Artoron the Holy Shaman
Artoron created on 31st of December 2020, and is currently 37 years old (167 hours played).

Title: the Holy Shaman
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: minotaur shaman

Background history:

  1. A Dark Omen - posted at 2022-12-24 04:02:20
A Dark Omen
In this day and age the Mahn-Tor are the most powerful tribe of minotaur in Serin. Such was not always the case. A millenium ago there was another tribe known as the Joachim-Tor. Whilst there were many similarities between the tribes, the Mahn-Tor exclusively favored battle prowess and strength, and the Joachim-Tor focused more heavily on shamanistic rituals and tradition. Ever vying for territory and resources, the two tribes inevitably went to war. Given the size and strength of the tribes, it was a long and drawn out bloody affair. The Mahn-Tor eventually gained the upper hand and pressed their advantage, seeking to annihilate the Joachim-Tor. The Mahn-Tor forces surrounded the last standing village of Joachim-Tor, slowly closing the ring. Standing shoulder to shoulder, they planned to leave none left breathing and allow none to escape their advance. In the last moments of the tribe, the Joachim-Tor high shaman was blessed with an unholy vision. He saw in his mind's eye a massive minotaur, with hide and soul black as obsidian. A creature filled with power, hatred, and with Joachim-Tor blood coursing through its veins. This creature would walk the land, forging a path of death and destruction. The Joachim-Tor would live and be feared once more. That day, the Mahn-Tor would surely tremble. The high shaman had barely finished vocalizing his vision when a Mahn-Tor axe cleaved through his skull.


The minotaur that you see before you is of immense size and stature. His body seems to be shrouded darkness, yet what you can see of his body is darker still. The thick hair that you can see is of pure black hue. His massive ebony horns are clearly visible, as is his dark, leathery face. His red eyes are sunken deep within their sockets. At the end of his long snout is a ring of pure black metal pierced through his nasal septum. Long, thick, black hair woven into a braid dangles from his mandible. A feeling of malevolence emenates from this dark creature.

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