so at an early age she learned of the Balance. When she came
of age she offered her services to the Keepers of Balance, in which they
gladly accepted. During her time as a Keeper she fought hard to make sure
Balance was always restored and to make Serins were safe from the tyranny
of powerful things. Xiemia was a good friend to all whom knew her and we
will all miss her dearly. May she find her way to keep the Balance within
the afterlife.

Sincerely, Rimera Aerinonth, The Alabaster Duchess, Master Scribe of Heralds



On the Day of the Great Gods, 26th Month of the Frost Giant, Anisa took her
own life. She was a respected member of Justice, fierce when it was
necessary but kind and soft of manner in all other things. Born as a mix of
two races in the otherwise purely elven community in the valley, she
nevertheless had an easy childhood. She is survived by both her parents.

10) Sprite's Wisdom


Wisdom of the Winds is an alchemy recipe sold to thsoe of the thirty-sixth
title within their respective guilds. The ingredients for this recipe are as
followed: a defiler's tail, a hurricane helmet, and a pearl necklace. Much
like gambling armor, enchanting, or even forging, one would think to have a
lot of luck on their side just to be safe in hopes to increase their chances
of success. One good method that has proved useful is continuous attempts on
the same object, but only with lady luck at your side.

The defiler's tail is attached to defilers. The helmet is found from a
wind ruler within the Elemental Canyon. The third and final ingredient for
this recipe is a pearl necklace. This necklace is found on the elven slave
on the Northern section of the Goblin Village. It is recommended to gain as
many ingredients as you can for multiple attempts.

-Ona the Student of the Quill


The wonderous art of enchanting is quite time consuming if you are not able
to learn the spell. The procedure becomes risky when reciting a scroll of
enchant upon an item which has a lower level than the level of the spell.
Enchanting a weapon provides additional layers of damage and accuracy, while
enchanting an armor piece provides a boost to it's armor class. The boost
to armor class can not go beyond six, however, it is rumored that the most
fortunate ones have reached seven. A succesful enchantment will also lift
the level of the object by one, and higher ranking objects are harder to
enchant than lower ranking objects.

Luck is important when enchanting! A good approach to fighters and mages
who have access to scrolls is to enchant basic armor or weapons to their
full potential. A fiery dagger of seven glowing layers is always good. A
suit of black tear or mithril enchanted is also very underrated. A few
locations of enchant scrolls to note is the mimic within Old Thalos. The
other tattered scroll in Old Thalos is found within the desk, where a seal
carried by the golem in the Southwestern tower is used to unlock it. An
enchanter within the High Tower of Sorcery has possession of a blue scroll
which casts enchant weapon at the twenty-third level.

A book of poems is a rare scroll found within a chest at Storm Hill. This
is the only rare enchant armor scroll known to Serin, casting the spell at
level twenty-three. The golden colored scroll held by the elven alchemist
within Timaran casts at twenty. There are more sold by Zacharus within the
city of Liberty, but those are quite expensive. Please stay tuned for more
elaboration regarding the mystifying art of enchanting!

-Ona the Student of the Quill

11) The Alabaster Closet


Greetings ladies of Serin! It is I, Rimera, your Fashionista of Serin!
If you are a girl on the go like me, have I got the fashion for you! For
this first editorial of the Alabaster Closet, I am going to discuss the
living wood wares located in the woods west of Seringale. Now you may be
asking, Rimera how can pieces of living wood be fashionable? Well ladies
let me tell you, wood is the "in" thing this season! The warm wood colors
will set the color of your skin like a warm sunray! Also the weight of
these wares will also tone your legs and tummy if you are looking to shed
those unwanted winter pounds! There are also some wonderful attributes on
these wares as well! Not only do they make you look stunning, but they also
cause you to hit harder! That's right ladies, these will also help you hit
those silly gentlemen that wish to take advantage of you a lot harder! But
as with all good fashion, there is one drawback. These pieces do sadly
drain your abilites to move as quick just a bit. But no worries, for with
every wonderful outfit, there are always accessories that not only help with
this defect but help you look fabulous! The cloaks of dreamseeking located
outside of Darkhaven not only give you your quickness back but go
wonderfully with the rich wood color. Also, if you like shiny things to
compliment your outfit, check out the deep red stone located within Thalos,
the stone will not only bring out your eyes but it will also make your
outfit "Pop" with pizazz! So ladies in conclusion, if you are a woman
looking for a fantastic outfit to wear to a battle or even a formal event,
living wood would be a very good way to go! A fantastic outfit, for the
fantastic female in modern Serin!

