Kryton the Hand of the Dark Lord, Forsaken of Legion
Kryton created on 07th of March 2022, and is currently 60 years old (637 hours played).

Title: the Hand of the Dark Lord, Forsaken of Legion
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: fire giant warrior

Background history:

  1. Rough Start - posted at 2022-12-09 01:07:05
Rough Start
Far south of Serin is a territory named Rahku. It was populated by very large fire giants. They ruled with strength and fear, enslaving any that crossed their path. Even their own in some cases. Long before Kryton was born, his mother was a slave there. She was a fire giant, born to the lands of Rahku. But, that didn't mean anything to the King that ruled these lands. When the populace of slaves starts running thin, he would at random gather the peasants of his own kind to replenish those numbers. While she was enslaved, she gave birth to Kryton. The kings men immediately put her back to work, and she died shortly after. Kryton was put in the slavery nursery with the other young ones, where they would be taken care of, and groomed into the next batch of slaves. As Kryton got older and learned of how he got to where he was now, he grew angry. It festered inside of him. His mother a slave, gave birth to him, and put back to work with no time to recuperate, and dying shortly after... This fueled him in a passionate way, so much as he devised a plan with a few other slaves. An escape place. Under the cover of dark, the five giants overpowered the handful of guardsman watching their section, and armed themselves with their wares. They swiftly mad way to the edge of the encampment where they were confronted by a much larger force of soldiers. Sword clashing, shields smashing... They fought with vigor. Alas, they broke through. Only Kryton and one other wounded giant made it. They lumbered toward the tree line and escaped into the forest. They got as far away as the energy they had left allowed them. They stopped to rest for the night. As Kryton wakes, he sees his lone companion had passed in his sleep. Kryton was alone now. He headed north as quickly as he could, finding his way into a land called Serin. As he passed through the Ford, he got directions from some of the the inhabitants. His path was now aimed for Seringale. After a short bit of getting accustomed to this new territory, he found something that gave him purpose. The warrior guildhall. There, he could harness the anger that festered inside, and focus it into the art of combat. As time passes, he was now a formidable guildhall member, even making a name for himself. But was this it? Was this all there was to his life now? There had to be more... More for him to conquer, more power. More...


A very large giant is here. His presence is known in many regards, one being the shadow he casts that covers more ground that most creatures you've seen, and can easily shade you from the sun if so desired. A unique feature is his skin. It is multi in colour, burnt orange areas that blends and melds into charcoal grey patches. Where these colours conjoin and mesh into together, they form a different hue, completing the the complexion trifecta on this giant. This feature is most dominant and noticeable since it covers his face as well. It's hard not to stare. Due to the mesmerizing pigmentation, it is easy to over look the fact he is completely void of hair. Not one follicle is seen. At this point, it's more of a side note that he looks of great, intense strength. Every muscle in sight is extraordinarily large with veins pulsating, stretching the flesh to the brink of ripping open, trying to contain the power within.

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