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Szrevan created on 23rd of July 2021, and is dead and gone (40 years old, 396 hours, 9 months lifetime)

Title: the Serpent King, Battle Leader of Warlords
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: slith warrior

Background history:

  1. The path of the forsaken - posted at 2021-07-23 02:53:01
  2. Coalesce - Breathe In - posted at 2021-07-24 19:48:41
  3. Vendetta of the Serpent King - posted at 2021-09-26 16:38:21
  4. Seeking the Fire - posted at 2021-11-18 03:47:29
  5. the Draconian Lord - posted at 2021-11-18 03:58:22
The path of the forsaken
"You don't have to leave. You ssheek Weh, but Sra keepssh you ssafe..." Sz'revan loomed in the doorway to his hovel, staring at all he had and was reflecting on how useless it all had become. So much thought and time used on that which blinded him - just like his clutch of which only he remained. His mentor, the Gifted of K'sra, stood behind Sz'revan in the middle of the path. Worry overtook him and a loud sigh escaped his mouth that conveyed wordlessly his disappointment and pain. In the eyes of the Gifted, Sz'revan was meant for more but had become troubled with knowledge not meant for youth. Sz'revan swiped at a core support beam in the roof of his hovel that caused it to crumble immediately. As the sound echoed through the village and the smoke and debris billowed out around him, he took a deep breath to remember this moment. With his heightened scent memory this would last with him forever. "You built our cage," Sz'revan hissed with heavy disdain. Sz'revan had overheard the truth that the marshes maze-like nature that had "protected" the slith in the Old Marsh for generations had been magical (Sra) in nature. The rest of his clutch was dead, toys for young magi to practice upon and to deal with the tainted witches further within. "You don't have to leave..." The Gifted repeated. He was never one for a lot of words - so much could be said with so few. Turning to face his mentor, Sz'revan bared his teeth in a sign of aggression. As he stepped forward, after a momentary emotionless stare he pivoted to the side so he would pass by the Gifted as he left and became Sra'tak (forsaken of Sra). He hissed loudly these last brief words to his past behind him: "...I leave sso Sra livesss."

Description (commended):

Cerulean blue scales, forged sparkling as if by crystalline, cover this beast from wing to sharpened claw: a fearsome, ever-altering gradient reminiscent of stormy ocean hues. His characteristic hybridization of species - dragon when stalking on all fours, reptilian when towering on two muscular legs - portrays an ethereal power; calculating, omnipotent, and formidable, all at once. Long, lepidote wings frame his powerful form: dark-sapphire smooth, spiked at the tips and curving upward in a sharp incline, perfect for, yet scarred from warfare. A snakelike tail, potent as a weapon, sways to reveal thirty unbreakable scutes, dark as night and dangerously jagged, traveling in a line from tip to spine. Sharp amber eyes are inlaid within a long, rounded snout, crowned with six jagged horns affixed with the smoothest of bronze rings. Each clawed, stocky limb bears a delicately carved burnished bracer, ideal for battle, well-worn with age. When the monster breathes, the deep grey smoke that envelops him flows thick as deep fog; his footfalls, heavy as heaviest lead, scatter the surrounding flurries of birds, shaking the cold earth below.

PK stats:

Kills: 53, Deaths: 25 (Ratio: 2.1, Efficiency: 67%)
Pinnacle Kills: 50, Pinnacle Deaths: 23 (Ratio: 2.2, Efficiency: 68%)

Kills by class:
shaman: 6, berserker: 7, paladin: 2, illusionist: 4, warrior: 5, dark-knight: 8, monk: 6, ranger: 4, vampire: 1, thief: 9, healer: 1,
Killed by class:
warrior: 4, shaman: 2, berserker: 3, invoker: 1, thief: 1,

