The Serin Mystique, Volume 10, Issue 4

Greetings ladies and gentlemen of Serin! Before you is the most blood
chilling edition of the Serin Mystique ever! In celebration of
Stryth-O-Ween, we Heralds have compiled the scariest stories we could find
about Serin!

So be prepared for chills and spills as you read and enjoy!

1) Battles (see Battles1, Battles2, Battles3, Battles4, Battles5, Battles6, Battles7)
2) Cabal Affairs (see Knights1, Knights2, Legion1, Legion2, Justice1, Justice2, Keepers1, Keepers2)
3) Coterie Affairs (see Heralds1, Heralds2, Nobles1, Nobles2, Mystics1, Mystics2, Strife)
4) News (see Solution, Wedding, Gnomes, Fellth, Haseem, Diet, Babies)
5) Poetry (see Roses, Poems, Cookies)
6) Gossip (see Transformation, Arrangement, Protection, Darkness)
7) Obituaries (see Maerlyn, Determiz, Keegan, Graxas, Anaril, Xarvax, Samerton, Veridon )
8) Stories (see Aerinonth, Armor, Power)
9) Events (see Sprite, Costumes)
10) Sprite's Wisdom (see Enhancement, Enchantment)
11) Kewlin's Hidden Gems (see Runya, Tasenther)
12) The Chief's Armoire (see Arcane, Midnight)
13) Stryth'O'Ween Gossip (see Tragedy, Kushtok)

This spine tingling edition of the Serin Mystique is brought to you by:
Rimera, Ona, Kewlin, Prost, and Zeitleger

Publishing and Editorial work: The Heralds of Serin

A Special thanks to: The Immortals of Serin, for their wisdom and
contributions. And to all of you wonderful readers in Serin!

1) Battles


A very fierce battle was waged within Seringale that made its way all
across eastern Serin this day! The Keeper of Balance Thodun met with the
Justice of Serin Fynth this day on the field of battle. It started to look
to be just an honorable duel within the Arena against the two for Fynth was
deathmarked. So from there battle ensued, going back and forth between the
two titans. One dishing out as much damage as the next until it seemed that
Fynth could handle no more and quaffed a recall potion. Being marked,
Thodun could not let this go and gave chase. The battle raged on within the
city of Solace, there is when things began to take a turn. Fynth must have
caught a second wind, for he began to outdamage Thodun a good bit. And with
this second wind, Fynth was able to defeat the Keeper of Balance and
apprehend him for what crimes he had commited.

Victory this day belongs to: Fynth

Stay tuned for more intriquing battles,
Rimera Galanodel, The Alabaster Duchess, High Herald of Serin


A fantastic battle waged within the streets of Seringale this night!
Trizz the Drow Ninja and Determiz the wolf Ranger battled until the death,
and what a death it was! As with many battles, it started off as your
normal skirmishing throughout the streets. Determiz landed a few great
hits, but Trizz being quick on his feet fled and regained ground. When
Trizz regained his composure, he used his mastery of the Ninja arts and
strangled Determiz with great ease. Then as fast as a bolt of lightning
Trizz switched to his spear and assassinated Determiz! That's right ladies
and gentlemen, landed the fabled deathblow with one precision strike! So in
conclusion this battle went from being a great battle into one that was over
very quick!

Keep reading for many more great battles within Serin!

More to come,
Rimera Galanodel, the Queen of Heralds, High Herald of Serin


Euriah against Darzavius

The streets of Seringale drank heavily on the blood of Darzavius. Unaware
that General Euriah and his stampeding stallion were on the horizon, the
Dark-Elf King of Devils fell quickly. He was purified and rid of his
instruments of death. An item of note taken from the Legion corpse was a
soul of Ceridwel. How such an item found its way into the hands of a
mortal... Well, you'll have to use a bit of imagination. Darzavius made
his frustrations known as he, presumably, ventured off to reequip himself.

A. B. Junior, Quick-Tongued Quillmaster


A fearsome battle was fought this day within the Holy grove east of
Seringale. The Ninja Mikoos sat in quiet conversation with two of the
Heralds of Serin and a Mystic, when all of a sudden the Justice Rheloth
sprung an attack! Sadly Mikoos was outgunned in the fight, for he was a bit
ill-equipped to manage against the mighty blows of the Justice. This battle
was quite short lived and shows that the Drow are still as cunning as ever!

This victory goes to Rheloth

Keep reading to see more great battles!
Rimera Galanodel, the Editor-in-Chief of the Serin Mystique, High Herald of Serin


Readers of Serin, I bring you news of a battle. I had just awoken in my
guildhall, when a ranger warned me that there was a thief about. Thinking
little of it, I put my protective spells up, and went to leave my guildhall
in Seringale. Just outside my guild, I was surprised to be snapped by some
kind of tripwire. I sat. Then I saw Gnefelum come out of the shadows.
Then I felt his blackjack on the back of my head. I didn't go to sleep.
Angered by the thiefs actions, I attempted to make him glow with the magic
of the faeries. This injured me. I was saddened, but knew I must change
tactics, so I then let fly with my harm spell. Gnefelum fled, and I heard
him yelling that Paucorn was attacking him. Normally I am opposed to any
fights, but I am personally against group battles. I continued to chase the
thief a few paces, and re engaged with him. As did Paucorn, and shortly
thereafter the thief was parted with his body. I did not solicit the aid of
the ranger, and I was unhappy he interfered in the battle, but I am guessing
he wanted the thief to pay as well. Being satisfied that I had self
defensed the thief into the pavement, I was going to leave, but the ranger
suggested I take the thiefs weaponry, so that said daggers would not soon
end up in my back. I did so, and then shortly thereafter realized I had no
need of the daggers, but Paucorn had mentioned interest in them, so I gave
them to him. Heralds do not seek battle, but mistake yourself not,
Serins... We are capable of defending ourselves.
-The Whisper of Influence.


Zilvintra went looking all over Serin, searching for the Necromancer
Ravinah. She finally caught sight of her in Darkhaven, putting her to sleep
with her awesome ninja skills. She used that time to assassinate Ravinah's
cobra, then attempted to do the same to the woman herself, but that didn't
work out. Wasn't that lucky of a day. They started to run all across
Serin, Zilvintra close on Ravinah's heels.

