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Cyprian created on 14th of June 2016, and is dead and gone (52 years old, 704 hours, 1 year lifetime)

Title: the Apostle of Myth, High Herald of Serin
Gender: Male
Level: 50
Class: human healer

Background history:

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Out Cold
"You IDIOT!!!," a voice yelled as Cyprian hit a partial squat, darting his head away from the destination of a pottery bowl: a wall just behind him. Shadows danced all about against the generous light from an oil lamp on a dining table, as shards of the bowl ricocheted here-and-there. "This again..." Cyprian mumbled. "Typical," he thought. This occurrence between he and Esmund, his would-be father-in-law. The two never saw eye-to-eye, and were really only ever in one accord when they stared away from each other, or one stormed off from the other; or as they shared a great deal of personal space between glares and brandished fists. The damsel in question, Lihra, really was Cyprian's perfect counterpart, and he her's. Cyprian and Lihra met while she and her mother were yet still in Old Thalos, living separate from her father. Esmund had been surveying an area nearby New Solace for about a year by that time. He had gone off to secure a new dwelling, while allegedly establishing an appropriate amount of business there with which to support Lihra and his wife. A year and a half into Lihra and Cyprian's relationship, Esmund returned to take his wife and daughter to a no-name village somewhere between New Solace and the Eastern Road. All was ready. Cyprian wasn't from the best of families, and Lihra long had it in her heart that it'd be pragmatic for him to go with them. Esmund never liked the idea. He hated it. Cyprian was a total wayward vagabond to him. Still, she had pressed her father sore over the issue. Eventually he agreed, but laid down conditions when he took along Cyprian at her earnest request. One of the conditions was that Cyprian enrolled into a school of higher learning. This was botched three months in when he got kicked out for having a keg on grounds. He wasnt always a drunk though. The bottle had only begun to take him over soon after he discovered something he shouldn't have. Something he wanted to forget, but never could. Yet, his academic marks didn't suffer. But the schools policies did. He resented the shallow irony. Esmund scolded, "You'll sing for scraps, turn rhymes for notoriety and charm women for further missives- and YES! YES, I've heard it before! It's just 'business,' you say," "I get that! But the problem is it has no direction! And what of Lihra? Did you consider what she thinks about the latter, just ONCE!?" Esmund exclaimed. "AND you already screwed up ROYALLY by getting kicked from the school! Did you think about how that looked on me??" he berated further. "I HOUSE your worthless carcass!" he yelled. Cyprian responded with a deadpan expression, still crouched evasively. Esmund went on, "You swill a mug and off you go to your next impromptu artsy-fartsy debauchery!" "It's not deb-," Cyprian began. Esmund interrupted, "Oh don't you tell me you've got it all under control! When you drink, you're drunk! Period!" "I need look NO further than this correspondence!" he barked sharply, backhanding an open scroll. "You've completely EMBARRASSED me for the last time!" "What in the NINE hells were you THINKING!?," Esmund snarled. "You instigated a tavern-WIDE BRAWL with your performance," he angrily exclaimed. Cyprian just blinked, and finally standing up from his crouched postion, brushed off a few shards of pottery off his shoulder. "That is MY tavern,-boy-! A favorite of some IMPORTANT tycoons!" Esmund seethed further, glaring. The sounds of conceit scraped Cyprians ears. "Money! Always money, always business! Always kissing ass on-high and buffing your own, while skinning the asses of those beside you!" Cyprian shouted. "You can scarce sleep at night save you contrive another way to polish your pedestal and further estrange yourself from your wife and daughter, can you?" he shouted. "You leave their hearts settling for lack, but never mind that; your coin beams brilliantly at a level matched only by your tunnel-visioned self-absorption! Isn't that right!?" Esmund narrowed his eyes. Cyprian postured defiantly, "Did YOU, yourself ever toss so much as a notion around about your own wife when you were off having an affair with another woman? During the period you were surveying around New Solace?" He continued, "And further that you'd have some weird audacity to INTRODUCE the mistress to your daughter during that time! Whatever for...?? What's all that about!?" "..and you'll preach to ME over something as comparably negligible as opening social avenues through women, by word ALONE?? MINUS amorous contact!?" Cyprian asked derisively. More incendiary words began to fly between the two. This wasn't the first time Esmund looked down his nose from some higher perch; and this was the last Cyprian would stomach of it. Neither was it the first time Cyprian would bark back with utter disrespect. It was all Cyprian could do this hour to bite his tongue about something he knew. The aberrant behavior of Lihra's mother was obvious enough though, needing little affirmati- on. For brevity's sake, we can just say her mother was a bit 'touched in the head,' and that Esmund himself was no saint at all. "I was actually going to give you a final chance if you'd work to repair damages to both property and reputation. Ive had enough of quietly clean- ing up after you," Esmund said, sitting decisively in a chair behind the dining table. "Im not feeling so tolerant about now," he glowered. "Liabilities sudden- ly beg to be discarded." Cyprian blinked, raising a brow. He had never seen Esmund's brow sink that low was as though he was looking at an entirely different person. It chilled him to silence, and it felt as though a lead ball found a home in his own gut. Esmund shot a peripheral glance toward a shaded corner of the room. "Do something with him," he spoke in curt disgust. Before he could turn his head, a sudden pain erupted from the back of Cyprian's skull. Out-cold.

