Szrevan the Serpent King, Blademaster of Warlords
Szrevan created on 23rd of July 2021, and is currently 29 years old (236 hours played).

Title: the Serpent King, Blademaster of Warlords
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: slith warrior

Background history:

  1. The path of the forsaken - posted at 2021-07-23 02:53:01
  2. Coalesce - Breathe In - posted at 2021-07-24 19:48:41
  3. Vendetta of the Serpent King - posted at 2021-09-26 16:38:21
The path of the forsaken
"You don't have to leave. You ssheek Weh, but Sra keepssh you ssafe..." Sz'revan loomed in the doorway to his hovel, staring at all he had and was reflecting on how useless it all had become. So much thought and time used on that which blinded him - just like his clutch of which only he remained. His mentor, the Gifted of K'sra, stood behind Sz'revan in the middle of the path. Worry overtook him and a loud sigh escaped his mouth that conveyed wordlessly his disappointment and pain. In the eyes of the Gifted, Sz'revan was meant for more but had become troubled with knowledge not meant for youth. Sz'revan swiped at a core support beam in the roof of his hovel that caused it to crumble immediately. As the sound echoed through the village and the smoke and debris billowed out around him, he took a deep breath to remember this moment. With his heightened scent memory this would last with him forever. "You built our cage," Sz'revan hissed with heavy disdain. Sz'revan had overheard the truth that the marshes maze-like nature that had "protected" the slith in the Old Marsh for generations had been magical (Sra) in nature. The rest of his clutch was dead, toys for young magi to practice upon and to deal with the tainted witches further within. "You don't have to leave..." The Gifted repeated. He was never one for a lot of words - so much could be said with so few. Turning to face his mentor, Sz'revan bared his teeth in a sign of aggression. As he stepped forward, after a momentary emotionless stare he pivoted to the side so he would pass by the Gifted as he left and became Sra'tak (forsaken of Sra). He hissed loudly these last brief words to his past behind him: "...I leave sso Sra livesss."

Description (commended):

Mottled dark-grey scales tinge with faint hues of silver as they ripple along the sturdy frame of this bipedal reptilian creature. Several small jagged protrusions, reminiscent of a diadem jut from his serpent-like skull, yet they do not look to be useful for anything other than perhaps differentiating his status from the rest of his kind. Enormous chartreuse-yellow eyes strain against the confines of his skull, the ridged protrusions of his sockets disproportionately large relative to his scalp. A thin toothy snout terminating at a dull point nearly six inches from the brow, as the overall length of his head spans nearly a foot in length. Just above the mouth two narrow openings appear to serve as nostrils, though he seems to primarily breathe through his mouth which lazily hangs agape periodically, revealing a row of terrifyingly grooved ivory teeth joined by a pristine pair of larger fangs that have clearly been cared for. Notched small sail-fins run from the back of his cranium all the way down to his spine, bony colorless protrusions shaven to prevent further growth that only arise to finger-length along his slithering tail. His stature is somewhat dwarfed by the natural inclination of his limbs to bow at the joints, as if he is indefinitely burdened by an immensely heavy, albeit invisible, load of short pants still soaked from the muddy rivers cradled within his taut sinewy muscles.

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