Now it bears noting that Ravinah is both bountied and deathmarked, so Thodun
was also after her. She managed to catch up with her in the dwarven mines,
where they crossed blades a few times before beginning another chase.
Zilvintra right on Ravinah's heels. They engaged, both dealing large
amounts of damage, then split. The chase was on once more.

Zilvintra kept looking after her, but Ravinah managed to get enough of a
lead to flee.


Winner - Zilvintra

Kewlin, The Hopeful Herald


Came about to see that Vinsont was fighting Darzavius, a Legion
Necromancer. For those of you who don't know, Vinsont is a noble of Valour,
but I've got word that he might be getting to be a knight soon. I watched
as Darzavius did quite a bit of damage with a rend. They ran and engaged
again, Vinsont getting in a few hits, but taking some in return. They
engaged again, Vinsont getting in a few good strikes, but not paying close
enough attention to his aura. Sure worked out good for the Legion.

Winner - Darzavius

Kewlin, The Hopeful Herald

2) Cabal Affairs


Valour has reached incredible heights in becoming the most populated
cabal, but a few seats at the table have remained vacant for quite some
time. The castle has been blessed with new blood and this gives Valour
great hope in the battle against evil. The great Executor continues to lead
these brave Knights and teach them many things about combat and life.

Sir Veridon and Sir Euriah have both reached a higher status and have been a
major blessing to the Executor's side. Lady Alexxia has done very well and
continues to impress her successors, and the rest have grown much since the
day they opened up their hearts to the virtues. Their resilience truly is
impenetrable. May the Light shine down brightly on these brave heroes!

The castle table currently seats: Rondak, Veridon, Euriah, Alexxia, Snufkin,
Ruchmuneeoph, Tulanor, Anaril, Azaina, Xarvax, and Samerton.


The Knights of Valour have kept their front leaders in tact however, three
younger Knights have sadly left us for heaven. Anaril, of the Lau Kuan,
Xarvax the Templar, and Father Samerton of the Valourian church, all have
made that spiritual adventure far above. Their stories are being further
investigated as to how and why they are gone. Their departures have opened
new opportunities for the applicant hopefuls. Although the Castle is filled
with grief at this time, the Knights continue and are expected to continue
their crusade against the darkness of the lands for ages to come.

The Castle table currently seats: Rondak, Veridon, Euriah, Alexxia, Snufkin,
Ruchmuneeoph, Tulanor, and Azaina.

-Ona the Student of the Quill


Greetings readers of Serin, I bring you news of the Legion. You may have
noticed many in your blade range have purchased protection. The Legion
members have not been spotted about terribly often, but their influence is
still strong. Kesstirax has been seen here and there, and sometimes a
shadow is. Lucidique the dark lady rider, has been seen recently. Also,
according to Nycticora "Graxas is in the wastes, doing what only the Dark
Lord knows". And "Mkatos has been on a similar journey" and "Lucidique is
recovering from an illness, and the rest aren't worth mentioning. Barely
the food they consume." Nycticora has also told me personally that there
was a new addition to the army, a drow necromancer named Darzavius that "..
Is unknown, I brought him into the fold on a whim." Another recent addition
to the army is another necromancer, of the human race named Faemhel, who
quickly reached pinnacle after his induction, and has been seen rarely
The current Legion members are Mkatos, Lucidique, Graxas, Kesstirax,
Ivhih, Faemhel, and Darzavius.


Greetings, readers of Serin. I bring you more news of the affairs of the
Legion cabal. Since the turn of the Celestial of Retribution, Serin has
seen much of the Legion's members. Mkatos has been about a bit more, and
this reporter heard rumors of some item capturing. Kesstirax has been
about, as has Lucidique. Sadly Graxas has slipped into unknown journeys.
The newest member, Darzavius has been about a fair bit, and has been seen in
to's and fro's with Euriah. The Legion remains strong and their influence
can be seen regularly, as many citizens have become regular visitors to
Vinnie's Pawn Shop.

The currently active members of Legion are Darzavius, Lojunis, Ivhih,
Kesstirax, Lucidique, and Mkatos.


With the ascension of its leader into the the Heavens, there is a gap in
Justice that hasn't been seen before! Rheloth was recently promoted,
leaving them with three outstanding, high ranking officers, but when asked
who he expected to take his place, the young immortal was very tight-lipped.
Since Eloret can no longer enforce the laws of the cities on his own, crime
has been raging both with and without his presence, but the other Officers
have been picking up the slack. Criminals are being apprehended on a daily

Members - Fynth, Zilvintra, Rheloth, Vlona


Well Fynth got the big promotion! He's now the Commander of Justice!
They're still running with the same crew, Zilvintra and Rheloth and Vlona.
Been a bit quiet on the front, but I expect that it's going to get a lot
more patrolly soon. Criminals beware!

There're also a couple of applicants, including a lightwalker like Eloret
said he wanted before he ascended.

Members - Fynth, Zilvintra, Rheloth, Vlona


The Keepers of Balance are becoming stronger than ever! With the
induction of Wreitha, their numbers grow strong to take on the foes of the
Balance. More applicants are also showing their interest in preserving the
Balance of Serin. Wars wage from the Keeper's halls as well, the Knights
with their massive numbers have upset the Balance. So now the Keepers need
all whom are able to join their ranks and restore the scales to their ever
even position. So if you are one whom walks the true path of Balance and
seek to see Serin flow within harmony, seek out the Keepers of Serin!