Nemesis: Vargan

Record against Opponent

1- 4- 0 Grobar the Battlemaster (Fought at rank 50)
1- 0- 0 Caulath the Ruler of the Dead (Fought at rank 47)
4- 1- 0 Praoli the Holy Shaman (Fought at rank 50)
3- 1- 0 Tarelia the Holy Shaman (Fought at rank 50)
3- 0- 0 Zyrtec the Holy Knight (Fought at rank 50)
12- 6- 0 Jomorl the Volcano of Infinite Rage (Fought at rank 50)
2- 1- 0 Oohbuh the Volcano of Infinite Rage (Fought at rank 50)
2- 0- 0 Diedstrog the Shadow Master of the Marama Kuei (Fought at rank 50)
16- 3- 0 Tearea the Grand Master of Seasons (Fought at rank 50)
7- 0- 0 Vargan the Grand Master of Larceny (Fought at rank 50)
1- 0- 0 Viktus the Holy Knight (Fought at rank 50)
1- 0- 0 Fenlorn the Wrath of Nature (Fought at rank 50)
3- 0- 0 Palid the Holy Shaman (Fought at rank 50)
1- 0- 0 Choeb the Unholy Knight (Fought at rank 50)
3- 0- 0 Wylsin the Sage of Arcane Power (Fought at rank 50)
3- 0- 0 Ilromie the Sage of Arcane Power (Fought at rank 50)
1- 0- 0 Cinnon the Grand Hierophant of the Forest (Fought at rank 50)
8- 0- 0 Glolath the Grand Spectre of Beguilement (Fought at rank 50)
5- 0- 0 Bamor the Holy Knight (Fought at rank 50)
2- 0- 0 Afiraloth the Grand Master of Seasons (Fought at rank 50)
1- 1- 0 Gnarble the Grand Master of Larceny (Fought at rank 50)
12- 9- 0 Shaghroth the Volcano of Infinite Rage (Fought at rank 50)
2- 0- 0 Aelaldric the Unholy Knight (Fought at rank 50)
2- 0- 0 Villidan the Master Bard (Fought at rank 50)
2- 0- 0 Cunnadd the Holy Knight (Fought at rank 50)
1- 0- 0 Lumiel the Battlemaster (Fought at rank 50)
2- 0- 0 Shokan the Grand Master of Seasons (Fought at rank 50)
1- 0- 0 Zilamar the Grand Hierophant of the Forest (Fought at rank 50)
2- 0- 0 Lorsan the Grand Master of Larceny (Fought at rank 50)
4- 0- 0 Volimerl the Volcano of Infinite Rage (Fought at rank 50)
1- 0- 0 Serra the Holy Patriarch of Healing (Fought at rank 50)
2- 0- 0 Kelkah the Vengeance of the Forest (Fought at rank 50)
3- 0- 0 Grogdan the Volcano of Infinite Rage (Fought at rank 50)
3- 0- 0 Regdar the Battlemaster (Fought at rank 50)
2- 0- 0 Senol the Battlemaster (Fought at rank 50)
3- 0- 0 Landert the Shadow Twister (Fought at rank 50)
3- 0- 0 Tonke the Grand Hierophant of the Forest (Fought at rank 50)
4- 0- 0 Vimer the Sage of Arcane Power (Fought at rank 50)
5- 0- 0 Leitha the Holy Knight (Fought at rank 50)
1- 0- 0 Aelith the Grand Spectre of Beguilement (Fought at rank 50)
1- 0- 0 Loukas the Stalker of the Living (Fought at rank 50)
3- 0- 0 Jingshi the Grand Master of Seasons (Fought at rank 50)
1- 0- 0 Ritorin the Grand Master of Seasons (Fought at rank 50)
3- 0- 0 Calion the Sage of Arcane Power (Fought at rank 50)
5- 0- 0 Heathcote the Holy Knight (Fought at rank 50)
1- 0- 0 Gruezi the Grand Hierophant of the Forest (Fought at rank 50)
4- 0- 0 Griremas the Volcano of Infinite Rage (Fought at rank 50)
3- 0- 0 Asendan the Battlemaster (Fought at rank 50)
1- 0- 0 Xorhae the Shadow Master of the Marama Kuei (Fought at rank 50)
3- 0- 0 Werig the Sage of Arcane Power (Fought at rank 50)
1- 0- 0 Breseth the Unholy Knight (Fought at rank 50)
5- 0- 0 Zelarayan the Unholy Knight (Fought at rank 50)
2- 0- 0 Mirtolda the Ruler of the Dead (Fought at rank 50)
1- 0- 0 Kaareg the Holy Patriarch of Healing (Fought at rank 50)
1- 0- 0 Hadrelan the Grand Hierophant of the Forest (Fought at rank 50)
0- 1- 0 Resatimm the (Fought at rank 50)
8- 0- 0 Dwiggans the Holy Knight (Fought at rank 50)
2- 1- 0 Norkana the Grand Master of Seasons (Fought at rank 50)
1- 0- 0 Kaelric the Grand Spectre of Beguilement (Fought at rank 50)
1- 0- 0 Sucha the Ruler of the Dead (Fought at rank 50)
2- 0- 0 Gerok the Battlemaster (Fought at rank 50)
2- 0- 0 Gulrig the Holy Shaman (Fought at rank 50)
1- 0- 0 Milothgar the Wrath of Nature (Fought at rank 50)
3- 0- 0 Mazin the Grand Master of Seasons (Fought at rank 50)
1- 0- 0 Phom the Volcano of Infinite Rage (Fought at rank 50)
1- 0- 0 Nilvvariil the Ruler of the Dead (Fought at rank 50)
1- 0- 0 Linisan the Ruler of the Dead (Fought at rank 50)
2- 0- 0 Junni the Holy Knight (Fought at rank 50)
4- 0- 0 Militha the Unholy Knight (Fought at rank 50)
1- 0- 0 Hiretsuna the Sage of Arcane Power (Fought at rank 50)
3- 0- 0 Bonfo the Grand Master of Larceny (Fought at rank 50)
2- 0- 0 Ordan the Wrath of Nature (Fought at rank 50)
4- 0- 0 Tepyr the Unholy Knight (Fought at rank 50)
3- 0- 0 Sheinpo the Grand Master of Seasons (Fought at rank 50)
4- 0- 0 Asara the Holy Patriarch of Healing (Fought at rank 50)
4- 0- 0 Tsabnar the Holy Shaman (Fought at rank 50)
2- 0- 0 Ravia the Master Bard (Fought at rank 50)
1- 0- 0 Valindra the Sage of Arcane Power (Fought at rank 50)
3- 0- 0 Draelar the Grand Master of Seasons (Fought at rank 50)
1- 0- 0 Dzaela the Grand Master of Larceny (Fought at rank 50)
2- 0- 0 Avenar the Holy Patriarch of Healing (Fought at rank 50)
1- 0- 0 Gidgett the Grand Spectre of Beguilement (Fought at rank 50)
2- 0- 0 Djinx the Grand Spectre of Beguilement (Fought at rank 50)
1- 0- 0 Weawin the Unholy Knight (Fought at rank 50)
2- 0- 0 Jhollim the Holy Shaman (Fought at rank 50)
1- 0- 0 Norvo the Grand Master of Seasons (Fought at rank 50)
1- 0- 0 Kymme the Grand Master of Seasons (Fought at rank 50)
3- 0- 0 Arknyh the Holy Knight (Fought at rank 50)
2- 0- 0 Halka the Grand Hierophant of the Forest (Fought at rank 50)
1- 0- 0 Elewyn the Grand Spectre of Beguilement (Fought at rank 50)
1- 0- 0 Vorsacen the Sage of Arcane Power (Fought at rank 50)
1- 0- 0 Jaroth the Unholy Knight (Fought at rank 50)
10- 3- 0 Letya the Wrath of Nature (Fought at rank 50)
2- 1- 0 Skeggi the Volcano of Infinite Rage (Fought at rank 50)
1- 0- 0 Tzo the Grand Master of Seasons (Fought at rank 50)
1- 0- 0 Rhaktor the Volcano of Infinite Rage (Fought at rank 50)
1- 0- 0 Moltluh the Grand Spectre of Beguilement (Fought at rank 50)
1- 0- 0 Saladus the Shadow Master of the Marama Kuei (Fought at rank 50)
1- 0- 0 Tirath the Holy Shaman (Fought at rank 50)
1- 0- 0 Burroughs the Grand Master of Larceny (Fought at rank 50)
1- 0- 0 Iliandra the Holy Shaman (Fought at rank 50)
0- 2- 0 Szkrech the Sage of Arcane Power (Fought at rank 50)

