[JUSTICE] Solmundi the Darksworn
Solmundi created on 28th of March 2020, and is currently 44 years old (394 hours played).

Title: the Darksworn
Gender: Male
Level: 51
Class: jotun dark-knight

Background history:

  1. A life in mines. - posted at 2020-04-07 15:56:13
A life in mines.
Solmundi's life began underground in the mines of dwarves. He was born underground to be a slave and did not see sunlight for many years. First he moved large sacks of ore from one place to another. Then he began to pick away at the walls. After the years passed the dwarves saw it fit to make him a manager of his own kind. This gave him opportunities. Soon after he and three others started plans with the intent to escape to new lives. They waited for their overseer to pass out from having too much liquor. Then they made their way to the stable, knowing their overlords kept a few horses for transport only with merchants and did not ride themselves. It all felt easy and it was according to Solmundi, but he would never forget his time in slavery and deemed to bring what is fair and just to the world.


The eyes of this jotun are filled black with no whites in them. His skin is the color of overcast skies filled with melancholy. Like a distant and forsaken watch tower, he stands tall and silent. Muscles disappear into his armor and it is difficult to tell where the flesh ends and the equipment begins. Overall he makes no noise or forwards an expression. Always gazing to what is in front of him.

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