Lumubella , General of the Order of Light
Lumubella created on 22nd of December 2020, and is currently 57 years old (422 hours played).

Title: , General of the Order of Light
Gender: Female
Level: 51
Class: dwarf healer

Background history:

  1. Endings and Beginnings - posted at 2020-12-27 03:33:12
  2. Path to a Purpose - posted at 2021-03-02 06:19:46
  3. A tear stained missive - posted at 2021-05-12 21:19:42
Endings and Beginnings
Legend has it that many years ago a great kingdom of dwarves existed in the mountain ranges to the northeast. A vast kingdom, carved into the earth, its depths never fully charted. From the mines came a wealth to support such a kingdom, to allow it to thrive and prosper. A dwarf with impeccable character and a great inner strength ruled from atop the mountain. A popular king, benevolent and kind, strong and virile, his virility evident in the sheer number of his offspring. Twenty-two all told, boys and girls. The youngest of these was Lumubella. Doted on by all, Lumubella was a spirited child. Spoiled rotten she was quickly labelled a "holy terror." In her infinite wisdom the Queen sent Lumubella to the temple of the Goddess of Fortune. A hard discipline Lumubella faced at the hands of the high priest, but it did not break her. In fact she flourished under the structure and discovered a talent for empathy buried among her cast off foibles. As she grew in her minority to a respectable lass, the kingdom came under attack. From the east came the trolls and their shaman allies, from the swamps to the south came the necrolords and their hordes of undead and from the underdark came the dark elves and their duergar brethren. All to take the vast wealth of the kingdom. To burn to ash, corrupt, defile and render its greatness into obscurity. From its allies the dwarves found now succor, as the elves were beset upon by the vast hordes or orcs, and the kingdoms of men were beset with corruption and apathy. The king was slain and his kingdom burned to dust. A remnant of a remnant survived and fled, a long march to the west and then south. They broke ground on the edges of the last bastion of light, a small encampment to safeguard what was left of a kingdom broken. Of young Lumubella's family, none remained save her. No kingdom and no crown and only a broken people left to inherit, she only had the faint hope of redemption. Only time will tell if that is enough.


A short, solid woman stands fiercely before you. Riotous golden locks flow down to her waist, somewhat tamed into four thick braids by intricately carved metal bands. Her expressive blue eyes peer out from a youthful face with stern features, her narrow eyebrows curved into a serious expression above long lashes and rosy cheeks. A small nose and full lips complement her eyes, preventing her from being entirely relegated to the ranks of the homely. Her thick frame does have distinctly feminine curves of breast, hip, and thigh, though these are obscured by the robes enveloping her. The robes are intricately embroidered with what appear to be dwarven runes, and indicate her station as priestess.

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