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Raldric created on 27th of June 2014, and is dead and gone (23 years old, 127 hours, 24 days lifetime)

Title: the Battlemaster
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: dwarf warrior

Background history:

  1. Adventure awaits - posted at 2014-06-28 05:23:08
Adventure awaits


Standing abruptly the height of bar table a fairly plump Dwarf is before you. His rosey red cheeks swell out from a massive beard that flows all the way down to his hips and wraps around his waist. The bright red color of his beard suggest he has a fiery temper splotches of grey can be seen here or there. His ocean blue eyes bring a softer side of him one that makes him almost huggable. Upon his chest he has a tattoo of a broken hourglass that seems to pour sand down his body.

PK stats:

Kills: 4, Deaths: 14 (Ratio: 0.3, Efficiency: 22%)
Pinnacle Kills: 4, Pinnacle Deaths: 8 (Ratio: 0.5, Efficiency: 33%)

Kills by class:
shadow: 3, thief: 2, bard: 1,
Killed by class:
shadow: 3, warrior: 1, shaman: 1, dark-knight: 1, bard: 1,

Nemesis: Amiendre


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