The Great War

5000 years before the cataclysm that ended the Second Age, war and chaos took a hold of Serin. Many wars scarred its landscape, none more so than the one that later became known as the Great War. The fighting began as a territorial dispute between the ambitious orcish Horde, which had expended its habitat of resources, and the forest's elves, who had tried with little success to drive the orcs out of the forests on the mountains. While the Kallomar-worshipping orc forces struck as hard and quickly as they could to avoid starvation in the mountains, the elves being smaller in numbers didn't stay that way for long. A messenger was sent out to the nearby cities, and the dispute quickly spiralled from a fight over possession of trees, wells and minerals into a vast, climatic war that changed the face of Serin.

Each side, both elves and orcs, enlisted the aid of giants from the nearby mountains to act as mercenaries to help with their cause. In addition, each side gained the help of humans, taking part in the war to protect their own interests in Greginsham. The clerics, with their formidable knowledge of the arts of healing and disease, kept things even between the blue robed magi of the elves and the Horde's warriors, and the battle remained at a bloody standstill for ten years. With such difficult fighting, new battle tactics were employed, the dwarf warriors taking the first step down the path of fury, learning to fight with reckless abandon, and the elves used their keen eyesight and senses, with their knowledge of nature, to develop the tactics of the ranger guildhall. At that point, the orcs were already beaten.

Wishing an end to the fighting, the young daughter of the elven King plotted the death of her father, building a secret alliance with the orc generals. Her companions, a sect of savants and a strong, loyal dwarf army, built a tunnel from the streets of Greginsham into the heart of the orc stronghold. Utilizing this route, the Great War was soon won by the pillaging orcs and their armies. Victory did not come without a cost, the elves were driven out of their lands, and the princess and her army went into hiding to avoid the wrath of Valour's Knights, arriving late on the scene to cull the wounded orc Horde. The resultant dispersion led to the reformation of the torn giants into unique races by the neutral ancients, and its splintered mages were reformed by Denadlyr into invokers and illusionists, and their undead besotted counterpart, from Kallomar, the evil necromancer. Hiding underground, the traitor elves and dwarves evaded death, but were punished by Sarich for the betrayal, becoming the drows and duergar of present day.

To help restore peace to the realms, Stryth created the most peaceful and sociable of races, the halfling, and immortalized the pacifistic gnome Zandar to help cultivate it for him.

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