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1.Ardun vs Yuden 3Yuden
2.ardun 37 vs kallex 34 4Ergorion
3.Outlaws Veromos 'n Luc vs 'dem Knights, Nobles 'n Lawmen! 6Lorne
4.Phahrdrah vs Adrierra 3Nycticora
5.Phahrdrah vs Kianna 0
6.This ones for you Chaut 1ottif
7.Tigrul vs Phahrdrah 8Eox
8.Phahrdrah vs Jhinn 1Kedaleam
9.Wiri vs Lofang (With rage) 1Kornhole
10.Nadreck VS Galiene 0
11.Nadreck VS Rakkin 3Kedaleam
12.Knag vs Gairn (Stream Pull) 1Eox
13.Vauwyn vs Shin (stream steal) 13Phostan
14.Zoats smote, fights knights again! 0
15.fight #3 0
16.fight #2 0
17.Fall of Valour, fight 1 0
18.The Fall of Valour 1Faelon
19.Zoat smote, fights knights! 0
20.Zoat Smote! goats again! 0
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