New Horizon

Many centuries after the fall of Thalos passed, and Lodur's tricks became familiar to Odoacer, but increasingly he felt the realms drifting out of his control, and alone without his liege Stryth to guide him. He saw the earnest with which his own servant, Aberdour of Knights, observed mortal happenings and how often he spoked of their deeds, and realised that his days of immortality had grown long and dark. It was time for him to leave, to seek back the zeal he once had, that the realms might not be doomed to an age of stagnancy. Bestowing immortality upon the high inquisitor of Justice, Ertyrien, and advancing Aberdour's potential to the full extent of his own, he left the realms, to look for an answer. Years later, on his return, he found that things had remained exactly as he had left them, as if he had never left. This was the stagnancy he had dreaded.

As the judgement of the Sovereign of Justice weighed down upon him, he looked towards the new dawn. Within it he saw what Serin had been needing. The realms need solidity, and the most wise at its front to care for it, but more so its governors need enthusiasm, or ability would help for naught. He found such enthusiasm in the mind of an elven elder named Avindus, a being that had lived for thousands of years and knew the lands well enough to rival even his own mind. Thus a new immortal was born to Serin. Granting Avindus the power that had been granted him, he relinquished his own and left into the ether, on a journey to seek out Stryth and rejoin his master.

The New Horizon, Avindus, soon bathed the realms in his divine light, and as Odoacer had foreseen, he taught new tricks to the classes and woke many from their slumber. Along with his reforms came new immortals, and the old that helped little were dismissed. Familiar faces like Aberdour, Ertryien, and Sharudush, left their positions as their intent was questioned, while a new influx of immortals flowed in. Soluminus, chosen of Aberdour to succeed him and guard Valour, and Lydana, the youthful storm giant, joined his side. Their charge into the heavens was magnificent, but rivalled, for Lodur himself chose to bestow his power upon the assassin Davairus.

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A New Horizon
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