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Paeix created on 13th of July 2022, and is dead and gone (23 years old, 119 hours, 3 months lifetime)

Title: the Holy Knight
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: jotun paladin

Background history:

  1. Iron forged - posted at 2022-09-19 19:32:34
Iron forged
Paeix has crawled out from the volcanic ashes of Redhorne. He doesn't know his parents or how he came to be. He spent most of his childhood living by himself in a cut out cavern. Foraging off the wasteland around him he learned to turn to the Heavens for sustained sustanence. Learning to Commune with a God he managed to make himself small portions of food. Curiosity got the best of him and he one day turned to the heavens to figure out who has been feeding him. A shining light came before him not giving any instruction or saying anything specific, only a small magpie could be seen fluttering out of the sphere. Without a word spoken Paeix had learned in that instant who his savior was and continued worshipping them more deeply. Eventually after spending much time within redhorne he grew and learned to forge armor straight from the fires of redhorne themself. He crafted the most beautiful weapons and armor and became a renowned blacksmith within the local trading market. After some time he longed for more than the strikes of a hammer against metal, the ringing in his ears force him to set out to find a meaningful life to live.


A grin that can only be described as mischeavous stares back at you with a brillance that gleams, putting diamonds to shame. He is adorned in ceremonial garb only benounced to his kin folk. Upon first glance he looks as if he has a baby face. There isn't even a slight bit of stubble across him and he looks to be unaged beyond his teen years. His skin has a slight sheen to it that makes you curious of to what substance it is made of. One green eye holds a twinkle in it that gleams, while the other is black completely showing your reflection back at you.

PK stats:

Kills: 14, Deaths: 14 (Ratio: 1, Efficiency: 50%)
Pinnacle Kills: 9, Pinnacle Deaths: 11 (Ratio: 0.8, Efficiency: 45%)

Kills by class:
shadow: 4, vampire: 1, illusionist: 1, bard: 2, berserker: 2, monk: 1, necromancer: 2, warrior: 1,
Killed by class:
dark-knight: 3, warrior: 1, monk: 1, berserker: 2,

Nemesis: Dirnemak

Logs mentioning Paeix:


  1. Bladefury BANNED [reply]
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    Deleted because the only way I can play this game constantly works against me and is dying. I've eaten 4 deaths from my laptop going blue screen. Oh well hulk smash
    1. Dogran
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      Ouch, you were doing so well too.
    2. Vevier
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      I've felt like quitting over CMUD bugs too. I'm also used to it, but I really don't think its the best one out there. I recommend checking out the other plugin options and giving another client a try. I'm still working up the willpower, but I didn't die to four blue screens. Good luck.

      Thanks for being one of my followers! I wish my time had lined up with yours so we could have talked one-on-one, but I loved passing notes with you too. I hope you enjoyed Air Paladin and come back soon with a more reliable interface.
    3. Bladefury BANNED
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      Once I have a decent laptop I'll be back
    4. Ceridwel
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      Good run. You were fun to travel with.
    [reply to Bladefury]
  2. I am so curious about that nemesis tag! I demand a story!
    1. Fastest damn paladin I have ever seen. Well played Bladefury.
    2. I'm curious about Paeix's nemesis too since I killed him three times and I'm pretty sure he fought Kryton at least as much as he fought me...
    3. <---- Merciful is on, you can salivate and write your own story from that.
    4. Merciful was only on once, and that was to ensure I would kill my opponent with Mourneblade. What are you talking about?
    [reply to Trillian]
  3. I suppose balance did sort itself out before I had the chance to turn you into a pile of ash. Good luck with your next.
      [reply to Peemo]
    1. Bladefury BANNED [reply]
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      You talk to much just for that my next will be to kill you then delete
        [reply to Bladefury]
      1. You bastard. I want those 14 hours of my life back.

        Morenloth created on 16th of October 2022, and is currently 17 years old (14 hours played).

        Title: the Captain of Weaponry
        Gender: Male
        Level: 38
        Class: drow warrior
        1. Not sure why you yawned me. You threw out a challenge for someone to come at you with a drow warrior. I had the balls to go for it. With a little more time we would have had some fights.
        2. It was I who yawned you. It's nice to see you made the wrong assumption.
        3. PS. The hours wasted is YOUR problem, not mine.
        4. My apologies. I’d mistakenly thought Paeix booed. I don’t really care what you think militia, you’re not the one that issued the challenge. You don’t know anything about me and we’ve never interacted in game.

