Hraozen the Wrath of Nature
Hraozen created on 01st of July 2021, and is currently 23 years old (104 hours played).

Title: the Wrath of Nature
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: werebeast ranger

Background history:


A vicious looking human makes his presence known, mainly by the stench of sweat finding its way to your nose. Cleanliness is obviously not a priority. Smudges of dirt are strewn about his body and clothing, and pieces of forest debris dangle here and there, including in his tangled brown hair. He has an intense, wild look in his face. Sweat beads on his forehead and runs off his nose dripping onto the ground. He sports a beard that is not evenly trimmed at all, and has crumbs from some food source stuck in it around his mouth.