Taekir War

The ancient gnome magi, Zandar, delved deeper into his studies of magicks than any mystic before him had gone. His studies led him to the ancient scrolls of the Keep of D'al Kadar, which had been sealed with a curse more powerful than Zandar had ever seen. With perseverance, his insight into the curses workings finally paid off and the scrolls opened before him. Looking down the words he saw nothing but strange symbols, and as he tried to pronounce them, nothing appeared to happen. The scrolls withered into dust and a sense of dread filled the Mystic immortal. He left the lands to try to find some way to undo the spell he had inadvertently invoked.

A few months later, word of a mysterious shadow descending upon the eastern lands reached Seringale. The recitings had awoken one of the ancient evil immortals that had been banished by Stryth, an experiment gone awry that he had found remarkably resistant to being destroyed. That being was none other than Darkhan, awoken into a world now without the presence of its former creator. With none to oppose him, he took control of the cabal of Legion and took pleasure in manipulating it and its members to his end. As time passed and his power grew stronger, he trapped the young halfling immortal Carain within a gem of power, and destroyed it.

As heavenly war raged across the skies, between the outnumbered lightwalker immortals, and Darkhan accompanied by his lackey Khade, the impartial Odoacer finally felt compelled to act. Choosing to remain neutral even to such grave matters, he resolved that the Knight's presence was needed more than ever, and used his vast powers to grant immortality to Aberdour, a champion of paladins. Aberdour soon led Knights to victory over Darkhan, killing Khade and banishing the Dark Lord, who barely escaped in his wounded state, fleeing to deep within the Underdark to get away.

The final assault of Darkhan came upon Serin soon after. His powers at full strength, he awakened his army, the Taekir dragons, to serve him in his conquest of the lands. While his army advanced upon Serin, he used the distraction to search for more power, and came across the Gem of Souls, an artifact not of Serin, that he believed had been hidden deep beneath its surface. Though he came perilously close to finding it, he was at the final step thwarted. The return of Zandar to the lands and his aid in the war against Darkhan's ancient army helped cause its swift defeat. Darkhan himself was then searched out. The two deities clashed in an epic battle that eventually resulted in Darkhan being vanquished for good, and the victorious Zandar was unfortunately lost with him in the resultant energy overflow his destruction caused. While rebuilding the defiled realm, Odoacer grants immortality to two of his most loyal subjects, the undead assassin Resatimm, often a helping hand for Justice outside of town, and the Ancient Wolf, Redalion.

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