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Cadeilin created on 18th of July 2022, and is dead and gone (-87 years old, 161 hours, 10 months lifetime)

Title: the Holy Shaman
Gender: Female
Level: 50
Class: drow shaman

Background history:

  1. Obedience - posted at 2022-08-02 22:32:38
The shackles of servitude and slavery were all Cadeilin ever knew at first. She was considered to be among the lowest classes, fit only for doing as they are told by their superiors. She knew all about the crack of the whip, and knew that punishment was all too common for slaves who didn't obey their overlords. And so day after day, week after week, her servitude continued. She was required to be utterly subservient to her mistress, who she knew was cruel but had favored slaves. Her mistress chose not to mark her slaves, but instead made them do whatever suited her fancy. Cadeilin was tasked with cleaning her mistress's bed chambers, which meant she had to constantly keep the bed in good shape, change sheets, make sure the clothes were laid out at the appropriate times, etc. But this obedience only lasted for so long before Cadeilin had a touch of rebellion. She pretended to continue to be subservient but prepared for the time when she could get away. She put a sleeping potion in her mistress's morning tea and simply walked away one day, and headed to Seringale.

Description (commended):

Before you is a woman whose skin resembles a prune's color and texture; it is somewhere between a dark purple and pure black in color, and rather shriveled as though she had some unknown contagion. Sharp-tipped ears poke out between parts of a hairstyle which resembles a mop's head, with numerous curled braids reaching down to neck level. Her face is fully visible as she has elected to cut back the strands above her forehead and to the sides, reaching her temples. Eyes without visible pupils stare out at the world around her, and her eyebrows are a discoloration above her eyes. She also has two painted marks about an inch above her eyebrows which accentuate her appearance. Her nose is rather small, though not quite button-sized. She also has a thick pair of lips which are in good shape compared with the rest of her body; they appear to be soft, moist, and are currently a crimson-red color. Her shoulders are small, as are her arms; a human could wrap their hand around her wrist or even part of her lower arm with ease. Her hands are in decent shape; sure, they have a bit of shriveled flesh, but she looks like she takes care of them. Her belly is flat, and her legs look fit for running.

PK stats:

Kills: 3, Deaths: 3 (Ratio: 1, Efficiency: 50%)
Pinnacle Kills: 3, Pinnacle Deaths: 1 (Ratio: 3, Efficiency: 75%)

Kills by class:
thief: 1, ranger: 1, vampire: 1,
Killed by class:
monk: 1,

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  1. Sayonara, Knights!
      [reply to Cadeilin]
    1. Dogran [reply]
      0 , 0 , 0 .
      That says so much right there
      1. Ceridwel
        2 , 0 , 1 .
        Good rules, evil drools.
      [reply to Dogran]
    2. I was just tired of the hypocrisy and bullshit. It was better to just walk away than continue to deal with it.
        [reply to Cadeilin]
      1. Phostan [reply]
        0 , 0 , 0 .
        It's what I always told Ramrod, drow shamans are just too squishy to handle more than one Knight at a time, you need a good duergar or minotaur to handle that business.
        1. Dogran
          0 , 0 , 0 .
          Duergar all the way.
        2. Phostan
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          They're the best lawful race available for shaman, I'd make a justice mino shaman in a heartbeat if they could be lawful though, would be a wrecking ball.
        3. Davairus
          0 , 0 , 0 .
          Didn't we open up quasit shamans for tayyah? I'm sure we buffed that wis to something good. I would definitely take that flying option and just suffer.
        4. Phostan
          0 , 0 , 0 .
          Vuln to holy in a world of paladins, I'ma say no. Also that strength is a big oof. I honestly feel strength is a bigger deal for shamans than one might think.
        5. Kalist19
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          Welcome to Paladin Realms!

          Please choose your class:
          1. Paladin
          2. Paladin
          3. Paladin
          4. Paladin
          5. Paladin
          6. Evil (masochist)

          You have selected 'Paladin'.

          Please choose your race:
          1. Human
          2. Half-Elf
          3. Dwarf
          4. Elf
          5. Jotun

          You have selected 'Jotun' - enjoy the practices. We would wish you luck with smiting evil but you will not need it - just use the golden road!

          Wow 160 hours, nice Cadeilin - I liked this character. I was looking forward to seeing how the Ungar/Cadeilin vs knights thing worked out. I saw you guys sort of as the underdogs (due to sooo many knights) so I was rooting for you.
        6. Ozaru
          0 , 0 , 0 .
          I was wondering about this with hunt evil, do they really get a golden road as long as they are in the same area?
        7. Correct. Lasts 24 hours, no cooldown.
        8. Well if this ain’t a bag o’ salt if I ever seen one!

          That’s incorrect, Kryton and Ozaru.

          Best I’ve been able to test it, ye need to be somewhere around 10-12 rooms within someone’s reach. Fer instance, I can’t track ye halfway across Seringale. Practically speaking, if I choose to heal twice or attempt two summons instead of directly stayin’ behind ye, I lose ye.

          The big benefit though with hunt evil isn’t necessarily chasin’. It definitely helps, but trackin’ has closed the gap considerably on this. The benefit comes from bein’ able to win the positioning’ game while yer healin’.
        9. Also there is a cooldown, so ye have to pick yer target and stick with it, ye ninnies.
        10. Ozaru
          0 , 0 , 1 .
          Right, but when you are dealing 200 hp per round, how much healing are you really doing. Paladins are offensive juggernauts its not like you are playing defensively. FFS sanc protection auto track haste no vuln erranty, iron will, divine sac, divine might, cure serious, wrath, condemn seriously? This is balanced?
        11. to clarify, I'm not complaining about hunt evil. You do have to be in close proximity to them. It will not work like 20 rooms away. It's not "same area", should have clarified that as well.
        12. Maybe ye didn’t see it, but I was doing’ a fair bit of healin’ against both of ye. Every time I’m gettin’ caught up by a city guard? Heal. Most anytime I break from combat, if ye don’t see me quick skirmish back? Heal.

          We seem big n’ bad, and we are fer evils without protection. But we ain’t invulnerable. A third proper defense fer warriors and that fourth attack, hobblin’ to lower AC, combat skills, it all adds up quick.
        13. Leave me out of it. I'm not complaining about paladins.
        14. Kalist19
          1 , 0 , 0 .
          My post was just a joke I thought up right when I read Phostan's 'world of paladins' thing.

          Serious criticism/ideas belong in the forum (Balance Patch Think Tank).
        15. Ashlyn
          0 , 0 , 0 .
          Duergar or Human are really the only choices for Shaman. Drow and Quasit are more like support characters for your badass fire giant forsaken.
        [reply to Phostan]
      2. Farewell Cadeilin!

        This character was my favorite Justice since I've been about in Serin proper. Your engagement with the Consortium was so much fun to me. Nobody could see it, but people should know this lass was streaming us patrol reports regularly. They always brought a smile to my face. I was trying to figure out what to do with them to make it a fun exchange instead of a one way street but then got distracted by all the internal strife. Sorry about that! Just know that they were received and appreciated and I would have come up with something... eventually!
          [reply to Trillian]

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