The Serin Mystique, Volume 15, Issue 1

Welcome to the newest iteration of the Mystique! This is the first issue
produced since Mystics and Heralds were combined into the Consortium, and it
has brought some exciting changes! The Consortium now has Phostan joining
the ranks of the Immortals who've helped bring it to where it is today. He
will be helping with the day to day operations and help produce new content.
That being said, let us tell you of the newest change! Moving forward,
there will be a very limited run of each new Mystique, which will contain
vouchers redeemable for different things. What sort of things? Well, be
sure to grab one of the limited edition copies everytime a new issue is
printed, and find out for yourself!

1) Cabals (see Justice, Keepers, Knights, Legion, Warlords)
2) Stories (see FirstBard)
3) Home & Garden (see Hovels)
4) Mystic's Corner (see Items, Backgrounds)
5) Gossip (see Outlaws, Clown)
6) Battles (see Blood1, Blood2, Duel1, Duel2, Duel3)
7) Tournament (see Ann1, Ann2, Ann3, Ann4, Ann5)
8) Obituaries (see Kiankai, Ailmar, Edebayo, Conundo)

- The Heralds

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