The Invasion

The Mystic cabal grew more militant under its new avatar, Malenfaler, who aided demons to enter Serin that they might shed some light on his silent ambition. As was to be expected, the three generals of the Material Abyss brought chaos upon Serin, the same chaos that rules the lands they came from. Even given the enormous disadvantage in numbers they faced, they proved difficult to destroy, save for a strange reaction to Serin's cabal items, which were deadly harmful to them when present. Seeking for an answer to the riddle of the demons plaguing Serin, the new immortal leader of Legion, Resatimm, deliberated what to do. He noted how Malenfaler and the rest of the Mystics continued to be obsessed by the gem of souls, but the key to finding it eluded them. Thus he decided to find it for himself, knowing that whatever power it held would be something for the demons to reckon with in his hands, and fateful if the Mystics were to find it first.

Resatimm travelled to lands undiscovered by even the Mystics, to an island discovered by Davairus before his ascension. He found within the forests that a set of gems were held by a group of ancient undead mages, and gave an order to his army to obtain them. Though the secrets of the island had eluded Malenfaler, rumor of it quickly reached him, and a race for the possession of the gems began. A race that each cabal had at some point came close to winning, but was always sabotaged by the demons managing to get in the way. Eventually, the dark lord Resatimm seized the gems from their holders himself, tired of the blundering of the mortals. With the last gem touching his hands in the centre of Seringale, a beam of light shot skyward, encasing his undead body and renewing it for a brief moment with its youth.

As prophesized by the Mystic shaman Ug, the gems themselves did combine, and a great power was unchained. The gem of souls took form quickly, and then just as quickly it cracked apart, and a new figure appeared. Beginning with a fine mist, it solidified into the skeletal appearance of a lich. As this haunting prisoner of the gem regained its awareness, it sensed the presence of demon and easily destroyed them. It then spoke, a tale of hate, madness and bloodlust, and a tale of revenge against his captor. Soon after, the lich proved to have powers that matched the immortals themselves, and with the aid of the ultimately triumphant Malenfaler, he began the summoning of his hibernating army of fell and abyssal minions through the portal that the Mystics had opened, that he might return to the Material Abyss able to overthrow its emperor. It was only a matter of time before he found out about the demon's bizarre reaction to the items of power that rested within Serin's cabal temples, and set his dark army against them. The scourge of the tormented Zaikkra had begun.

Facing the blame of every cabal in Serin for the calamity that had fallen upon their lands, the Mystics were branded as traitors, and their might soon folded under the massive assault on them that followed. With the weakening of Mystic, the battered Knight cabal recovered from its losses, and its presence was felt in Serin once more. The fate of Serin now hangs by a thread, Zaikkra's ever growing army raining unchecked destruction upon it in his selfish quest to avenge his imprisonment.

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