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1.Durmindin (STRIFE) vs Zyron (LEGION) 7Durmindin
2.Control weather bug? 10Dendrodorn
3.Fix necromancers 20Kornhole
4.Overpowered overhead crush is brutal and maybe broken 49Davairus
5.Zatoke VS Bomgrom (Bug included) 7Ethaac
6.Hardulf vs Paeix - Stream Cream 17Vevier confused 5Paeix
8.Dark Knights' new toys 18Jaroth
9.The fun never ends. 30Ashlyn
10.Mirtolda vs. Heinrildt (BUG LOG) 7maeve
11.Alkas vs Groushtar (Warning: very long) Possible bug report also 16lionSpyre
12.Chul vs Abellyith 26Vevier
13.Overpower berserk for a lvl 50 minotaur 14Merlandox
14.Level 20 invoker discovers forbidden magic 6Stiehl26 hp/mana gain for pk finish with rend? 5Nadrin
16.Trip wire bug 4Davairus
17.Phahrdrah finds a bug and cheeses it 5Fjordam
18.Phahrdrah vs Adrierra 3Nycticora
19.Cedowyl and Kaareg vs Luthir and Mazush (sentencing loophole/bug) 11Davairus
20.Tenors vs Tenors: let's see who's better at running blind 17Kedaleam
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