Always bringing you the greatest fashion,
Rimera Aerinonth, The Alabaster Duchess, Master Scribe of Heralds


Greetings ladies and gentlemen of Serin! It is I, Rimera, your
fashionista of Serin! Always being on the go, I am sure you all are looking
for great outfits for your travels! Well have I got another great outfit
for you! Today we are going to discuss the mithril pieces located within
Old Thalos east of Seringale. Now I am sure you are thinking mithril may be
a bit heavy. But that is not the case my friends, mithril is actually very
light! And the color is just fantastic! If you are a lady in search of a
good color to bring out your eyes, then this is it! Or if you are a
gentleman that is looking for a color to bring out that rugged handsome
look, then you you are in for a treat! I am sure you are thinking, well
Rimera the color is great but what can these wares do for me? Well, not
only do these wares make you lighter on your feet, but they also allow you
to hit more frequently! Also there are some fantastic accessories, ( always
accessorize!) To go with this fantastic outfit! The flame red capes
located within Elemental Canyon not only give you a fiery look but also add
to how hard you hit! So if you are in need of a quick, on the go, outfit
for any occasion, mithril is a great way to go! I should know I'm a
fashionista! Give it a try, I am sure you will like it! So keep reading
for all the greatest wares that Serin has to offer!

More to come,
Rimera Aerinonth, The Alabaster Duchess, High Herald of Serin

12) Kewlin's Hidden Gems


Everyone knows who Undulav is. He's the fish guy. He's also got some
boats and loses his opal rings to the trolls all the time. He sends young
adventurers after them, then don't even ask for them back! That's Undulav.

Who is Lars?

Well Lars is the poor owner of the boat shop in Timaran. He don't sell a
lot, just a canoe and a raft, but you can get a hand-crafted canoe from Lars
for almost half the price! And he'll let you watch as he makes it too.
Undulav don't know how to make a boat from stones, but you can bring any
sort of tree to Lars and he'll smooth it down into a real nice canoe.

So next time you're tired of teetering on a seashell or simply skating over
water on your wings, consider stopping by Lars's instead of going to easy
route in Seringale. He told me he can use all the business he can get.
Hand-crafted canoes also make great nameday presents! Pretty and useful!


Welcome to the first article in Kewlin's Hidden Gems. (That's me,
Kewlin.) What I'll be doing is going around and finding the best little
shops that you might not know about, or that you'd just walk by day to day
and I'll tell you a bit about it.

I figured I'd start off with a place pretty close to home. Now anyone who's
anyone (which I assume is all of you) knows that the best place to hang out
is here in Mocker's Tavern. We have poker and good company, but the best
part is our darling Vikka. She comes when you call and she's got these

This means that poor Mereth off in the corner is often ignored, which really
ain't fair. She makes some really good soup! She's got some chicken and
dumpling stew which is creamy and sweet. Then there's the beef stew, hearty
and filling. Then there's some other soup and she wouldn't tell me what was
in it. I asked and begged and gave her the saddest look I could come up
with, but nothing worked. It's just called warm soup, and it is the best
soup I ever had in my life.

Just don't ask what's in it.

Until next time,
-Kewlin, the Hopeful Herald

13) Luranita's Lessons


I am fairly frequently asked about forging, and it is definitely a tough
thing to master. I have not mastered it myself, but I have decided to
reveal a few of the secrets.

You cannot begin forging without ore, which can be found beneath Grimforge
Mountain on the silver, golden, platinum, or mithril golems, and you also
need a gem to create the ingot. The gem does not have to be rare, though
the gem's strength seems to have a direct effect on how good the forged item
turns out. With regards to the ingot, the type and quantity of ore directly
affect how strong the armor can be. Using one lump gives minimal benefits,
four mediocre benefits, fifteen nice benefits, and fifty the best benefits.
Silver armor makes you hit harder, golden armor makes you strike with
greater precision, platinum armor increases your health, and mithril armor
will increase your protection from spells.

When smelting the ore, it is best to let the furnace blast ten times before
opening it and removing the ingot. Once the ingot is created, you may put
it in an anvil. Each type of armor requires a specific number of times that
you use the hammer to HAMMER the armor, and times you use the tongs to GRIP
it. The first stroke is always a HAMMER, the last one always a GRIP. There
are eight strokes for each type of armor. When I forge, I do one stroke,
count to four, then either hammer or grip the armor depending on what needs
to be done. The order of the hammers and grips does matter. When you the
armor snaps into shape, put it into the cooling pool nearby and it will