The Current Keepers of Serin are: Thodun, Kushtok, Crisbin, and Wreitha


The Keepers of Serin have dealt with an odd blow to the Balance recently.
Their very own Kushtok turned against them in what was revealed as a
struggle of power. In light of that situation he was removed as a Keeper
and Outcasted by the gods. But the Keepers stand ever strong in their
struggles. I spoke with Thodun on the recent events happening within his
halls and he told me they have many applicants and the Balance continues to

The current Keepers of Serin are: Thodun, Crisbin, and Wreitha

3) Coterie Affairs


The Heralds of Serin are more busy than a colony of bees within a hive!
With the recent release of another Serin Mystique they are back at it once
again! Also the Heralds have added another member to their little family!
A shaman by the name of Prost has entered into their ranks and has proven
himself to be quite the apprentice of the quill! Also a mysterious Herald
event is being held soon for a few select friends of the Heralds in the near
future. So be on the lookout for your friendly, neighborhood Herald! I am
sure not only will they have a copy of the newest Mystique for sale but I
can also assure you they will have some news or a fantastic story to tell!

The current Heralds of Serin are: Rimera, Ona, Kewlin, Aaroll, and Prost


The Heralds are in full swing getting ready for grand events in
celebration of the holiday Stryth-O-Ween! Also with the addition of their
newest Herald, they are going full force on another fantastic edition of the
Serin Mystique. Many great events are in store in the coming weeks due to
all of the wonderous holidays that are coming upon us. But never fear, you
can rest assured one of your friendly, neighborhood Heralds will always be
about to give some good gossip or a rumor or two!

The Current Heralds of Serin are: Rimera, Ona, Kewlin, Aaroll, Prost, and


Not much has been heard from the Nobles of Valour. Few of them come and go
but the rumor is that they have all became Knights! The berserker in robes
still stands post at the entrance to the palace. One small bit of interest
was the pardoning of Rizenth by sir Stroud. The drow had claimed peace with
Valour and several Knights noticed this, allowing his Anathema status to be
promptly removed. Not much activity has been noticed out of our dear Nobles.

The current active members of the palace are: Rhencal, Kjarton, Stroud, and

-Ona the Student of the Quill


Silence has swept the halls of the Palace. And although a few Nobles remain
active throughout their days, not much is heard from the group. Word spreads
that those who desecrate the corpse of a Noble may result in Anathema. This
is a probable rumor, and collectively knits Valour closer together.

The current active members of the Palace are: Rhencal, Kjarton, Stroud, and

-Ona the Student of the Quill


Greetings readers of Serin, I bring you news of the Mystics. The
immortal Taleroth has been spotted recently, and it is rumored that this
means very good things for the Tower. Kazoreck has been about a good bit,
and got to flex his arcane muscles in the Arena against Determiz. Luranita
has also been seen about a fair amount, and it would seem that the members
of the Mystics have been quite busy. And a new addition, Haseem the human
healer has been inducted to the Tower. Those who seek religion can be happy
that there are those who can initiate them around fairly often. Certainly
greater magics are being sought, and the newcomers of Serin will be welcomed

The current members of the Mystics are Kazoreck, Luranita, and Haseem.


Greetings readers of Serin, I bring you news of the Mystic coterie. The
Mystics are about, and they are growing in numbers. Their leader, Luranita,
is happy to announce that they are looking for more active members. The
Mystics are working hard on making sure that all who seek to follow a diety
are able to do so. This Herald, in particular, was happy to hear that the
religions of Serin are being "reworked". Look forward to hearing much more
about this, and hopefully many other workings that your fine Mystics have in
store. The current members of the Mystics are Luranita, Ardalt, Kazoreck,
Haseem, and Alastair.


A silence has swept over the halls of Strife for some time now. Every once
in a while a tired adventurer will retire into their arms. Eldroc has been
a name that has risen on occasion, especially when he defended Ona within
the Tavern after Mikoos had been haunting her. Few others are mentioned or
much less seen. Their numbers will always shift and change as all does on
Serin, and talk of a Strife leader has begun to brew.

The plaque of Strife lists: Eldroc, Gihkig, Aaroll

4) News


One day, two bards decided that they would take it upon themselves to
lighten the mood of the citizens of Seringale. Together, their voices
melded and rose and suddenly everyone was laughing and falling around drunk
on the floor. They had thought it was an innocent act of merriment, but
Vlona, the newest Justice, charged them with a fine! Well, they objected,
thinking that they were just bringing merriment to everyone and let the fine
expire. Suddenly two bards were wanted!

Eloret says that he always likes to give bards the benefit of the doubt and
they all came to a peaceful solution. The law was explained and the pair
agreed to pay their fines.

Everything was resolved through the power of conversation. No battle report

-Kewlin the Hopeful Herald


Greetings Serins! A wonderful wedding took place upon the last eve of
two very renowned Heralds. Ona and Rimera joined together in the holiest of
bonds within the Rose Garden of Storm Hill. It was quite the celebration
indeed. Crisbin, the Bard of Balance officated their service. They were
joined by many friends that included Lord Olyn himself! Vows were said and
rings were exchanged, then followed a wonderful reception also held at the
garden. Also they have started their own bloodline by taking the name
Galanodel, leaving Rimera to be the last of the legendary Aerinonth line.
Perhaps with the start of a new bloodline, they too will become legends in
their own right. So in conclusion, we Heralds would like to congratulate
Ona and Rimera on their marriage and may they both be forever blessed!

Sincerely, The Heralds of Serin


Several celestials have passed since my last sojourn to the city of my siblings.
I warmly welcomed the work and wandered into their world from the west one day.
Imagining it as insurance against incarceration in Vanisse's oven, I thought I
ought to investigate her altar on arriving. Noting nothing of nemisism, I turn-
ed and whiffed a waft of wonderful warmth. Bartering for a bit of bread from a
busty baker, I badgered the beauty about her business. Scoffing, she scooped
her sack of skeein scones and suggested I seek the city's senior and supervisor.
Holding in my huffs, I hurried to the headmaster's hut. As I enter its abode,
the individual inspects me inappropriately. I initiate my interrogations and
interpellations, although I am indignantly avoided and escorted out. Feeling
fruitless and futile, I figured foraging this fairground for fun. Barging into
the city's south, a surly and sour son-of-a-gnome spots me scanning for some-
thing. Quite cranky, he quashes my kind queries concerning a key and clucks
crazily, calling me a coward! Heeding no harassment hurled so hastily, I halt
his haughty histrionics with a hearty hit, head to head.

Fortune to me, a key I see!
Back to the lock, I pass through free!
At the basement's back, a troll stands guard.
With another headbutt, I greet him hard!