          To any who are considering it, drow warrior with 8-16hp/lvl isn’t super fun. If you are thinking of rolling one I’d advise going the easier path and just making a drow dk. Much more powerful and convenient (and racial legacies). Go strife for extra convenience also.

          That being said, if you feel compelled to make a drow warrior due to RP reasons or in response to a challenge, totally go for it. Always follow your passion in this game and you’ll rarely go awry.
        5. Davairus
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          One person playing a dark-knight in strife shouldnt be a signal for generally everybody to do it. Its going against the grain of the class since strife (like Warlord) is required to have honorable conduct ,can't raid cabals etc. and dont even think about trying to be dishonorable when nobody is looking
        [reply to Morenloth]
      2. Paladins are a tough cookie for the fire giant weaknesses, and Paeix reminded me of that. Fun close fights we had. Good luck with the next when you get that laptop issue fixed.
        1. Bladefury BANNED
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          Thanks I could never kill you your legs out run mine
        [reply to Kryton]
      3. Ah yes. I just want to say... Paeix was one of my best opponents yet. The way we would tear across Serin fighting one another was fun.
          [reply to Militha]
        1. Bladefury BANNED [reply]
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          Yea my best fights to date are with militha
          1. Won a few times against you but don't think any were to the death
          2. Bladefury BANNED
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            One monk death was you. I was horrible in the arena
          [reply to Bladefury]
        2. Honestly probably only got nemesis because we were in the realms at the same time, mostly me being shocked by how he ran through doors so quickly, I almost pooped.

          After a couple scrapes he realized I was not a match and more likely to avoid him, but I liked this guy, he could have full looted me like an a-hole but handed me a tissue.
          1. Bladefury BANNED
            2 , 0 , 0 .
            Im trying to get away from full looting unless you piss me off and kill me but if I'm aggressor and I die or kill you I hope I get the same respect if not I'm coming back ten fold and you're naked
          2. Never been a fan of full loot, I believe it discourages players.
          [reply to Dirnemak]
        3. (removed) [reply]
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          1. Ceridwel
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            Comment removed for Trolling.
          2. Davairus
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            What's disappointing about this, is there rings truth in your viewpoint but the methods you have adopted for speaking that truth (i.e. "rudeness") only leads to make things worse than they are.

            I don't think anybody would disagree that we would all prefer to see the game having higher standards. and yeah, the most common complaint is always consistency. for example, dont just play scottish accent to level 45 then give up on it and start casually talking in your discord voice. of course we all dont want to see that. but, when youre being a dick on the logboard, then its not about the game is it? its just about you. it makes you the focus. we cannot expect the in-game RP to ever become the best in the world if we are going to be assholes to each other. it only has a negative impact - biggest on the target, but just like dropping a stone in the pond, there is a ripple effect. everybody is distracted by these kinda posts, and then everybody's RP worsens because they've lost focus on it. its destructive and as standards drop, sometimes people get fed up and leave.

            in short, this is a really bad habit, and I'm disappointed you are not listening to me telling you to just not engage with this person both because the hate blinds you to your behavior (i.e. total dissolution of outgoing boundaries) but also because you bring out the worst instinctive behaviors in each other and it gets extremely out of hand. Since I read things dispassionately myself, I can see a trace of it that you were hoping to communicate a valid point. but being a dick undermines the entire purpose of the post and actually worsens the situation in the bigger picture, because of it affecting more people. its not the kind of culture you want and its not the kind we want, so lets be wiser here and just remember why its always important to be respectful. You are in a position to help this culture change by being the most famous example of that change, and you know, you had about a ten month run of being a really valuable player yourself, a prized member of this community. You can turn it around again. And its going to be much better for your peace of mind to do so.
          3. (removed)
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          4. (removed)
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          5. (removed)
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          6. (removed)
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          7. (removed)
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          8. Dogran
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            Nuked the whole chain, as it is a violation of the rule not to attack players.
          This discussion thread has been locked.
        4. optimuscat [reply]
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          damnit I haven't checked the forum and i missed this whole thread
            [reply to optimuscat]
          1. Phostan [reply]
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            For a split second I thought the background was titled 'Iran Forged" And I thought to myself "religious extremist?"
            1. Bladefury BANNED
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              Bahahaha yo why is that the best comment here
            [reply to Phostan]

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