The Return

Time rolls ever forward, raising mountains, drying up rivers, and changing the seasons, in a long, fateful cycle back to where it began. For Serin, this was the hour that time chose for Stryth and Burzuk to return. Change inevitably had come upon the lands, and not all of it did the Overlord agree was right. Thus the Return marked another change, a change of direction for Serin, as the dutiful Avindus was relinquished of his responsibilities, to make way for the prophet. Imbued with the power to reshape the realms as he saw fit, Stryth left the realms in his hands.

The first tremors of Doom began within the heavens, as the immortals were reconsidered. Free of the burden of knowledge of history, each immortal was judged for who they were now, and what good they did. Maelthor and Nikorin, chosen of Avindus for adminstering Warlord and Justice, were the first to leave. Elimelech, the endearing bard immortal, found his purpose was unnecessary and later followed them. New immortals rose to fill their place, Jeradan of Justice, and Grimlak of Warlords, and Malenfaler took control of the Mystics.

In his exploration of every part of Serin, to its smallest corners, the assassin lord Davairus had uncovered a prophecy warned by Denadlyr, that of the return of Emperor of the Material Abyss. Intertwined with much of the fabric of Serin itself, the abyss is a place of horrific tortures, an underworld that is the source of evil. It is often spoken of as the prison for banished immortals, doomed to be found and killed by its ruler Grazz't. Perhaps his finding was its cause, for without him knowing of it, he would have never told the other immortals, and the power-hungry Malenfaler would not have devised a way to open its long-closed entrance for the first of the demon army to flow in.

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The Invasion
The Return
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