His dirty key clears the lock nearby
Then down a ladder to where bats fly
Gnomish zombies wander this lair
As do drafts of hot and cold air

Damp hallways twist and bend
A bat-shaped altar at their end
Around the altar, fire and ice revolve
I'll leave this mystery for YOU to solve!



In my travels this day I came across a young Paladin by the name of
Fellth. Under normal circumstances this is nothing unusal, but today had a
strange twist. He asked me to speak to Rondak about his Squiremanship. I
thought this to be a bit odd, but being a Herald, I put my silver tongue to
use. When I attempted to speak to Rondak about the "Squire", he told me
that actions speak louder than words. Agreeing with his statement, I
continued to talk to the young fellow. It is when we continued our
conversation that I noticed this gentleman did not act much like a Paladin
at all. Using odd terminology for the Drow race and making horrible
remarks, I noticed that he began not to look so much as a Paladin anymore,
but more of someone who walks within the shadows. Then as in a flash of
light, the Princess of Chaos arrived and swept him away! When the young man
returned, not only was he an Outcast, but the Princess mumbled about him
joining her halls of Legion. Now this troubles me, are they the rantings of
a crazed dark lord, or has the Legion also began to recruit Lightwalkers by
feasting on doubts within their young hearts? If this is indeed the case,
Serin is in for a lot of trouble!

Continue reading for more great updates within Serin!

Rimera Galanodel, High Herald of Serin


Readers of Serin, I bring you news of the newest Mystic to join the
tower. His name is Haseem, and he is a human healer, near his pinnacle. He
speaks in a strange accent. I had a very long interview with him, and his
story is captivating, and unique. He seems to be from another realm, for
his hometown, he says, is in the middle of a desert, yet big enough that it
would take one more than a weeks time to walk across it, without some form
of mount. He says that he was exiled from his land because of his
willingness to help others, and his parents being the leaders of a cult of a
dark entity. He has taken to our dear Serin quite well, learning very
quickly, and becoming quite knowledgable in a very short span of time. He
claims to have done this through a large amount of reading. When I spoke
with him, his demeanor was a bit humble, especially considering his vast
knowledge. He was very helpful, and that was likely one of the reasons the
Tower accepted him. If you have any questions, this human will likely be
able to answer them, or at least make strong endeavours to find such
answers. Best of luck to him in his quest for knowledge.
-The Whisper of Influence.


I managed to grab a few words with the commander, but for a man of short
stature, he was equally short on words. From what I was able to glean, his
ascension to immortal has left him with a diet consisting of only Helms of
Justice and that he might end up growing taller.

Keep reading for more updates.

-Kewlin, the Hopeful Herald


One day, Commander Eloret took me to see a gnome baby. It was the
tiniest thing I'd ever seen in my whole life. This got me thinking about
the Commander being born and when I asked him about it, he confirmed. He
was once as tiny as that little baby in the gnome village. He was also an
only child. How lonely!

I asked him about leaving home and he said he left when he was fifteen, but
he wouldn't tell me why. He did tell me that he ran into a book of laws in
his travels and that he memorized the whole thing. I don't know about the
rest of you, but I've barely even read a book, never mind memorizing it!
Must have been written by a great Herald! He brought the book back to his
village and shared his new knowledge with the other gnomes.

His chieftain took the book and began to implement the laws, but after
bringing the book to his attention, he had little other use for the young
Eloret. The young gnome again ventured away from his village and arrived in
Serin, where I think we all know the rest of his story. He stayed with
Justice through thick and thin, guarding and upholding the laws. There
wasn't a single bad guy in Serin who didn't fear his name, even if they
didn't fear his height.

Then one day, Eloret decided that he didn't want any more of this mortal
life. Instead of doing the sensible thing and laying his life down before
Odoacer, he chose instead to ascend into the heavens, where he will be
looking down upon all the Justices for years to come.
I asked him about his plans for the future, but he was pretty tight lipped.

He did, however, assure me that he wasn't going to be worried that the next
person he promoted to Commander was going to try to take his place. When
asked if he spied on them his response was 'I am no rogue. ' I don't know
what that means, I was pretty sure he was highly ranked within the Invoker's
guild and they aren't known for rogues at all...

I asked him about how he was getting along in the heavens and how he and
Mama Vevier were doing with two gnomes crowding their celestial elbows and
he responded that there is always room for two gnomes. This, of course,
prompted the question of how tight a space they were able to fit two gnomes.

Apparently, this is not a thing that gnomes typically try to due, but don't
worry, dear readers, I impressed upon him the importance of finding out
answers for you and your Hopeful Herald (that's me!) Will be reporting as
soon as he knows himself.
In the end, he told me that his favorite color was grey and that he expects
order to continue to grow under his tutelage.

If you have any other questions for the Chairman of Gnomeland Security, let
me know and I'll ask him. Or you could ask him yourself. Don't trip on
him. He's still a gnome and has no plans to grow.
-Kewlin, the Hopeful Herald.

5) Poetry


What is in a Rose?
Perhaps it is the smell, who knows?
But they do not tickle my nose.
Could it be called by another name?
But would it ever be the same?
A Rose loves only the Sun.
Without its light there could be none.
The Rose and Sun joined like a lover's heart.
The two cannot stand to be apart.
But perhaps Roses love the rain.
Knowing this brings the Sun pain.
But perhaps they three work as one.
The love of the three cannot be undone.
The Rose as beautiful as can be.
Will always be a Rose to me.
No matter what a Rose is a Rose.
But it is all a matter of opinion I suppose...

Maybe we should all sometimes stop to smell the roses!

Rimera Aerinonth, The Alabaster Duchess, High Herald of Serin


A poem about poems, by someone who claims he isn't a poet!
I used to think poems could only come one way.
I thought poems had to have rhymes,
I also thought they should have a sense of time.
Then I learned that poems can have many, many forms.
Poems can also serve many purposes.
To entertain, to enlighten, to evoke emotion,
All these can be done through poem.
Poems can make you cry, or make your spirits fly!
Poems can make you think, or inspire you to drink!
So if you have some time, or care to make a rhyme,
Put yourself to the test, be better than the rest.
Become a poet, and your dreams may come true before you know it!
-Prost, the Whisper of Influence.