Duels: 298, Wins: 264, Losses: 34 (Win Rate: 88%)

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  1. No motivation to play whilst so busy irl, not gonna write much here, but I just got really bored after 3 hours of seeing 30 word of recalls. I woulda not had 2 losses to this invoker if I had also played conservatively enough and just duck out if first 2-3 rounds go wrong. But this happens when you just stop caring.

    I don't see myself playing again in this decade.
    1. Murder spam (because all warrior skills are unusable) for 3 hours vs hellstream/storm spam and each time things would go bad for the invoker, just spam to some max w zone, recall east and disappear by the time I walk over.

      This is not a challenging or skillful gameplay where you have to outsmart, outplay and outwit your enemy when your only usable tool is MURDER TARGET and it literally comes to pushing the slot lever hoping to land some mega-round to finish the fight, which is a long-shot by far. I coulda just kept running, but I came to fight and I was planning to delete a while ago anyway, so it all worked out.

      Just for any future warrior, I can already see how much fun this meta is going to provide :D

      Anyway, nothing more to say or add for now. I know who the invoker is so I can knew what to expect walking into the fights and whilst loss is a loss, I mean if I did not give him the pleasure of just spamming murder until I died then he woulda not gotten his win either with his cheese tactics. You know who you are and I'm disappointed you decided to go this route instead after your previous char got outplayed in an equal matchup, you have to opt to cheese?
    2. LOL nice rant bruh. Cheese tactics? You chose a warlord. No recall? Your problem, not mine. Using recall? Your problem, not mine. Quit whining and STFU, pick up your big boy pants, and Charlie mike the fuck on.
    3. Alternatively, I coulda just sat your temple or no_recall zone and we wouldn't had a fight at all. The ignorance you are trying to portray is mind-blowing. Anyway, I'm not gonna miss this mindset.
    4. And the issue is not even you, it's a game mechanic as any other that you always like to cheese to the max to stay competitive. You may like it, but it's just not for me, word has been overpowered snooze-fest inducing spell way before I played Warlord. You knowing how to abuse it to the max to go with your extremely wimpy playstyle as always just reminded me why I'm not enjoying the game anymore.
    5. Cheese? How about you running and hiding in your lair every time for like the first 1.5 hours of this fight? Especially with the lair guardian insane repop time. You shouldn’t have posted your original GY comments. What you said simply looks bad.
    6. I don't care how it looks, I'm done and never coming back because I've finished the game? I don't want any pats on the back or praises, honestly, i don't give a flying fuck. I was not playing for someone's validation. I speak my mind and don't care what you think of it.
    7. BlackWidow
      0 , 0 , 0 .
      The lair guardian thing isn't really an issue any more. The guardian will not block you from entering if you have managed to destroy the door.
    8. The only way to destroy doors as far as I know is charge and kick. Invokes get neither.
    9. Pass Door doesn't work?
    10. Not with a lair guardian blocking the door.
    11. BlackWidow
      0 , 0 , 0 .
      btw, if you *had* sat in a no_recall zone or in your temple Szrevan, all he would have had to do to get you to move is intrude on your cabal and then you would have had no choice but to defend. You're more full of shit than the tunnel Andy used to escape from prison in the Shawshank Redemption.
    12. He never dared to intrude to avoid being confined, I could go run and sleep full from 50 hps and he was fine but he'd never intrude lol. This is a usual ignorant opinion though, i'm used to these. Everyone knows they know better w/o even knowing shit what went down :D
    [reply to Szrevanooc]
  2. Scrynor [reply]
    0 , 0 , 0 .
    Before you sail off into the sunset, you should write a big forum post with ideas about how you would tweak mechanics or which matchups you feel there are insufficient tactical options for a warrior. It'd be interesting.

    While I'm just learning through vet logs (and have my qualms about the presentation), I been coming to the same conclusions you present here. I've been surprised to learn how dominant murder and word are across the board as best-in-class open/flee options despite there being so many class abilities in the game which seems like a missed opportunity to me. It would be interesting to see how the meta shifts if they were weakened (or class options were made stronger). With all your battle experience you just have ideas. Post them!
    1. Esivole
      0 , 0 , 0 .
      Unpopular opinion. Word of recall could be adrenaline based. wonder what the implications of that would be.
    2. Scrynor
      0 , 0 , 0 .
      Possible changes that jumped to my mind were:
      Make it not work in combat
      Make fleeing combat give a 0 hour debuff preventing word
      Make it go to the nearest nexus portal instead of hometown

      I was thinking those things would reward map knowledge, shorten the chase distance, and stop it from being the hands down best escape mechanism. But you could still use superior feel for tick timing to word really fast.

