Aerysen the Holy Knight, Executor of Valour
Aerysen created on 28th of December 2022, and is currently 30 years old (194 hours played).

Title: the Holy Knight, Executor of Valour
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: jotun paladin

Background history:

  1. The Oracle in the Stars - posted at 2023-01-12 14:43:17
The Oracle in the Stars
The icy winds at the mountain's peak pierced Aerysen's frostbitten flesh, whipping around him in a frenzy as he struggled to keep his feet in the heavy snow. Even a body born and bred for the fiercest winters was pressed to its limits atop Mount Aramore, where ten-thousand stars now gleamed impetuously at the young jotun's desperate quest. But, as exhausted as he was, Aerysen had managed to reach the mountain's peak in time. The aurora was yet to commence, and he could sense the veil between worlds thinning. His chance to change the past was nigh. Mount Aramore had claimed many of Aerysen's kith and kin. If Joleryn's demise had come at the claws of a yeti, or the crushing weight of an avalanche, Aerysen could have buried his grief along with her. But the creature that spewed forth from the All-Pine and felled his wife was wreathed in an alien and sulfuric scent. It was an aberration, and had it not been born into this world through hellish machinations, Joleryn would still be with him. Tears welled up in the corners of Aerysen's eyes, instantly freezing and falling to his wife's body cradled in his arms. At once, the aurora flashed across the night sky in a whirl of prismatic color. Beyond the din of the winds howling around him, Aerysen could hear the faintest sound of a tear. The veil had torn for the briefest of moments, and his message was ready to be delivered. Mustering all of his remaining strength, Aerysen roared for the injustice that had been done to his loved one, calling out to any god who would hear him. As the last of his breath was exhausted, before the cold air pierced his lungs once more, Aerysen suddenly found himself frozen in time. The winds had ceased, snowflakes hung suspended in mid-air, and his lungs no longer ached for air. But as he looked up, the stars undulated and coalesced into a winged being of prismatic light. In a moment, the vision had passed. Aerysen collapsed into the snow, still clutching the body of his wife. But in that same moment, eternity had sprawled before him. He saw endless possibility, pasts that could have been and futures undetermined. But in that infinite web of space and time, the winged being showed the jotun the only world line that could grant restitution. Aerysen would bury Joleryn on the peak of Mt. Aramore, but he would not bury his grief with her. Instead, that grief would fuel the storm of vengeance that was to be wrought on all enemies of the Light. And where else does such a storm coalesce but at the city of Light itself.

Description (commended):

A cold air seems to bellow from this ice giant, like the mouth of the North Wind. Locks of white hair cascade over his massive form, adorned in well-worn armor and weapons that are impeccably well-kept. The ice-blue skin of his fists, neck and face are blemished with frostbite along with various nicks and cuts. However, many of the finer features of his face are obscured by a thick beard adorned with metallic-gray rings that hold the various braids of his mustache. Despite his stern disposition, the jotun appears to carry themselves with an air of joviality. Wrinkles line the edges of his eyes and cheeks, becoming more prominent with boisterous laughter or an easy smile. His eyes are a frosty blue in color, while his pupils appear surrounded by a subtle gold halo. He bears a hawkish nose, bent at the bridge where it was likely broken once or twice.

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