Vanisse bakes cookies from Gnomes!
In the bellies of Heralds, they find homes!
Are they made from rump meat?
Or from parts less sweet?
I bet they're made to fuel poems!

6) Gossip


In the past few ages of the world Serin has only witnessed a few of balanc
or goodness that have turned down dark roads. Not many centuries ago a little
halfling named Zolis caused a stir amongst balanced rogues with his aggressive
behavior. Even the honor amongst thieves code was not extended to the deviant
because not long after his vile ways he became an evil little halfling.

Determiz's case is quite similar. As a weretiger he has admitted to prowling
the shadows ready to pounce on an unsuspecting rodent. Though there are a lot
of Seringale citizens and Valour citizens who believe he is being overwhelmed
by evil tendencies. It all began while within a hunting party, one bardess in
particular was known for her haggling abilities and decided to just donate all
the spoils of gold to buying potions. Determiz did not enjoy this at all and
chose to threaten the innocent bardess.

The halfling unfortunately went on to leave us all many decades ago, but the
werebeast has been seen roaming the forests. It is not an uncommon thing for
Serin to witness these transformations, but they are few and far between. As
in the end, those who change into what was not meant to be will always find
misfortune further down their road.

-Ona the Student of the Quill


The following is gossip. There is a new Knight about, and many people
have many thoughts about him. I have not seen much of the paladin, named
Xarvax, but what I have seen, struck me as a bit odd. I heard many stories
all about this one event. Xarvax was merely trying to cleanse an Anathema,
and the drow bard Leonin was trying to defend his group. Xarvax came under
attack by three evils and once, and fell. I beleive this was because Xarvax
suspected a battle with one, not an entire group, seeing as how each of the
other two in the party had given the impression they would take the Oath.
This being in the past, and I was not about for it, just heard many

I was however, a direct witness to Xarvax attempting to let the bard not
part with his body. This seemed to anger Leonin even further as he said
"Would you spare me for a couple trinkets?" . Veridon was about at the
time, and joined us all in Seringale for a talk about the issue at hand.
Vlona was also about, and I think that was all that was keeping Xarvax from
trying to get his retribution. Then, I noticed that Veridon was not with
us, and I checked my blade range. Veridon was an INTRUDER! Then I checked
the area, and Vlona was not about. Then Leonin asked me to aura him, which
I refused. (Heralds are not supposed to help in any battles!!! See
Rimera's recent note for clarification.) Then the bard was yelling, Xarvax
had attacked him in Seringale. Neither of them left my blade range. Then
the gathering continued, everyone came back to West of Market Square, and
more chatting ensued!

I was happy, for I love good gossip!! Then Determiz joined the
conversation, and formed a group with Leonin. And then Veridon told
Determiz not to attack Xarvax. Determiz was not certain about what Veridon
meant, and asked a couple questions. Veridon pulled a soul of Determiz out
of a sack, but that is another story for another time (A Knight bargaining
with souls?). Then Fynth came about. Then Determiz and Xarvax had a
battle west of Seringale, but I missed who got the better of whom, just know
no one died. Then Xarvax could be seen at his guild's entrance. I was
puzzled by this, because I know I wouldn't leave if my revenge was not
complete. Then Euriah came about, and both Justices left. Then I thought
the story was over, so I left town to get something a youngling had asked me
about. Then I came back to town seeing Determiz yell about being attacked
by Veridon. I quickly asked both why Veridon was "fighting Xarvax's
battles", and Veridon told me he was only fighting Determiz because Xarvax
was trying to leave. So Xarvax entered battle with at least two "enemies"
and "cleansed" neither, then left. Odd!

-Scribed as seen, by The Whisper of Influence


So I was talking to Solarius and he mentioned something interesting. He
told me the whole Gaelyn and Vella story, which you can read in this same
mystique, but he also told me that as part of their peace talks, Mkatos
asked him to buy protection. Being a peace loving sort, Solarius went to
Rondak, asking his permission. Here's the juicy part, if you were skimming,
stop now! Rondak allowed it!

That's right. Nobles of Valour are now allowed to beg protection from
Legion. Guess it ain't easy being a Knight and protecting all the innocent

Keep reading, Serins!

-Kewlin, The Hopeful Herald


Greetings ladies and gentlemen of Serin!

Along my travels a few eves ago, I was summoned by no other than the
Princess of Chaos herself to bear witness to something the likes of Serin
has never seen before. I was summoned to the Dark Palace and stood before
the dark throne along with Mkatos, Gaelyn, Vella, and the Princess herself!

Mkatos stood with Gaelyn at his side, and Mkatos asked him if he was willing
to give over his heart to the darkness in hopes to save the life and
everlasting soul of his sister Vella. Gaelyn, once a Knight of Valour,
granted his soul and sword arm to aid the Legion of Darkness in their quest
of ruling Serin in fear. Mkatos sat upon the dark throne itself while the
Princess of Chaos watched as Serin itself was shaken upon its very core!
For in return of his service to the dark army, Vella drank from a goblet of
Darkhan's very own blood!

When the final drop touched her lips, this once loving priestess, was
transformed into a stalker of the living! When her transformation was
completed, Mkatos turned and laughed with a sound of pure darkness so
frightening, it made the blood within my veins feel as cold as ice! Then he
proceeded to walk to what seemed to look like a magical globe of Serin and
placed a small flag upon the western hemisphere.

Then he spoke words that rattled my very soul, he said, "Now the time has
come for Serin to feel the vengance it so deserves." I am unsure what
vengance he speaks of but by the sound of his voice, I can see that Serin is
indeed in store for some very dark times.

In light of these happenings ladies and gentlemen, we can only hope that
Serin can survive the bloodshed that is about to be bestowed upon it...

