Thandus the Holy Knight, Guardian of Valour
Thandus created on 22nd of January 2022, and is currently 39 years old (241 hours played).

Title: the Holy Knight, Guardian of Valour
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: elf paladin

Background history:

  1. Upbringing - posted at 2022-01-30 06:11:03
Thandus grew up as an only child to a poor family of farmers that lived in a small village. This small village was isolated within the magical forest of illusion, located west of Valour. His childhood was one of hard work with plenty of time spent outdoors in nature. At a young age he was taught about responsibility and had chores tending to the villagers plants and animals. When he grew old enough his family sent him to a school located in Valour that was to teach the young man of scholastics, spirituality and duty. When Thandus arrived at that Valour school he was taken in as one of only a handful of elves. He was nurtured and provided with general comforts he was not accustomed to. During the daytime he was assigned classes from the masters and his evenings were spent in study and prayer. He excelled in his studies and learnt of things in this world that were never talked about in the village he grew up in. As Thandus spent more time in this school and learnt of the outside worlds complexities there begun feelings of anger and protectiveness that shone inside him. Many years passed after arriving at that school in Valour and the time for Thandus studies to conclude were drawing near. The final task at this school was to pledge a sacred oath between the individual and the gods of light. Thandus spent his last few years of study focused on the gods of light, their blessings and the history of his race. When the day came for Thandus to make his sacred oath he chose his ancestral oath to the Enclave of Three Moons.


A slender figure stands before you with an aura of purity about it. His frame is lean and accentuated with toned muscles that allow him to move about gracefully. He is short for a creature of his kind but he appears confident and proud with his presence. Straight golden brown hair is washed clean and combed neatly as it lays down the side of his face to his shoulders and back. The tips of his pointed ears poke up from underneath his combed hair. His face is stoic and appears void of expression as he gazes about his surroundings. Bright yellow pupils stare back at you and shine with an inner light which hints of power within. I intend a pursuit of additional supplies and armaments in the days ahead. An undertaking to keep my mind sharp and my body honed while we wait for the shadows to show themselves again.

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