The Beginning

In the outmost reaches of the universe, the deities fought for supremacy. Each of them battled for aeons over control of their territories, that one may triumph and possess all, uniting them into one. The founders of good, evil, lawful, law, order and chaos, raged on in battle for longer than any can ever imagine. Allegiances formed and folded repeatedly amongst all but one of their groups. Denadlyr, Rakhashe and Virgil, the founders of neutrality, joined forces with Stryth to form an unbreakable allegiance. As the other deities feuded, they watched from their own world, with deep disdain. The fighting stoked Stryth's rage and hate, and he increased in zealous might as he saw more. Eventually, when he could bear to watch the pathetic feud no longer, he cast himself into the epicentre of the combat. Along with Denadlyr, Rakhashe and Virgil, almost all of the relentless, but fatally tired out immortals were eradicated forever. The rest turned and fled, and all but one were captured. Kallomar managing to convince them to spare him, in return for his help. Several containers were crafted imprison their power, and the quartet returned to the realm they had left abandoned to finish the fighting. The containers were spread around Serin, hidden deep within, and a barrier created around the lands by its governors, to prevent the items from ever being removed from it.

As centuries of peace passed, the immortals added rich life to the domain. They each conferred together on what should make up their world. Rakhashe and Virgil toiled hard to create the rules of the land that would govern the way everything behaved, the weather, the three moons, the passage of time. The world was not created to be a simple place, but to be a precise harmony. Denadlyr filled the lands with his own powers, interweaving his powerful magic within the wind, the earth, and the water. He raised seas and mountains, creating towns and wilderness. Stryth lent his expertise to everything, keeping it all together, and adding untold amounts of other critical updates. The amount of actions they did together is far too numerous for a simple list. Eventually, when the harmony was exactly right, the first races were introduced into Serin. Humans, elves, giants and dwarves filled the lands, each with their own physical strengths and weaknesses, and intellectual talents and pitfalls. The warrior, mage, cleric and rogue guilds were founded to give them purpose. Unfortunately, the help of Kallomar turned out to be his swarming the realms with vastly powerful undead, an incredibly resilient perversion of nature. Rather than kill him outright, Denadlyr decided instead to introduce a race of his own, the most fragile but wise of races - the gnome - that they might impart their wisdom somehow to allow Serin's own to defeat them, and the dragons were created for the undead to fear, by Rakhashe.

The Broken Arch
The Invasion
The Return
A New Horizon
Thalos Falls
Taekir War
Dark Ages
Second Age
The Great War
The Alliances
Dragon Wars
Chaos Reign