May the winds guide you all well and safe,
Rimera Galanodel, High Herald of Serin

7) Obituaries


Maerlyn was not always a giant of the cloth, in fact, before he learned of his
true calling, Maerlyn was initiated within the guild of warriors. He petitioned
the guild of healers to accept him after understanding that it was in fact the
Tower of Mystics that he wished to be a part of. Maerlyn, during his childhood,
was always fond of the knowledge his grandparents and great grandparents gave
to him when asked about the world. History was a great delicacy for the giant
as he enjoyed thoroughly the lore of not just his own ancestors, but those of
reputable or memorable status from Serin's past.

As a Dilettante of the High Council, the storm giant followed a peaceful road
up until the Mystics had reached a cabal status once again. This concerned the
giant healer very much, as he did not wish much part of political warfare. As
time went on Mearlyn's presence had diminished, but it is unknown if this was
because of Mystics or something with his own personal life. Nevertheless, his
service as a member of the Tower and High Council was unmatched by any other
storm giant to date. Maerlyn was also the tallest Mystic to ever live.

-Ona the Student of the Quill


On the seventeenth day of the Celestial of the Sun, Determiz took his
final final breath. Determiz was a Ranger of the Tiger clan and was of the
highest caliber. He was a great friend to all of those whom knew him, but
was also a fierce combatant to those whom opposed him. Sadly, as of late he
grew weary of those who constantly wished to have his head. So he decided
to venture into the woods never to be seen again. Rumor says that when he
plunged his blade into his heart, all of the Tigers within Serin began to
roar in sorrow. His presence within Serin will be sorely missed, and may he
run with the streak of the heavens.

Another sad loss scribed by,
Rimera Galanodel, the Queen of Heralds, High Herald of Serin


At 1am, Day of the Moon, 23rd Renewal of the Celestial of the Sun, Keegan
the King of Devils took his own life. Many of the more meek and meager
citizens of Serin will be happy about this news. Keegan was an intensely
aggressive human necromancer. Towards the end of his days he spoke of
living his life to its very end, but clearly his will did not last as long
as his body would have. Keegan was fairly skilled in the arts of raising
the dead, and at making corpses as well. Many a time did Seringale's walls
reflect Keegan's victims yells about what a sorcerous dog he was. Keegan
left many corpses in his wake, some of which were his own. The necromancer
guildhall will surely miss Keegan, as he represented some of the most
cherished qualities of the mages of the undead. He was bloodthirsty,
commited, and relentless. May his spirit forever rest in, or possibly
possess members of, the realms of the dead.
-Prost, the Whisper of Influence.


Greetings, readers of Serin. I bring you an obituary. At 6 am, Day of
the Moon, 1st renewal of the Celestial of the Heart, Graxas drew his final
breath. Graxas was a duergar with incredible fighting prowess. Many who
knew him, or of him, knew this, for he had been accepted in the Dark Army of
Legion. At 21 years of age his disappearance was a bit of a shock to some.
The Legion Halls will mourn the passing of this fine warrior, but it also
leaves room for fresh blood, which is always welcomed there.
-Prost, The Whisper of Influence


Anaril passed away during the Day of the Great Gods, 15th Renewal of the
Celestial of the Sun. He grew up around the outskirts of Mount Saidan,
where he began to hone his fondness for ninjitsu. This fondness became a
goal that he had soon accomplished after growing a bit older. Anaril grew
within his new guild, and earned his seat at at the table of Knights. For
many Celestials prior to his passing, Anaril remained the only rogue present
in the service of Valour. A rumor has it that Sir Anaril was entirely
afraid of spiders, but eek, who isn't? The Light graced us with Anaril's
presence for some time, but it was his time to return to the Light (some say
way too early of a time). Farewell to you, Anaril the Master of the Miyama

-Ona the Student of the Quill


Valour has lost a Noble son. Sir Xarvax, like Sir Anaril, passed away
during the Celestial of the Sun, during the Day of the Great Gods. Xarvax
became known as a paladin at the age of fifteen when his father gifted to
him his first set of armor and the first sword he ever lifted. He knew his
destiny from this point forward, and he saw it through to the end. Xarvax
enjoyed battling as much as he did his prayers. He was a kind, gentle man
who would give you the clothing off of his own back. It is a sad week for
the Knights of Valour, but this dear Knight will go on to claim his place in

-Ona the Student of the Quill


On the Day of the Great Gods father Samerton took his final breath. He was
a Knight of the table and proud member of the guild of healers. Samerton
was known for his aggressiveness against evil within the church, and also
throughout Serin. Father Samerton felt peace and knowledge within the world
needed a firmer hand. He was able to demonstrate this idea during his time
as a Footman, and a Knight. He was a kind, stern man, but always willing to
help if he could. This marked the third Knight to pass on within a Celestial
of time. May your soul finally rest father Samerton.

-Ona the Student of the Quill


With already the tragic loss of a Footman and two Knights, Valour has also
lost a prized General at their table. Sir Veridon will always be remembered
for his kindness and courage. The man knew not fear, and knew what it took
to live through the sacred virtues of the Knights. Veridon Kendamar was born
in the land of Oltensia, where he and his twin sister were raised. He was
at first admitted into the guild of Healers, but an ambush happened that had
changed his life forever. His family was taken from him that evening, and
this made Veridon divert his strengths into the guild of paladins. He had
soon sought quest to join the Knights of Valour, and join them he did. He
gained promotions easily over time and as he remained vigilant he was deemed
worthy of reaching General status at the Knight table. He served the great
Executor of Valour until his final breath, may his soul finally be at rest.
And may you stand proudly with Soluminus, watching over the Light.

