Second Age

Like other fateful tales, the Chronicle of the Coming begins with a prophecy. In times past when clerics worshipped together within the same guild, before the Schism came to divide them, there was one such priest who was known as Rodyn. He communed farther into the Darkness than any had dared to, and felt the stirrings of plans being prepared. In his unholy acts, he made prophecies of the rise of the shadows, and he continued to probe the Darkness for the truth... until unexpectedly, he stumbled upon something truly Ancient, something not meant for mortal souls to behold. He vanished from Serin entirely.

As was prophesized, the Legion of Darkness rose, driven by a Dark Lord who watched from the shadows. While the Knights fought them, other cabals organized around their common beliefs. As time passed during this time of conflict, another prophet came into power in Serin, and in his eyes he saw Doom. The Legion was weak in numbers, while the Knights grew rich and fearful of their personal wealth. The Mystics bickered with each other about their differences. The Warlords found turmoil and inner fighting in their leadership, while the Justices were corrupted by the lure of profiting from their duties. It was the worst of times, and the second prophet spread tidings of the ill things that have yet to come. Soon enough, Serin shook when the Coming fell upon the land.

From where he returned no one will know, but Rodyn's wrath was a terror to behold. Tapping into some great source of power, his power was Immortal, and into the heavens did his charge lead. Strife and fighting filled the land when the gods abandoned their watch of the mortals as they clashed. The Dark Lord himself was felled by a word of power from Rodyn, and from the unholy corpse Rodyn spawned countless demons to spread terror into the now panicked populace. From the turmoil Zafrin drew upon immensely as the Nexus of Chaos, while Rodyn fed on the power released by the dying. Even the lesser gods hid themselves or fled from Serin, and abandoned the mortals to their fate.

It was then that Stryth returned to rid the land of the corruption in Serin -- through utter destruction. With power reminiscent of the original Omnipotents, he purged the land of all mortal life. By force of will, mountains were torn asunder so that new earth might flow from these wounds, and oceans were vaporized to be filled once again with rain. Serin was planted again with the seeds of races, and life sprung from the land. The gods were reassembled, and they knew of the perilous balance of their existence, and the terrible cost of abandonment...

And so begins the Second Age in Serin. Although the gods have preserved the lore and traditions of the First Age, the world has been reforged anew. Magic works in different and wondrous ways. Guilds have risen around newly discovered talents and professions, and strange new creatures and adventuring races roam the lands. The great city of Seringale has been rebuilt, and Assassins stalk the crowds for their prey. New souls are born into Serin every day, to breathe life into the faces of heroes and villains. And history awaits to be written -- once again.

- as recorded by Burzuk the Second, Prophet of Doom

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