The Broken Arch

The awakement of the Emperor of the Material Abyss could not have came at a worse time. Already gripped in a bloody war between the Mystics and Knights, with Legion looking on with pleasure in one eye and calculation in the other. Scouts of the abyss were sighted as Zaikkra considered the right way to tighten his clutch on Serin's neck. First, his generals came:

  • Deseere the Blood Keeper, demonlord of disease
  • Decarni the Blood Seeker, demonlord of unlife
  • Dechimeri the Blood Reaper, demonlord of prism

They worked together with Mystics to find a source in Serin that would provide the energy needed to allow the Emperor to enter this world, for the purpose of conquest. Serin literally crumbled beneath the invader's feet, as they swept the lands pillaging and destroying, and the Mystics oversaw with foolish pride at their conquest of Serin. It was not long before their partners learned of the power held by their ancient globe, power that could be used to wage a greater campaign. So it came to pass that the Tower's walls ran red with the blood of the Mystics and most of the traitors that had supported their destruction, and the guiding arch of the Ivory Tower was broken.

The battle was taken to the remaining cabals, even the Law finding itself overwhelmed by the barons of chaos and their new slave traitors. Cabal membership reached new heights as their leaders tried desperately to fill their halls with anyone willing to defend their cause. All efforts on their part came to nothing, as one by one the cabals were decimated, and their items returned to the Broken Tower where their Immortal could study them and determine how they allowed mortals to harness so much power. Over time, every single one of the invading demons fell in one way or another to Serin's greatest champions, great losses for the invaders and great victories for the defenders, but their deaths had not came before they had secured a way for armies of their fiercest warriors to avenge them.

An army of Fell warriors and Abyssal mages poured in through gateways the generals had made with the remnants of the Mystic Tower, led by Lazrin, the right hand of the emperor. Death came on swift wings to everything the young prince demanded executed.

The Broken Arch
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