Chaos Reign

In Serin's early days, a Conclave of the Three Moons was responsible for preserving peace and order throughout the lands. Whenever there were conflicts, members of the Conclave were dispatched to settle issues peacefully, but with permission to use force if necessary. From the far southeast of Serin they observed, their High Councillor Gorylon presiding over the organisation with an expert hand. Serin's god of Light, Grydran, was the entity responsible for the creation of the Conclave. Along with his sisters he walked along mortals as he watched over them like a sheperd tending his flock. Part of the Conclave's responsibilities were to train devout warriors to become champions, that would defend settlements in Serin.

One morning, the Conclave recieved a fateful report from Thalos. Their great champion, Gordon, had been slain, and terrifying creatures were attacking the city. The Conclave was over-stretched with forces already divided all over Serin, but sent three of its finest warriors to investigate the issue. Aarngrim, the greatest swordsman produced by the Conclave since the elf Menthalas. Along with Gryndelza, a woman of beauty matched only by her power of healing, and Crimmon, an expert thief, they arrived at Thalos to meet an empty city. A strange fog had surrounded every building, consuming everything that had entered it.

As they walked through the fog, they would meet strange beasts that had never been seen in Serin. Deranged humanoids, later learned to be lamias, the product of men fused with animals by a great evil. They fought their way through to the centre of the city, where they met a man standing over the corpse of Gordon. Within his gaze, they died in ecstasy, screaming his great name in chorus. By death, they were bonded to the Lich King.

Xanthak and the wights then set east, consuming lands as they approached the Conclave. The fog travelled with them. Every creature, whether man or beast, became a servant the moment that they met Xanthak's deathly visage. Even Gorylon, the great arch-mage himself, was converted to Darkness. The entire Conclave was eradicated, becoming known to the western lands as the Keep of D'al Kaddar - the throne of the forsaken one. The fog was known as the blight, and nothing living dared enter. It would expand rapidly as the Lich King claimed more lives.

Grydran and his sisters of the moons were powerless to save the Conclave, for a god is forbidden from interfering in affairs of mortals. However, there existed no such provision against interfering with landscape. Herding together a few of the great armies of the west, they enacted their plan together - locating Redhorne mountain in the blight, a dormant volcano, and detonating it to purge the eastern lands of all evil. This disaster forever changed east Serin's landscape, crippling the Lich King, and much of the unnatural fog soon receded. Serin's High Immortals remained silent, and the moon gods breathed a sigh of relief. They would continue to enrich Serin with magic to enable it to defend itself with no further need for a Conclave. A New Thalos was born further east, greater than the now-ruined Thalos of old.

Lightwalkers of all the western kingdoms often attempt the final crusade, charging the Keep of D'al Kaddar to face the mighty Lich King in what had now became his prison. Few have ever returned, except to report failure. Some stability had been brought to the world. Evil's knots were too deep and thick to undo, and yet had stopped growing. Clerics began to warn Serin not to meddle with this delicate balance, and Xanthak's prison was left, watched but avoided.

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Chaos Reign