      Now given, all those changes would get a newbie like me slaughtered. But it might make a better experience for vets and it would open up the design space for classes to have unique escape options that are superior to word in the right situations.
    3. Davairus
      1 , 0 , 0 .
      I dont know if we want to just "knee jerk" a word of recall change but I can point out that none of the changes we made to flying , word of recall, gate or teleport were poorly received except the one where you lag even more from fleeing dirted. (dirt flee lag was totally removed). Personally I do not think word of recall is an issue. i think the issue is fly. if fleeing while flying cause you to fly into a tree or building you wont see these complaints about "murder is all I can do" or "word of recall is cheese". flying makes word of recall spammable because the movement cost is trivialized. that said of course, none of the word of recall changes we have made have been reverted. i dont think it would be reverted if we gave it 5 seconds cast time. but you would see a new problem of fighting flying headless chickens. so i would say, its flying. my opinion
    4. Scrynor
      0 , 0 , 0 .
      Definitely don't want to knee jerk! I'm not even in a position to comment about the power of word. I don't fight and chase enough. I was just commenting on how often murder and word are the two best options across many classes for opening and escaping. I was saying less that they are OP and more that reducing them might open up some more class specific design space for you to play around in without those abilities having to compete with a very strong murder and word option.
    5. You can somewhat counter this as a serker with roar/headbutt, but warrior gameplay vs prot shield/weapon ward/fly is literally as if your murder button is a slot machine lever and you just hope you hit jackpot before your coins run out.

      This is not the first invoker/necro/illu i've fought, it's always the exact same thing. If you're a vet player it's borderline impossible to die to a warrior who doesn't quaff a recall to your hometown after you word.

      Anyway, this fight is not the real/main reason behind my delete. As everyone saw, I was less and less active to the point where I felt bad taking up a cabal lead spot unable to lead for shit because i'm never around. All journeys must come to an end. All I wanted was to have one last fun fight, but this was just zzzz until I stopped caring completely. I logged in to delete and this was just a good coincidence to shine some light on a really borderline retarded game mechanic in my opinion.

      It was the same exact shit with Hraozen, just make an alias to flee;quaff recall and fight far from your temple, so that each time the first few rounds don't go your way, you can just reset the fight and try again until things go your way. I personally see no fun in playing like that, part of the reason why I opted for Warlord.
    6. Kalist19
      0 , 0 , 0 .
      “ This is not the first invoker/necro/illu i've fought, it's always the exact same thing. If you're a vet player it's borderline impossible to die to a warrior who doesn't quaff a recall to your hometown after you word.”

      I totally agree with that. When I played Linisan (1k hp necro) I get invincible due to prot shield/fly/ward. I would likewise feel invincible playing any class with prot shield/fly. As long as I wanted to play super conservatively that is (imho that is a super boring play style). I see how you got frustrated fighting the rinse-repeat over and over (I would be too) but that’s just the downside of being a warlord.

      That being said, you had your fair share of free wins in the arena vs fresh 50s in red dragon. The frustration of being on the other side of that is sort of like the frustration of fighting an ultra conservative mage outside of the arena. You know how it’s going to go but you’re going to give it a shot anyways.

      Dav I liked your post and I completely agree with you. Having the ability to recall and then run infinitely with fly is the real kicker.
    7. Aye, I can confirm recallin' to me temple and exhaustin' me stubby legs has led to more than one bite o' sadness sausage fer me.

      :::coughs somethin' fierce that sounds like "Skeggi":::
      :::more hacking, coughing:::

      Ack! Sorry 'bout that. Had meself a night o' firebreather, I did.

      Szrevan, I'm disappointed to see it end like this for ye. A force on the battlefield, ye were and ye taught me much. Farewell.
    [reply to Scrynor]
  3. I'm kind of sad to see you go. I really wanted to try and learn more by dueling and or sparring with you in the arena. But as you said, all things must come to an end.
      [reply to Falkas]
    1. You challenged me to the death in the arena, I sucker punched you in town, you finally caught up with me.

      Yea I liked messing with you, I believe you were the model I would expect for Warlords, well done.
        [reply to Moltluh]
      1. Kalist, you do realize that most freshish/crap equipped 50s I fought after removing all armor? I have a shit ton of naked fights with only weapons and light vs people who lack gear. On the contrary of the popular opinion, I was not whoring "free wins", I played to challenge myself above all else, I don't care for the record or whatever people may think that matters.

        So ok fine, I'll play along on this thread, which I didn't really plan on bothering to do, just to give some backstory behind this character...

        I rolled warrior because when I came back, warrior had gone from a quite popular class to least populated, straight on bar with bard (when i checked most played races/classes) and I decided that I wanna check out why nobody plays a warrior anymore.

        I decided Warlords because it was the only cabal I never tried before. So this is what motivated me to come back to AR and give it another try in the first place, trying to play an underdog class in a cabal I was not familiar with.

        I loved the RP of Tearea and her motherly presence, but I also hated that she was being bullied (back before I joined) by Praoli and other evils and she was not able to collect the marks and at some point I think didn't even bother anymore. That's where Szrevan got his ferociousness from. I swore to myself that I never let anyone bully Warlords ever again and that I will stand my ground no matter what. That's why I never quit out on purpose or said no to a death duel.

        A lot of fights I ended up winning with <50 hp just because it's more thrilling to go balls to the walls for me and this was a huge reason for my frustration with all the flee;word playstyles by people who never want to take an actual chance and just care about their k/d ratio. It just became annoying, because it was tiresome and repetitive.

        I was never too good at RP, because it doesn't come naturally when your native language is not english. You have to spend too much time thinking and arranging words and figuring out what to say, so I tried to avoid "heavy" RP. Even though I like it, I always felt like I sounded retarded when I tried. So I stuck to background writing/ideas which I had time to think of and not have to instantly reply to someone etc.

        Fun fact is that Szrevan never dreamed about leading Warlords after Davairus denied his application because I killed another applicant on my "warmup/practice trash DK" after Szrevan was fully finished training and I was bored of hacking nymphs. Luckily Tearea still did an interview with me and Davairus changed his mind. So I got a shot at Warlords with a lot of warnings and little faith, probably everyone expecting me to rage delete on first death.