-Ona the Student of the Quill

8) Stories


Long ago when the land was not in so much turmoil, lived a young
half-elven boy by the name of Kaleb. Life was easy for Kaleb, for he was
the stable boy of a family of Avians far west of the Isles of Illusion. He
had not a care in the world, for he loved his position. Everyday at dawn he
awoke to tend the horses and complete the chores charged to him by his
masters. His masters though Avian, loved Kaleb as their own. For Kaleb was
found outside the door of their cottage on a cold, rainy night within a
basket with a single note pinned to it. The note was very short, but to the
point. It read, "Please take care of him as your own, enclosed is ten
thousand gold pieces and a map to his homeland, but it is not safe here."
So the small Avian family took him in and raised him to be a strapping young
lad. This small Avian village thought they would see peace for forever,
sadly this was not the case. One day a raiding party of dark riders came
through and began to rape and pillage their homes. Kaleb alone in the
stables outside of the village was unaware of the carnage taking place until
he began to hear the screams. So as fast as he could he ran to the village,
only to see homes burning and corpses lying in the streets. With fear in
his eyes and heart he ran to the small cottage he called home only to see
his masters lying near death upon the floor. Barely able to speak his
master told Kaleb what happened to him as a child. With saddness in his
heart, Kaleb tried his best to tend the wounds, but sadly in his dying
breath his master gave Kaleb the ten thousand coins and the map. As Kaleb
began to run out the door, he was met by what seemed to be a monster, clad
in black torn robes. Kaleb picked up his master's blood soaked sword and
tried to slay the monster, but in one swipe of its mace Kaleb was knocked
out cold! When Kaleb awoke, he was naked and tied down upon an altar with
dark figures surrounding him. They chanted feverishly while using daggers
to cut into his flesh.

This starts the next chapter of the long life of Kaleb Aerinonth, please
continue to read to find out more!

Rimera Galanodel, the Queen of Heralds, High Herald of Serin


Greetings Heralds and Fellow Patrons!
So, Serin wants to know about my armor, eh? Then let's set the record straight:

She is my armor as I am her Gnome.
I am her family and she is my home.
I am the words and she is the tome.
We leave together and together we roam.

She was raised from mere widgets by our clan's engineers.
Within her I've found something more life-like than gears.
Does my love for this lady get past your ears?
I care not, for with her I will spend all my years.

To others, she looks like part-stone, part-steel,
To me, she speaks and her messages I feel.
We share every laugh, every tear and each meal.
When I'm feeling defeated, she takes the wheel.

We hope this short tale quenches your thirst,
If not, relax and let's talk about it first.
Over drinks and stories, we'll get emersed,
'Cause I'd hate for my baby's ire to burst!



Greetings readers of Serin. I bring to you a story many have asked
about. This is the story of Nycticora's rise to power. Nycticora's 'past
is fairly typical of Serins, to a point.' Nycticora is the daughter of a
fisherman and a peasant woman. She was raised '..In a small city on the
outskirts of Liberty, the city of freedom. We were under the protection of
the Knights during the great wars. 'This was sometime near the Dragon
Wars, in the timeline of men. Nycticora's hometown was destroyed, as was
Liberty. In the dark times that followed, 'I passed my days gathering items
of value from those slain in the battles between the Army and the Knights,
bartering what I could for scraps of rations. There was precious little
living happening, during those times, and I did little enough of it myself.
'Nycticora said 'And, eventually, time stopped for me. I barely remember
hiding among the slain from some manner of beast. 'The Princess of Chaos
recalls 'The many, many years since... Thousands, and hundreds of
thousands, are a fog. I was likely little more than a mindless creature
myself, the same as the one which felled me.' Nycticora says 'I awoke over
the cast-aside body of the once-immortal Groq, having partially devoured it.
' Nycticora then said 'Deiphagy is as noble a means of ascension to Godhood
as any I've heard.' Nycticora then added 'Why he cast aside his flesh
remains a mystery to me, but I must say I appreciate it.' Then, I beleive,
in an effort to make more clear her motives, Nycticora said 'Once I realized
how much time had past, I thought of taking revenge against Rodyn, who,
indirectly, had taken my life from me.' 'I decided to take the Legion that
Groq abandoned for myself, and perhaps destroy it. I met Mkatos, who spoke
to the Dark Lord in whispers.'And 'We rebuilt the Legion together, in our
own image.' And in conclusion stated 'And, for now, I fancy that it
Story written by Prost, the Whisper of Influence.

9) Events


A rumor has it that Ona the Water Sprite has been hoarding everything valuable
imaginable, from mysterious wands to double edged swords. She was sighted in
the many forests across Serin, giggling and running from any who tried to catch
her. A lucky few who caught her claim they obtained a quest, and wonderful
gifts after her strange riddles were answered correctly. Each Celestial she will
be waiting to dance around eager Serins who seek her rewards. Prepare to catch
the Sprite as soon as you can!

Ona, The Water Sprite


This Strythoween a contest where people could dress themselves up as monsters
took place. Only one person was brave enough to step forward and claim the
victory, but by default. His name is Mikoos, and his costume was an evil Ona.
He took home with him the 1st prize and fabled Strythoween lantern, a very
mysterious and powerful light source, along with a quest and bragging rights.

-Ona the Student of the Quill

10) Sprite's Wisdom


One ultimate way to make an equipment piece really glow is by first using an
alchemic transformation recipe. Let us use the recipe of succesful striking,
which consists of: a deep red stone, wind boots, shiriff's badge, and a plant
called Arrowroot. Once obtaining perfect results (may take many attempts), a
master enchanter is needed. Not only may your piece offer unusual results,
it will be nicely enchanted as well. This will create you a cherishable item
that is available almost all the time. People really overlook the power of
alchemy! The hardest part is finding enchanters, hm.

-Ona the Student of the Quill


An ancient scroll entitled "Armor Class" speaks of some interesting perks
that involve armor bonuses on certain pieces of equipment. Torso, shield,
sleeves, leggings, body pieces, and helmets, all have shown a significant
increase in armor value when enchanted. Though one may resort to reciting
scrolls of enchantment, a skilled invoker with lady luck by their side has
been proven to be the best approach when delving in such beneficial spells.

-Ona the Student of the Quill

11) Kewlin's Hidden Gems


In the spirit of Lord Eloret's ascension to the Heavens, I've decided to
showcase the shops in the gnomish village for my hidden gems section of the
Mystique. I guess you knew that that's where you were because you flipped
to the page...

There are two shops in the gnome village. Now gnomes are smart, don't get
me wrong, but most shops try to sell more than one type of thing. I don't
know why these gnomes don't. They're just as bearded and wrinkled as other
gnomes, so I don't know if they're old and retired, or if they're really
scraping the bottom of the barrel. It didn't seem polite to ask.

