Dark Ages

Free of the burden of Kallomar, and the realms emptied and started anew, it should have been a rich time in the heavens, a period of sloth as the old was replaced by the new. Yet, it was not. For as each change made to the lands was found, the badly thought out errs started to show up. Before long, a deep, unforgiving feud erupted between the most powerful, fatal in its nature. As soon as he had arrived, to finally destroy the Dark Lord, Rodyn was angered by the rest and left, considering the plane unfit for his presence. As Stryth's legendary rage stoked, even he let his mind known to his companions, that they lazed while he and Zafrin toiled, and their efforts were now lacking, and thus Denadlyr and Virgil, two of the three remaining ancients, left with Sarich for different pastures. The heavens lay near purged themselves, and emptied even further, when a long battle with Diocletian and Odoacer led to the Warlord immortal's demise.

The saga of the heavens dried up for the time being, the attention of Stryth now turned back upon his mortals, for their strife echoed much of his own, but without the burden of life everlasting to live with it. He remembered the cabals, the many battles they fought, and saw that they seemed to enjoy its conflict. In his wisdom, he decided to craft a new cabal, one that would be supported by the efforts of its members, rather than by items. Thus the Herald cabal was formed. Put into the hands of his newly advanced immortal Carain, parallel to the New Order movement of another new immortal, Myria, he decided it was now his time to leave. Having bestowed the full extent of his power upon Odoacer, his ever trustworthy immortal servant, he left the realms with Zafrin, to seek a new purpose. The realms, headed by Odoacer, aided by Zandar, Myria and Carain, moved forward without him. For many years, nothing either bad or good happened to the realms, and a lack of true presence was felt. Even the return of Khade, the Shadow of the Past, to run the cabal of Assassin fails to provoke interest.

The Broken Arch
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The Return
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Dark Ages
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