Description (commended):

A balding, blue-eyed human male possessing a height of five feet and eight inches is here. Cut to hang no lower than his eyes, his short black hair has started to thin and recede at the corners of his forehead. Substantial graying of his hair is apparent on one side as it creeps toward the back of his scalp. Framing an area underneath a pair of mildly prominent cheek- bones is a full black beard with graying roots. A square-ish facial frame bears some sharp distinctions. A straight nose separates a pair of aging eyes that downturn toward the outer corners, contrary to flat dark eyebro- ws that angle gradually opposite that. A naturally broken capillary fades in from the inner corner of his right eye. It swoops just under the right cheekbone, and fades out as it passes. His build is average, framed by slouching shoulders that are a bit broad. A faded scar peeks out from underneath his apparel, slanting its end over his right sternoclavicular joint. He's missing his left forefinger, and a dove-winged emerald lyre shimmers on the back of that same hand.

PK stats:

Kills: 1, Deaths: 27 (Ratio: 0, Efficiency: 3%)
Pinnacle Kills: 1, Pinnacle Deaths: 23 (Ratio: 0, Efficiency: 4%)

Kills by class:
dark-knight: 1,
Killed by class:
berserker: 1, dark-knight: 3, invoker: 1, illusionist: 3, warrior: 2, thief: 1, vampire: 3, monk: 1, shaman: 1, ranger: 1,

Nemesis: Drachen

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Tags: #rp, #exalted


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    Damn. Tough month for inactivity deletes.
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    1. Kedaleam [reply]
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      Great character....Just wish you didn't vanish.... I know why; just hope everything is good with you.....
      1. Kedaleam
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        please let everything be good man...
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    2. tayyah [reply]
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      probably the most famous Herald I can think of next to vanisse.... HOE
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        Loved this char. +1 HoE.
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          I'll vote HOE.
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          1. Stephen2Aus [reply]
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            HoE 100%, Cyprian, you made the world a fuller and far richer place, thank you.
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            1. Ty [reply]
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              Of course HoE. Cyprian was awesome.
                [reply to Ty]
              1. Faelon [reply]
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                I moved him to HOE. Well done and keep it amazing with the RP. I point it out because I noticed there was no announcement or movement out of the graveyard, like it used to do.
                  [reply to Faelon]
                1. Davairus [reply]
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                  Leaving props to Cyprian for sure, but jesus, its really striking to just observe all the spam of backgrounds, logs, mystiques we captured Cyprian in. This graveyard is great, and I don't mean to hijack the guys obituary to say it, but I think we should take a minute to appreciate the system we've made too on this one. Heralds dont get enough props
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                  1. Xenyar [reply]
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                    HoE for sure... absolutely great char. Had lots of fun with you buddy. I'm certain everybody will miss Cyprian.
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                      One of the best characters I have ever interacted with, hands down.
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