        I actually got stripped naked and lost so many fights at the beginning while I was figuring out all this modern stuff, as the closest thing to a warrior I played was a ranger way back then. Always been a caster/shaman player. But in the end, when I felt comfortable with my char, I think I kept the same set for over 6 months, even though it's pieces got nerfed twice over the time :D
        And actually stat-wise, it was not really that strong, as you could get with some gambled/forged replacements but I just wanted to PK and not think about min/maxing my gear.

        My favorite fights were against other fighter classes, where I felt that all my practice and muscle memory has paid off, because hell, people were accusing me of some triggers/actions to swap weapons, which I found both hilarious and insulting at the same time, because it was a false accusation but also c'mon guys, I'm playing from EU with 250ms link, which is 5x the input delay than you have from US link and you accuse me of being too fast?

        I liked that I got better at tracking people in this game, but still never fast enough to bring down the uber-survivalists like Hraozen etc. But hey, I'm fine with a beatdown even if it doesn't even with a kill ;)

        And umm,
        A sturdy trophy cabinet stands here, ready for showcasing.
        A sturdy trophy cabinet holds:
        ( 2) the spine of Bonfo
        ( 2) a pair of Vargan's eyes
        a poncho of Tirath's skin
        a poncho of Moltluh's skin
        a poncho of Rhaktor's skin
        a poncho of Skeggi's skin
        a necklace of Skeggi's fingers
        a pair of Jaroth's eyes
        a poncho of Dzaela's skin
        a pair of Avenar's eyes
        the spine of Draelar
        a poncho of Tepyr's skin
        a necklace of Vargan's fingers
        the head of Tepyr on a pike
        a pair of Ordan's eyes
        a necklace of Ordan's fingers
        the head of Bonfo on a pike
        a pair of Militha's eyes
        a necklace of Mazin's fingers
        a pair of Mazin's eyes
        the head of Milothgar on a pike
        the head of Gulrig on a pike
        a necklace of Gulrig's fingers
        a necklace of Aelaldric's fingers
        a pair of Shokan's eyes
        a pair of Tarelia's eyes
        a pair of Jomorl's eyes
        a pair of Jingshi's eyes
        a pair of Zelarayan's eyes
        a pair of Asendan's eyes
        the head of Heathcote on a pike
        a poncho of Vargan's skin
        a poncho of Grobar's skin
        the head of Viktus on a pike
        the head of Loukas on a pike
        the head of Aelith on a pike
        the head of Kelkah on a pike
        the head of Glolath on a pike

        ^ I loved the lair thing. People were whining why I go to my lair, but hey where else do you find a Dragon at when he goes to lick his wounds? I quit out and logged in lair each time, to give this Dragon+Lair RP thing. Hell, one time, Bonfo was actually hiding in my lair for who knows how many hours just to blackjack me when I logged on finally :D

        Anyway, I really don't have time to commit to games like AR in the next few years for sure.
        Some of you I like, some of you I dislike, but that's how world works, in any case I am not someone to waste energy on holding grudges. So even if you pissed me off, the outburst has always been temporary.

        1. And yes, I did understand why people don't really play warrior anymore. Berserker has a lot more fun factor and much bigger array of utility for different scenarios. Whilst rangers are still kings of murder/flee. Warrior is just kinda meh. Ironically the Warrior vs Mage rivalry is iconic in majority of games, but in AR, out of all the fighter classes, warrior does worst against weapon ward/prot shield combo.

          Ranger has a chance just by murder/flee skirmish increased dps output, nicely timed barkskin resist for clutch ending, herb for comeback and Berserker's roar and headbutt combined with trophy regen and rage DPS output is no joke either.

          Warriors need their unique flavor that's not just Athleticism or being a giant to have an actually decent choice of weapons besides Valor/Darkhaven relic weapons, as having a good arsenal of weapons is a must have for warrior as it's only real "utility" in almost every scenario.
        2. Kalist19
          2 , 0 , 0 .
          I was a huge fan of your RP (backgrounds, speech, emotes, and effort put into your lair). That was really well done.
        3. BlackWidow
          1 , 0 , 0 .
          Warriors have fourth attack. double grip (including overbearing an appropriate weapon), and riposte. I don't think they need changing.
        4. Vanisse
          2 , 0 , 0 .
          seconded on the solid RP effort. you downplay it but your background stood out to me from the very first time I read it and you kept evolving it as you went. the emotes were also very immersive. kudos for that
        5. Davairus
          3 , 0 , 0 .
          There is more to a mage than you gave your opponent credit for. I caught several rounds of the fight. Flying scrolls, clutch cure potions, taking BALLSY risks of stopping to refresh spells where I would be much too close for comfort. Obviously you do not see this stuff because if you were seeing it, he would be dead. I'm sure your enemy was too busy to plan intentions of frustrating conservative play. Its more likely you were just kicking his ass that much. I think that was your downfall in a way, word of recall annoys you to the point that is has put you on tilt, you might just be better off playing a shaman where you can hustle, feign weakness, cause player to over-commit etc. Nobody in their right mind is gonna over-commit vs the serpent king. I think. That is not a prevailing conservative playstyle you saw. it was just bed wetting terror
        6. @BlackWidow then explain why they went to be the least popular class? Mania works far better than the unreliable, slot machine fourth attack.

          For ranger, off-hand enhanced attack makes up for it, also the ability to dunk with bow.

          It's fine, I don't expect anyone to listen, you'll see yourself if you roll one :)
        7. Ozaru
          1 , 0 , 0 .
          I don't think you are comparing apples to oranges. Because this game is not linear you have a varying degree of skill level. I think this game has less than 5 total players that will actually give a challenging fight.

