The Fall of Thalos

Of all tales, that of the fall of New Thalos was the strangest. It began with an anomaly and ended with the destruction of one of Serin's mightiest towns. As always, the harm that came to Serin was averted by immortal loss.

It began with the appearance of an oddly shaped dagger, known to those who heard of it as the Runed Blade, and known to those that held it as the Blade of Loki. From whence it came none shall ever know, but its effects shall forever be felt. As time passed, the disturbances it caused grew in magnitude, its strength said to be fed by the adventurous wielding it to cause chaos with. At peak it had the ability to cause doppelgangers of all of Serin's inhabitants, forcing all but the young into a massive fight with themselves. Alarmed by the chaos blade, Odoacer resolved to get to the bottom of its mystery, and began his search. His search ended quickly, for the problem soon found him.

A vicious monstrous form took hold of New Thalos, bringing it to ruins in minutes. The figure enveloped the town in its chaos grip. The beast was soon attacked by mortals and immortals alike, as New Thalos was swarmed by Serin's cabals. Leading the charge was the mortal Kaunturon, the chosen warmaster of Redalion's warlords. Unfortunately, the bravery of Warlord did not do enough, and many deaths came their way. Redalion himself was killed, and his warmaster forsaked his name. Finally, the beast was defeated, and the new town of Timaran built upon the ruins. Sharudush, a short-tempered but knowledgable minotaur berserker, was granted the immortal leadership of the Warlord cabal, to keep it together. In the dust that was left behind as the beast died, an old man was found, calmly resting upon his cane. The old man spoke, and admitted that he was the perpetrator, and a twinkle appeared often in his eye as he recollected his games. He left his name, Lodur, and his body then broke into dust.

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