Now, those of you know know me knew that I trained in the guild of warriors.
The problem with training there is you're right next to Runya's Bakery. The
bread she makes will take me back to my youth training, but let me tell you
about the skeein bread here.

Skeein bread is soft and fluffy. It pulls apart with just the right amount
of resistance. It doesn't have any raisins, but it's still really really

And if you don't want some bread, right next door is a man selling books
about how to make your own food. I bought one, but it seemed to be in
gnomish because I couldn't read a thing, but I bet someone who's better at
reading than I am at writing could figure out how to use this book to create
some food.

Keep reading for more of Kewlin's Hidden Gems.


So I was going on a stroll through one of the cleanest cities in Serin,
though the lovely Zilvintra might object that it's a city at all, when I saw
a little shop on the corner. Being the resident shop looker for Heralds, I
decided to stop in. Tasenther greeted me warmly, pulling me over and
starting to measure every inch of me! It took a while to convince him that
I didn't need new pants or a vest or nothing, just that I wanted to
interview him.

Turns out, he's owned this shop for years and years. Ain't no one else in
Serin that makes silk like he does. Even he doesn't make it! He gets it
imported from some country with a name I couldn't spell. But gents, if
you're looking to dress yourself up fine, drop by The Tailor Store in

-Kewlin, the Hopeful Herald

12) The Chief's Armoire


Greetings ladies and gentlemen of Serin!

It is I, Rimera, your fashionista of Serin back again to tell you some more
fantastic additions you can make to your wardrobe! Today I am going to
discuss some wares that are more inclined to our friends of the wizardry
arts. In my travels with a few Mage friends of mine we stumbled upon a
wonderful set called "Arcane Gemstones". Now I know you must be thinking,
"Rimera, this sounds pretty flashy." Well my friends, it is. But me being
the fashionista that I am, I just had to try it on! My friends the colors
alone bedazzled me! I felt as though I was wearing a shiny rainbow! But
mind you not only is this outfit pretty in the sense of colors, it was also
very form fitting! And gentlemen, do not think I am only saying this to the
ladies, it also makes gentlemen look quite handsome! It also has some
fantastic benefits to add you in your travels. Not only does it make you
smarter by three notches, it also helps save you against those harmful
spells by seven notches. But ladies and gentlemen the best benefit in my
personal opinion is that it raises how many times something can hit you by
two hundred notches! And believe me ladies and gentlemen, that helps a lot
if you are a Mage on a long, dangerous adventure! And the most wonderful
thing of all is that you can add or take away from this set as long as you
keep its main pieces, and before I forget I will include those! The main
pieces are not hard to obtain and they consist of the jewel encrusted fork,
two small emerald rings, two diamond studded collars, and last but not least
two glowing bracelets! None of these items are too hard to obtain so you
should be able to add them to your wardrobe quite easily. And they will
make you look fantastic! So if you are a Mage on the go, you should check
into the Arcane Gemstone set. I can assure you that your mind and body will
thank you for it!

Continue reading to find out more fantasic wares about Serin!

Rimera Galanodel, The Editor-In-Chief of the Serin Mystique


Greetings ladies and gentlemen of Serin! It is I, Rimera, your
fashionista of Serin back again with some more wares that will make your
wardrobe look fantastic! In my younger days, I came upon a quest that
granted me wares that not only were beautiful, but also helped my abilites
as a Ninja by helping me hit more! Now I know you are asking, Rimera, what
wares are you speaking of? Well my friends, I am speaking of the wares that
complete the set called Midnight Vigil. Now before you even ask, no, I will
not tell you where or how to gain the quest for that such information would
get this fashionista in a bit of hot water. But I can tell you that these
wares even though they look a bit on the rough side, I assure you once you
have all of the pieces, they shine brighter than the midnight moon! Also
when they are all combined, they allow you three notches on how many times
you hit! Not too shabby when you are a young adventurer on the go! Also
when you combine the correct accessories, this set can give you everything
you are looking for. If you add the enchanted leather bracers and a couple
of rings of light, or red claw rings (incase you are not a lightwalker) you
will be a young powerhouse that looks as fantastic as you are deadly!

So keep in mind my young, adventuring friends, you do not have to be a high
ranking warrior or mage to look completely stunning!

Keep reading for more great wardrobe ideas!
Rimera Galanodel, High Herald of Serin

13) Stryth'O'Ween Gossip


I got a chance to sit down with Solarius today, he told me the whole
story about this Valour Betrayal business. Not that he was involved, mind

The story of Gaelyn and Vella is a tragic one! No one knows what happened
to their mother and their father abandoned them at a young age. Gaelyn was
forced to raise his sister all on his own! Then they came to Valour where
Gaelyn wanted to become a knight.

Not long after he was knighted, Mkatos came to Gaelyn. Our informant tells
me that he heard something about how it'd be the kid's fault if his sister

Gaelyn quickly left Valour for Legion, his sister following in his wake as
an undead. The fact that she didn't get to stay living sure lends some
credence to her being sick all the time. Otherwise, why bother?

Now, Solarius started talking to me about something real interesting. He
told me that Mkatos plans to release the Chaos Dragon. With Rondak close to
death, that might be the blow that sends the executor over the edge. The
way will be clear for Legion to sweep in and clear out all the other

Look out, Serin!

(Solarius told me he's urging the Knights for peace. Maybe we can avoid this
whole dragon thing? Who knows. Keep reading!)

Kewlin, The Hopeful Herald


This day I witnessed Mkatos fighting the Keepers. A chain of events was
set in motion that resulted in the Keepers and the Justices fighting each
other somehow. The bard Crisbin took the lead in these fights, and
impressed the Keepermaster sufficiently to be promoted to Thodun's right

Kushtok became overwhelmed with jealousy, and the words I whispered into his
ear of how the Keepermaster sought easy pray in Fynth rather than to
continue fighting the Forsaken drove him into a blind rage. He called Thodun
a coward, defaced his cabal grounds, and murdered his leader in cold blood.

For his crime he was exiled from his halls and stripped of his rank among
rangers. He has sworn to prove his worth by crushing his former master and
is no longer able to calm the rage in his heart.

Kewlin, The Hopeful Herald