For the first centuries of Serin, the lands remained in peace, with little conflicts. The expansion of the humans all over Serin occasionally infringed on the properties of the giants, and such disputes were ended quickly by the maces and swords of their physically stronger counterparts. While the elf tribes remained in one city, developing their knowledge of the arts and the way nature works, the dwarves concentrated their talents on mining iron and steel to further advance the effectiveness of their weapons and armors. It was a time of growth, and the immortals found such pleasing. The Overlord created the beautiful avian race, a gift for a fair maiden.

While exploring several humans stumbled upon one of the ancient artifacts that Stryth had hidden within his realm. The dwarves soon uncovered yet another within their mines. It was not long after that the keen sight of the flying avian race discovered a third item of power. Slowly but surely more and more of the items were found. The items were idolised by the tribes that found them, for they bestowed strange abilities upon their holders, items that granted knowledge, might, and destruction. Though the finding did not escape Stryth's eyes, the abilities intrigued him and he allowed the mortals to continue to play with them. The dwarves sculpted them into idols and elves used magical enchantments to store them within temples, later known as cabals. Stryth even bestowed immortality upon some of the mortals that had gotten heavily involved with them, the Paramount of Arcane, Azonere, the Legend of War, Diocletian, and others. Both proved more powerful than Stryth had expected, and unfortunately a feud between them and Rakhashe led to Rakhashe's departure. Though the heavens were not big enough for them both, there was ample room in for new cabals, and in particular Sarich's Knights, Denadlyr's Mystics, Diocletian's Warlords and Kallomar's personal stake in the cabals, the brutal Legion of Darkness, held firm.

The human's lust for the items quickly led to vast, full-scale war across Serin. Purist warriors and mages each captured one for their own sects, and the forces of light and darkness took control of one each, each of these groups henceforth using the cabals as their command headquarters. The guild of Paladin was formed to protect the innocents of the realms, while the darkness introduced a counter-foe, the dark-knight, to spread suffering. The rogues guild, which could not make its mind up whether to steal the items or murder their holders, was torn in two. Crooks and con-artists continued to roam the towns, while the more enigmatic thief clans moved away from the cities and eventually became the shadow guild. Seeing things spiralling out of control quickly, Stryth decided it was time to intervene. He gathered the essence from the last remaining undiscovered items and used it to create the Balance of Justice, an item that would later be used to provide enforcement of Law within the hometowns, providing a safe haven for all that wished to dwell there. Shortly after having seen his most faithful servant, Odoacer, lose many souls in his name, he bestowed immortality upon him, and to the chaotic Zafrin, that they may continue their feud everlasting in the heavens.

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