<MYSTIC> Wylsin the Sage of Arcane Power, Savant of Arcane
Wylsin created on 10th of February 2020, and is currently 52 years old (487 hours played).

Title: the Sage of Arcane Power, Savant of Arcane
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: gnome invoker

Background history:

  1. Wylsin Plindane's Early Life - posted at 2021-02-16 06:07:21
  2. Wylsin's First Taste of Urban Life - posted at 2021-03-27 20:40:06
Wylsin Plindane's Early Life
On the south bank of the River Adelon there is a tiny offshoot of the Gnome Village. Now, you wouldn't think that the Gnome Village is large enough to support another little town, but you have to remember that gnomes are very small. To them the so-called 'village' is quite the metropolis. In any case, it is in this small hamlet that the story of Wylsin Plindane begins. The Plindane family has resided in the Gnomish Hamlet for generations. They have always been a small family, with only one or rarely two children in each generation. An odd tradition they have is requiring whomever is to marry into the family to take the Plindane surname, whether they be male or female. This practice has allowed them to keep the Plindane name alive for ages upon ages. Wylsin was one of the rare second-borns in the Plindane lineage. He came as quite a surprise to Typsin and Mavy since they were rather older than typical for gnomish parents and had already raised his older sister, Lyunavy, to adulthood. Though they were happy, if not overjoyed, to have another child in the family, it certainly wasn't part of the plan. They were on the cusp of their own retirement, having already passed the majority of the family estate and ventures to Lyunavy. Nonetheless, they raised him well, with love and attention. As Wylsin neared adulthood, his family made some efforts to incorporate him into the business. However, a few problems quickly became clear. First, there was little room in the business dealings for him. Second, he had little interest in these dealings. He pulled his own weight, but didn't display much flair or initiative. Sensing a growing listlessness in Wylsin, the family gathered as much gold as they could and made a surprise offering to him. They proposed to sponsor him in whatever venture he chose. Surely the expected him to open a shop of his own, or perhaps become an artisan of some sort. His actual choice shocked the family. He was going to take the funds generously offered to him and enroll in the Invoker Guild in the far away town of Timaran. And in a short three days Wylsin gathered his belongings and set off for his training in Timaran.


Looking about this place, you can't help but notice the little gnome standing before you. His bright green eyes seem to seek yours out. As your gazes lock, you notice something dancing behind behind the gnome's eyes. It almost seems to be flickering firelight, but of course that's impossible. Breaking your eye contact, you look over the rest of his face. A short, almost button-like nose sits right in the center. His lips have a slight orange-ish hue to them, and when he talks his teeth are dazzlingly white. He has curly red hair, and when he turns his head it seems to shimmer as though a great heat were emanating from him.

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