Shaghroth the Volcano of Infinite Rage
Shaghroth created on 08th of August 2021, and is currently 31 years old (271 hours played).

Title: the Volcano of Infinite Rage
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: stone giant berserker

Background history:

  1. The One Law and the Teacher - posted at 2021-08-08 17:49:38
  2. The Anti-Rah - posted at 2021-08-08 17:51:33
The One Law and the Teacher
The One Law. It all comes back to that, which outsiders, speaking in the common tongue, simply call Strength. It is that, but it is deeper than that, as the giants live deep within the mountains of Serin. It's not just the ability to lift heavy objects, or bend a bar of mithril. It's strength of character - though of course in ways that would mean something to a stone giant, not ways that would be found in the guildhalls of paladins or the homes of elves and such - and strength of ability. Strength of will. And strength to use all that strength for the most important thing: combat. The raging giants don't have long talks and mediations, they fight. And they fight with their weapons and their hands and teeth and nails if necessary. That's how it has always been. Until the Teacher came. The Teacher was a man, human, and part of something called the Masters of Magic. None of the giants knew of these things but when this man literally fell out of the air right in front of them, they did as their nature commands, they attacked. He fought, a fiery demon by his side, but he was obviously tired and hurt from some recent battle and though he used powers unheard of to the giants, he soon succumbed. Rather than kill him, the giants made him captive, curious about the strange powers he'd used in combat. Bound and tied securely, he had no way of escape, and though he tried, he could not get away. Over the next days and weeks the giants forced him to teach and explain, requiring constant repetition into small words, small sentences, simple concepts. It was difficult and far from delicate, but in time their crude abilities began to form, taking the lessons and molding them to suit their ways. When they decided they'd learned enough - though far less than the man actually knew - the one who had learned and mastered the most, a giant named Rah, killed the man. Rah was already one of the better warriors among the giants, and now he combined that with his best grasp of the magic, making him the strongest fighter of all. He began a brutal sweep of all challengers, whether they actually challenged or not, eliminating them all in bloody fashion. Eventually he was declared Lord of the mountain. His bloodline continued to be best suited to the dark magics, and his scions have continued as Lords of Rah. But not all of the giants agreed with the learning of these new ways. Some saw it not as a new strength, but in fact as the opposite, as a weakening, a dilution of their true selves. They were not created as mages, just as they were not created as diplomats or scholars or fishermen. The One Law was being bent, if not broken, to encompass the greed and ambition for power of the Rahs and their cronies. Over the years several had risen who could defeat the Rahs and their magic using cadres in mundane combat, which in the past would have been all that mattered. But they could not overcome the added powers of the dark magics. Because of this, these families, true and loyal only to themselves, hid their disagreements and lived quietly, preserving the One Law as they saw it, training and fighting and living in the old ways. Being what they are, they were often discovered, poor at secret keeping, and many were put to death. But still they persisted over the generations.

Description (commended):

A heavy gasping of breath sounds the presence of a beastly giant-sized humanoid that is panting ravenously as he scans the immediate area around him. Large bulbous eyes of dark brown resembling two patches of dried blood, have now steadied and fixated upon your presence. Its eyes are hollow of emotion and empty of compassion, never blinking as they seemingly stare through you and within you. This monstrous creature appears to have lost nearly all traits of his humanity and has given in to the raging beast within. The hue of his skin is void of any discernible coloring as dirt and grime cover him in a shroud of filth. This behemoth's body itself is a mass of flesh and girth as folds of skin topple upon one another. This beast's hulking appearance suggests that his gluttonous ways have caught up to him over the years and continues to do so. A gelid green slime oozes out from under the folds of flesh smelling of rot and decay. A swine-like maw gapes upon widely as swollen and bleeding gums, oozing with abscess, swell around rotting black teeth. What lips once were are now an infected mass with remains of dried rotten flesh embedded into the dead skin. A putrid and overbearing stench from the beast assaults the senses, smothering any and all aromas around him. The pungent scent is so suffocating that it reminds one of a mass grave cooking in the heat of the afternoon sun and that he has indulged himself in the remains.

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