Ragnvald the Holy Knight, Grand Cross of Valour
Ragnvald created on 05th of December 2023, and is currently 32 years old (260 hours played).

Title: the Holy Knight, Grand Cross of Valour
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: jotun paladin

Background history:

  1. The Towering Jotun - posted at 2023-12-15 16:36:23
The Towering Jotun
In the chilling realm of Elsengard, Ragnvald emerged, a towering paladin born amidst blizzards and thunderous storms. From a young age, he was chosen by the ancient order of Frostguard Paladins, known for their unyielding dedication to protecting their land and people. In the outskirts of Elsengard stands a towering obsidian spire. In it dwells a dark sorcerer known only as Malgrim the Malevolent. His mastery over the dark arts surpassed all known sorcery in Elsengard. From his shadowy stronghold, Malgrim raised an army of undead and shadow warriors, raiding the peaceful lands of Elsengard. The only force standing between Malgrim and domination was the ancient order - the Forstguard Paladins. The tussle between Light and Dark raged on across the plains of Elsengard. Shadow warriors and paladins fell to be reborned as undead soldiers and in turn purified by the ancient order. Ultimately, the fight between the Light and Dark forces came to a climatic showdown in the Plains of Verdantia, some thirty miles west of Thronheim, the capital city of Elsengard. Ragnvald stared over the plains, eyes locked onto a lone figure draped in black robes swirling in the wind. That is my target... A long blast of horn sounded and the thundering roar of hooves clattering across the grass rang across the battlefield. Looking through the thin slit of his visor, he saw the distance closing and readied his lance, braced for impact. The first wave of knights clashed into the frontline. A step to the left, a slash to the right. Ragnvald slashed his way across the lines of shadow warriors in his path. His prize is within his reach. A sword to the heart and an end to the war. Malgrim glanced into the eyes of Ragnvald, his dark eyes laughing at the other's futility and smiled, his decaying teeth showing under his dried lips. With a sharp turn, Malgrim fled, disappearing behind a large boulder and into the darkness. Ragnvald roared and shoved aside everyone standing in his way, following the trail into the darkness. Malgrim stood before a wooden pedestal made of vines. A shimmering ball could be seen illuminating the center of a small clearing. Ragnvald strode forward with confident steps, knowing the end is near. Malgrim smiled and started chanting, braiding his thin fingers into weird symbols. Ragnvald narrowed his eyes, sensing something amiss he charged forward, sword in his hands. Malgrim yelled "Begone foolish one. With you gone, the world will be mine!" . A large portal shimmered into existence pulling Ragnvald into it. No, this must not end like this. As Ragnvald struggled agains the force pulling him into the portal, he stretched out his hand and grabbed Malgrim. Looking at him, Ragnvald said "If I go, you will be coming with me." With that said, he launched himself into the portal, pulling Malgrim along. Everything faded into darkness. Ragvald opened his eyes, large trees loomed over him. A sign that said Welcome to Braem wood could be seen. Where is this place, Ragnvald thought to himself. Thinking to himself, nothing matters, his quest for Malgrim continues. He lurks somewhere in this place...


A Jotun paladin stands tall and formidable, reaching heights of ten feet, his stature commanding attention. His physique boasts impressive strength, a chiseled frame adorned with ancient symbols that gleam with an ethereal frost. His skin, resembling polished marble with a frosty sheen, bears swirling patterns reminiscent of frozen windswept landscapes. Piercing, glacier-blue eyes radiate an unwavering resolve, framed by a face adorned with frost-kissed features that carry an air of stoic determination. Cascading silvery-white hair, meticulously braided and often adorned with crystalline fragments, flows like a frozen waterfall down their broad shoulders.

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