The Serin Mystique, Volume 14, Issue 2

After far too long, we have finally released another issue of The Serin
Mystique. Enjoy!

1) extra (see Gremlins)
2) Fights (see AnavelVs.Luc, AvyradolmVs.Motha)
3) Cabals (see Justice, Legion, Warlords, Knights, Keepers)
4) Gossip (see Revolution?)
5) Obits (see Cedowyl, Pym)
6) Coteries (see Mystics, Heralds)

- The Heralds

1) extra


There were festivities in Seringale on the 20th Renewal of the Celestial
of Life, which involved a bunch of Gremlins being tossed via catapults
within Seringale. There was no clear winner or loser overall, but the
Heralds plan to run another one of the events sooner rather than later.
(Nag your local Herald if you want to participate.)

2) Fights


I came about to notice Luc was an outlaw, and Anavel was present. Anavel
and Luc skirmished a few times, first in Timaran. The action later went to
Emerald Forest, where Anavel was forced to recite a word of recall. The
action started again within Seringale. Anavel was badly hurt, and went to
Dagnir. She called a guard, and soon after, Luc was apprehended and then
sentenced to death on the breaking wheel.

- Valour's Vivimancer


It all started with a challenge. The elvish warrior Avyradolm challenged
Motha the drow shaman to a fight to the death within Seringale. Based on
eyewitness accounts, Motha attacked Avyradolm, and they skirmished before
Motha declined the challenge. They fought on and off within Seringale
before proceeding to fight in Drkshtyre Wood. After that, Motha ran through
town and escaped pursuit from the warrior. Later, they both returned to
town, and Avyradolm kicked dirt into Motha's eyes. They skirmished again a
few times. In the end, Motha was victorious.

3) Cabals


The Enforcers of Justice appear to be doing their jobs effectively.
Outlaws are dealt with as harshly as they should be, and there is no
evidence of corruption within the halls. Jorax recently rose to Commander
following the loss of Cedowyl; other members include Captain Auhror,
Sergeants Anavel and Kuraga, and Officers Gretch and Miyexa.

- Valour's Vivimancer


Legion's presence has been slightly on the wane. Eroia and Vashiik are
confirmed members of Legion, while rumours suggest Xocolatl may be a member.
As always, Nycticora oversees Legion from the heavens. Nothing new there!

- Valour's Vivimancer


Chaut provided some helpful insight into the inner workings of the
Warlords. Aside from Chaut himself, their members include Athedius the
ranger, Cavi the berserker, Rhiahnon the monk, and Voylo the monk. Only
Chaut himself and Rhiahnon have the highest titles within their guilds,
partially on account of self-discipline being important for all Warlords.

Chaut said, "We believe in respect, glory, and self-discipline."

In addition, Chaut is the senior most mortal. To advance, he must win a
fight against two others at once. His current challenge, he said, was Taor.

Otherwise, the Warlords are not explicitly at war with any cabal at this
time. It remains to be seen how much glory their members shall obtain.


Valour seems to be on the wane these days. Sights of the Knights have
been few and far-between as of late, and Legion is making a comeback in
their apparent absence. The loss of the promising applicant Tindra, and the
apparent discontentment from Velajuel has been seen with some rancor by
those Nobles about to witness it.

Their current members include Adrierra, Jhinn, and Lolath.


Although the Keepers have been quiet as of late, they have gained a new
member: Checho. Scarr is also a member though he has not been about much
lately. It is unknown what the agenda is for the Keepers at this time.

4) Gossip


There have been two rejections on opposite sides of the coin recently:
Kiankai from the Knights, and Veromos from the Legion. Kiankai applied too
late to become a squire and was dealt with professionally, but he did not
appear to be happy. He is apparently a "Brother of the Revolution",
whatever that means.

Meanwhile, Veromos's application to Legion was rejected by Eroia herself,
for reasons unknown. He has been randomly killing citizens of Serin, and
taking the Iron Fist of Justice and putting it in the Sewers at the acolyte
of Zaikkra.

What this all means, who knows? We live in interesting times.

- Valour's Vivimancer

5) Obits


Judge Cedowyl, the former Commander of Justice, went on a vacation. He
was not heard from ever again after he took an extended leave of absence.
His head was found many Renewals after his declared vacation. He is now
gone forever, and the enforcers of Justice are left without a Commander.


Pym, the Lore Keeper of the Heralds, departed this land for her dreams.
She will be missed.

- Valour's Vivimancer

6) Coteries


Niusan has been spotted again after a long period of absence. The
Mystics are keeping mostly to themselves from what the Heralds have seen,
but known members include Virasen, Ethaac, Iori, Verklina, and Waliwyn.


A new addition to our halls, finally! Lythrana takes up the mantle as a
Herald, and Trelanya gains some much desired company at last. Two Heralds
is always better than one, I always say...