Dragon Wars

The first significant clash within Serin came in the Age of Peace, and many towns and villages were completely unprepared. One race was created later, and perhaps in haste, for though it had beauty and grace to rival its formidable power, its thoughts were fast to turn to that of dominion. The dragons of Serin, majestic beasts created by Rakhashe, their ilk swept through the lands as if they were its kings and queens, and on a fateful day, one of them decided to believe it should be so.

Mightier than any other, the ferocious leader of the red dragons realised his fortitude, and decided that he would use it to command Serin, to bring it to his knees, and have every treasure for his own. He instigated a full-scale war aimed at wiping out every dragon, man and intelligent beast that could oppose him. Entire hometowns were vaporized in a rain of fire, leaving their skies black with smoke, their buildings in ashes, and their inhabitants dead. Over and over, they systematically pummeled the towns until just the four strongest remained. The main hometowns of Serin each had powerful enough defences to deter his attacks, having been built and governed by the immortals themselves - but the red dragon's defeat eventually came from an unexpected corner.

There existed a golden dragon that had been handled by the royal guard Valour, reared by none other than their captain, Sarich. As much as he loved his pet, his zealous devotion to duty severely limited his time to see it, and so he trusted it into the care of New Ofcol, where it was groomed and looked after by their special dragonlord guard. When the red dragons attacked Ofcol they were met by this small but highly specialized defence. The dragonlord's knew well the vulnerability of all dragons to piercing, and the red dragons fell fast and hard upon their citadel. Only their general could escape their arrows, for his might was greater than any other. The battle raged on all night, and he remained unharmed while the dragonlords steadily took losses.

As dawn finally struck, the new sun brought light pouring through the thick smoke and into the citadel, waking the golden dragon from its deep slumber. It raised into the air, as graceful and intelligent as the red was powerful and aggressive, and the two titans of the sky fought, the golden dragon evading every attack, while the red dragon failed miserably trying to hit. By the noon, the red was completely spent, and collapses to the ground of its exhaustion. The golden dragon alighted on the ground beside it.

"Worm, the damage to the world you have caused is unforgiveable, and shall never be forgotten. But to kill you would make me as terrible as you. Retreat into the underground, for should I see you from this day, you shall be slain. Never shall you occupy the skies again."

The loss of many of Serin's mighty dragons led to prosperity for all that had been forced to share a world with them, and over time the ambitious humans became the most commonly found race. In their absence, the undead also thrived, and rumor arose of some humans falling to their temptations, becoming liches and vampires themselves. As a reward for his caring nature averting a complete destruction of all life on Serin, Stryth granted Sarich life everlasting, and gave him the duty of protecting the Light.

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