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1.Khiotha versus Feradus LONG 5Kedaleam
2.Minxt vs Chibaen stream: "Eyes off" 15Davairus
3.Mazush vs two FIVE STAR Wanteds in town 65Kedaleam
4.Liahwhar vs Nico 9Davairus
5.The keeper duo stricks again! 0
6.Thug life... 9lolath
7.It's not rape, it's surprise buttsex 4Raukh
8.Mazush (in red dragon) vs Orus 19Mazush
9.Keepers = The New Legion? 60Kedaleam
10.Surprise attack did not end well for Lucide 3Nycticora
11.Nico vs Dhaartnab (stream) 4Nico
12.Nico VS Ingra (No Edit / from Stream) 0
13.Mishtkah vs Nico DBL DEATH 1Stephen2Aus
14.Mishtkah vs Agrerrogod 1Ergorion
15.mishtkah vs Agrerrogod round 2 0
16.Mishtkah vs ederiwyn 2 0
17.Mishtkah vs Auhror 1Merlandox
18.Mishtkah dies 4Agrerrogod
19.Mishtkah vs Vakras and Firithien 0
20.Good lord 5Ederiwyn
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