          Warriors take a lot of skill to play because they rely heavily on weapon switching which you were very very good at, and you lost 1 fight against an invoker who had to do so much more than the average person is willing to do to kill you. And you said it yourself u sent him running numerous times and got tired of chasing. This isn't elf paladin pwnage where its so damn obvious the class is broken.

          Your character to me was the cheese king, the damage output and unable to reliably dirt kick to prevent weapon switching absolutely destroyed the monks I made, the ninjas I made and the rangers I made. Even the few times I made the right plays, the RNG did not go my way and I still got destroyed. I am pretty sure I am not the only person who fought you and was just left staring at their screen like wtf how do i lose 300 hp in one round.

          Your skill level is above most and you would have been successful with probably any character you would make, especially using whatever you could for an advantage. Who ever is playing this invoker is a skilled player, but if someone else was trying the same thing would they be as successful? Probably not, I made a slith warrior and got my ass handed to me. Its not easy to do what you did, and I agree I don't like the game mechanics that allow people to just run do you know how many times we fought where I thought to myself damn I should have done this different, but I can't because you looted my equipment. Just like you don't want people to be able to run, I want that same thing, but I also want the ability to come back from a fight and try again.
        8. BlackWidow
          0 , 0 , 0 .
          You're missing the point, Szrevan. My point is warriors have additional utility... As for why they're not played as much, I'd hazard a guess that the return of monks (specifically their ability to tank challenge areas and tougher mobs with leopard stance; they also have healing which warriors don't) is why fewer people play them. It used to be that you didn't even attempt certain things unless you had a warrior to use as a primary tank, that's how good they were in their niche.
        9. Ashlyn
          0 , 0 , 0 .
          Warriors are more gear dependent than monks are. Monks are easier to play, but can't dominate like warriors can with exceptional gear.
        10. Please don't make it all about this one specific invoker. weapon ward+prot shield+word making every fight the exact same goose hunt is what was the most boring part of the game, or well, the flee;quaff recall meta in general. It just seems dumb.

          I can understand it being fine back in the day when there were players but now majority of PK is 1v1 and just having easy cheese reset button is kinda stupid.

          That's my opinion and it's not about my death or delete. I woulda deleted anyway, Davairus knows I was going to delete even w/o dying. Just wanted to get one last good fight, but it just reminded me how stupid and boring it can be :D
        11. Ozaru
          0 , 0 , 0 .
          I mean I complained about word with chul when i assassinated someone and they insta worded, i complained about paladins having word too. maybe allow forms of blindness to prevent word. the game is just too damn big for 1v1 pk with 3 people on. It would be really cool if this game would auto drop players near another to promote pk.
        12. Davairus
          1 , 0 , 0 .
          I mean people are telling youc orrectly, just play avian instead of slith, or dont play a warlord one.. this is self-inflicted dude. you traded it for forms and stance. its not the whole class
        13. yeah my fucking point was not about ME having word, but about the game meta revolving around word, making it a fucking braindead cheese mechanic at this point.

          I never cared about not having word myself, I prefer the thrill of running away on 10 hps.

          Stop trying to twist what I'm trying to say here, only Ozaru and Kalist seem to understand the point?
        14. Davairus
          0 , 0 , 0 .
          word of recall is essential because is it has the power to lull people into a false sense of a security and that means they will be willing to try a fight instead of just running away. this is an integral part of the psycholgoy of pk'ing. if you are going to be willing to risk being fully looted, you must first believe you have an avenue of retreat. that bridge can include recall potions and it can include carrying around pass door potions (conservative) and some people even rely on the knowledge they have teleports as a total last resort (thrill-seeking). word of recall is NOT an invincibility potion. it is one tool in a list.

          except from sun tzu's art of war:
          "Engage people with what they expect; it is what they are able to discern and confirms their projections. It settles them into predictable patterns of response, occupying their minds while you wait for the extraordinary moment ; that which they cannot anticipate."

          this is applicable here, as much as you also complaining about it, you need them to feel safe to be able to kill them. that is a duality you cannot escape from. the ability to word of recall sets the stage for a predictable pattern, and the RNG nature of warrior is one of the things that threaten to seal the deal or at least force a possible necessary teleport into body explode. very often that "oh shit" moment in lower levels is running out of movement points, because it creeps up on you, but burst damage and chain bash is way more reliable than running level 50s out of mv.

          Now, for a reality check. I'm not going to sugar coat this. you play on such shitty ping. you were running after the fastest players of AR who have spent 20 years memorizing it, lagging like a fat shit. really that is enough reason for you to be frustrated. why bother everyone about the spell of recall. changing it wont fix your problems. and if this upsets you, I apologize for it, but its just facts. i do not believe xenyar or whatever the current fastest player is would stand a chance vs you if we reversed the pings. nobody can deny what you accomplished on that shit ping

          again. i do think this comes down to infinite movement points not recalling. i think you are tunneling and missing the bigger picture of what is happening to you. you picked a race of warrior with no access to kick, and therefore no winding kick, which was very important tool for this. it would be great if you would read the helpfile at least to see what you missed out on, and we should pursue setting up that running out of mv and maybe make more shit cost mv for that matter, instead of hooking up everybody with pathfinding, athleticism, really light recall potions, doubling the effect of training mv points, and items that give +100 moves, and let not forget, nerfing the shit out of energy drain. word of recall has already taken nerfs without much protest. why do you think that is? because its so OP nobody dares complain? or is it maybe because cluckfest workin fine?
        15. Davairus
          1 , 0 , 0 .
          why dont we just make a patch thread for this and more likely we will get traction and possibly less bitterness
        [reply to Szrevanooc]
      2. Bladefury [reply]
        1 , 0 , 1 .
        Nobody for HoE??? Hmmm
          [reply to Bladefury]
        1. Sad to see you go Szrevan. You were a real king of Serin and while I know there were complaints about all the duels, the realm was better with you in it. Hope the things taking you elsewhere are good ones. Safe travels and for the Weh!
            [reply to Tonke]
          1. Let's be honest, everything started to fall apart once the tenors was gone.
            1. lol?
            [reply to Flinnegan]
          2. Xenyar [reply]
            5 , 0 , 0 .
            +1 HOE
            1. prodmage
              1 , 0 , 0 .
              +1 HoE
            2. +1 HOE Sorry to see you go.
            3. Bladefury
              1 , 0 , 0 .
              Must have been everyone thought I was joking.
            [reply to Xenyar]
          3. Impressive trophy cabinet! Well Played! R.I.P
              [reply to Vargan]
            1. Ashlyn [reply]
              0 , 0 , 0 .
              Legend. It was a good run. I really learned a lot from you. Couldn't beat you though.
                [reply to Ashlyn]
              1. My very first writing subject. Those early trips to Mocker's were my introduction both to AR RP and AR drama. Thanks for appreciating my satirical songs instead of killing me for them!

                I had always hoped you'd have some glorious end holding a gate of Seringale solo against a never ending demon invasion whilst scholars desperately sought a method to close the portal elsewhere. I think I've known for some time that was not how the end would occur ... but I may just write that story anyway.

                Farewell! Wherever you go, may your battles be bloody, your grievances aired, and foils equally petty so the cycle may play out for all time in the great MUD yonder.
                  [reply to Trillian]
                1. Suite Obit
                  I bid farewell to the Serpent King
                  And all the hand-wringing he would bring.
                  Of dragons and slith--
                  What else did I mith?--
                  Serin’s fat lady is ready to sing.
                  So long to Serin’s toughest warlord.
                  Dead and gone—but, hey—he’s not bored.
                  He clanked into the room
                  To everyone’s doom
                  But more tenor he couldn’t afford.
                  If you’re looking for a sign, this is it—
                  You were feared, now you’re gone & O shit—
                  You kicked your career
                  Right in the rear,
                  Chased off by a recalling quasit.
                  If I’m bitter it’s only because
                  I watched you turn ‘is’ into ‘was.’
                  Consider this a warning:
                  I’m bad at mourning—
                  What’s worse than a witch with a buzz?
                    [reply to Valindra]
                  1. Arunore [reply]
                    1 , 0 , 0 .
                    The whole attitude of been there done that wishes I would've had an invested character around during Szrevan's time. I love a good challenge, but like Kornhole said, you're whining is incessant. I tip my hat to thee with a smirk
                    1. Whining? Pointing out a boring and borderline stupid META that consists of flee;word spam? Out of all the fucking PK muds and games I played, this takes the cake of being the most dumb escape mechanic and this was my point.

                      There should not be insta wording each time you wanna get out of fight. Me not having word has fuck all to do with it, it's about having a retarded game mechanic.

                      Whatever, only few people seem to grasp the concept here, think what you want, but I'm not here for props and kudos, I don't absolutely care what happens next, because I'm never going to come back, the game just has too much dumb shit that makes no sense. Just like the "you have to be perma purpled/sanced to PK" shit. It's time to move on from 90s when you actually had playerbase and basic ROM code to justify such shit.
                    2. Scrynor
                      0 , 0 , 0 .
                      I actually agree with a lot of Szrevan's takes as a new player. It kind of feels like there is a level of acceptance of some mechanics as critical by the vets because they have been around forever. Purple potions is a perfect example. Sanc pot / scroll decay holds the game back in my eyes because it is so fundamental to PvP. I often look at classes and get excited but then sheer weight of consumable collection required deters me. I don't see what it adds. I understand the need to limit healing. And sanctuary itself is critical in the timing dance of spells wearing off and being able to refresh them. It is exciting in logs when somebody can catch them unsanced. But fights ending because somebody just ran out of sanc rather than mismanaged it is not exciting. For something that is required, like sanc, it just feels like a burden to me rather than adding anything. Just giving it to everybody at the power level right for the class feels like a better option to me.
                    3. Dogran
                      0 , 0 , 0 .
                      Scrynor, it's easy enough to limit your need for consumables by playing a class that knows the spells and or by joining a cabal and having access to the better supplies. It's really not a big deal to collect consumables if you are in the habit of doing so. You just collect them periodically and then you have them as you need them.
                    4. Doesn't mean it's a dumb, lazy mechanic. Everyone MUST have sanctuary to be able to PK? How does that make fucking sense in class lore/RP? Sanctuary is historically a cleric archetype spell. It's just the fact that you have played this game for 20 years and you can't even fathom anything fundamentally different. From an outsider perspective it just looks retarded and really not a thought out mechanic, straight from basic ROM 2.4
                    5. Szrevan's right, just become a Warlord and get non-dispellable sanc like a real man does.
                    6. The tsunami of tears from someone with an 88% win rate
                    7. Scrynor
                      0 , 0 , 0 .
                      Dogran, you're right of course it isn't insurmountable. I just don't really see why the barrier is there at all. Cabals having better supplies at all is kind of a testament to more veteran cabal players wanting an easier path to the necessitates than the consumable circuit, isn't it? I've found cabals kind of intimidating with worries about play time sizes and forced commitment to combat. I'm hoping to try one soon so I'll see how the experience fits me. But both the consumable circuit and the cabals are more approachable to vets than to new players. If the goal is to have new players join the PK scene and something like sanc is a hard requirement I just don't see why that somewhat arbitrary and cumbersome burden is put in the path of the newbie. Why not just sell defender potions at the potion shop? Or just give it to everybody? Does it change much for anybody but the newbie of everybody serious is doing it anyway? That's all I'm saying. What does the current system add?
                    8. Dogran
                      1 , 0 , 0 .
                      So with all the activities available, you can also buy small defender potions from Ming in timaran, they are purples bought with relics. There are SO many resources for sanctuary this really shouldn't be a concern. Cabals are a great way to force yourself to learn pk.
                    9. The shit like purple sanc and word pots are so basic generic code that it should not be part of the game, it's a shit meta, that was my whole point. Tsunami of tears? What a joke...

                      As someone who played almost a year nonstop, I simply stated the reason why I lost interest and left? I was going to delete with or without death, it never mattered.

                      I really like how people have these assumptions that they know better why I deleted/left than I know myself?

                      Calling this crying just shows how much of a caveman you still are.
                    10. (stating the reason why I deleted, as in I did not delete because of these things, but it was one of the strongest put offs for me and the reason why i dont bother playing this game again, call it what you want)
                    11. Stiehl26
                      1 , 0 , 0 .
                      When you quit, according to Dav, you are supposed to just fade away, not say you are taking your ball and never coming back. That’s faux quitting AR 101.
                    12. Davairus
                      2 , 0 , 0 .
                      as I said, if word is really that big a deal someone should just make a thread in the right place, i.e. in the think tank. I'm not here to try to convince you the spell is bad or isn't bad, but sometimes you have to agree to disagree. we had our annual wishlist over 4 months ago. That would have been a good time, but didn't come up did it? it takes a variety to make a mud, and your tracking ideas could've made a good Warlord power to use vs deathmarks, instead of you just busting people's ass for saying they rely on cheesy spells that shouldn't exist. That's the part youre supposed to do IN the game not out of it. think outside the box a little?


                      If you care about word of recall at all, make a thread in there and lets decouple this from the emotions of deleting. I promise if nobody makes that thread then I'm not going to work on it until after the psionicist class is code complete. Everybody knows something is wrong, but that does not mean we have to just fix it tomorrow with the first dumb idea that came up
                    [reply to Arunore]
                  2. So close to get exalted after all those decades.. And now people voting for HoE, then hold a tantrum.. It is beyond an imagination someone so dedicated to hold such grudge over a nostalgic game.. you did so well.. and then end it like that..
                      [reply to Warganagu]
                    1. beia [reply]
                      0 , 0 , 0 .
                      The character no doubt belongs in the Halls of the Exalted. Exception pvp and RP. This is where the standard should be set, all OOC drama aside. Characters with less RP and a much crappier record have been inducted multiple times in the past.

                      +1 for HOE.
                      1. Scrynor
                        0 , 0 , 0 .
                        Just out of curiosity, how does HoE voting work? Any stated criteria? How many votes does it take?
                      2. Scrynor
                        0 , 0 , 0 .
                        Oh but also +1 HoE. Regardless of the criteria, he was one of the two most influential presences in the months I've played. So unless that time frame has no HoE worthy characters he must be it!
                      3. Vevier
                        1 , 0 , 0 .
                        Emissaries (blue names) have the final vote for hoe. The process typically takes more than a week and most of the discussion happens in the emissary forum where we can discuss some of the gritty details without affecting a characters headstone.

                        However that statement isn't meant to exclude non emissaries from commenting or recommending. Thanks for participating!
                      [reply to beia]
                    2. Mogu [reply]
                      0 , 0 , 0 .
                      Szrevan in game +1 HoE. Was dominant and extremely skilled. Not a fan of the logboard drivel but that shouldn't hold him back.
                        [reply to Mogu]
                      1. AR would be much harder for szrevan to play now while there are deadly invokers/zerkers and no active warlords. The environment is much more dangerous now than it was during Szrevan’s prime. It would have been nice to see how you did in this meta without your clanking. Would you have been able to climb back up to the top of the ladder? We’ll never know.
                        1. well, i did beat Skeggi who had my equipment set wearing non-rares? I think the limitations of being a warrior gets boring quick though, you need to grind too hard to re-eq, because you don't get your bonus damage from ranger pets or serker rage, so you need to maximize it from eq and also uhh not to mention like 6 weapons to carry at all times :D

                          I did not see it more dangerous, I saw it being more populated with fresh meat and I'm still kinda disappointed I didn't get to fight Kryton again to finish it properly.

                          Definitely not having any fun vs invokers and serkers. One is literally 1 button spam boredom and other is russian roulette. Safe to say, I don't like stuff that's one-dimensional or complete RNG.

                          Over Sz career, there were several points where other cabal was dominant, but they all deleted after getting rekt, so I wonder if i had time and will, maybe Legion woulda gone the same route, though they did roll the most OP FOTM combos as quasit invoker and fire serk :P
                        2. Sef
                          1 , 0 , 0 .
                          Lol. After Skeggi killed and looted you, between sobs you said something about “I hope you have the balls to log in and fight”. I sure did. I haven’t seen you a single time since you got your crap back though. Guess yours are tucked way up inside your cloaca.

                          Yes you killed Skeggi and got your stuff back. You used that incredibly powerful overhead to do it. I was looking forward to trying many other strategies to beat you to a pulp and run you down like a dog. I didn’t get a chance to fight you as a legion. I did shit in your empty lair a bunch though.

                          It’s not just the meta, it’s also that there are some very skilled pkers out there right now that weren’t back when you were in your glory days, punching down at your leisure.
                        3. You have to realize that in order to fight you and those other "very skilled pkers" I have to stay up every night between 1am to 8am my time...and I simply can't afford to live like this irl anymore...
                        [reply to Sef]
                      2. What’s your new character?
                        1. quasit berserker
                        [reply to Bindahi]
                      3. twerpalina [reply]
                        0 , 0 , 0 .
                        kekw, judge the player, not the character! The AR-bias way :D
                          [reply to twerpalina]

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